Monday 31 October 2011

"Angels In Sunlight" : New Hydrangea Painting.

"Angels in Sunlight"
The beginning of my new large Hydrangea painting

I have gorgeous white large flower heads on my hydrangea plant in the garden at the moment and I am terrified they will fade before I have finished enjoying working on them from life. The beautiful morning sunshine hit the top of their heads in such a stunning way this morning that painting them was a must!

This week I will be completing my new book,working on paintings for an exhibition in France during December and beginning a new project which will be very new to me.

All the time I have been planning my scehdule for the next few weeks, the white hydrangea in my garden have been calling to my brushes. There are times in life when, no matter how busy you are, you need to listen to your heart and do what makes you feel great. So despite deadlines and commitments I found myself painting at my easel, listening to relaxing music and the results on my paper are magical. I have caught my mood of  enthusiasm,hope and excitement with each brushstroke and I know I can't wait for tomorrow to arrive as my new paintings then will be  very unique.

About Those Washes?

A small demonstration piece from last week looking at how to create gorgeous colour effects from a simple first wash.  This will be  a doddle to turn into a juicy berry painting.

This is a little reminder to all the artists who came on my workshops last week. How many of you have continued to practise the exciting and varied washes I demonstrated?

At the side of our long drive there is the most amazing  large holly tree that is fully laden with very heavy berries at the moment. Last year birds swooped and devoured the lot before I could paint any so by this time next week I hope I will have had a chance to pant a few holly sprigs  before they all disappear!

Please keep practising and please keep moving those brushes. Make using them fun and  consider which colours can make a more vibrant result!


Sunday 30 October 2011

Whispering Angel

"Whispering Angel"
New floral Hydrangea watercolour taking shape in its early stages of development.

Having picked several bouquets of flowers from my garden this morning to decorate my cottage I couldn't resist taking time out to enjoy painting a few favourite floral subjects this afternoon. Last year I purchased a gorgeous, snow white hydrangea for one of the flower beds and I am delighted  to see the blooms still appearing despite the cooler Autumn weather.

I took a spray into my workshops this week and it came as no surprise that artists attending fell in love with the shape of the large flower head and clusters of blossoms within its form.  It has stayed in my mind  and I have really looked forward to painting it further.

Tomorrow I can see a larger painting of the same subject and this leaves me looking forward to a new day and exciting new week full of fabulous watercolours!

Time to Reflect

A Spanish Dancer coming to life  in my " All Fired Up " Workshop which took place this week.
The first placement of colour and brushstrokes indicated where she would  appear. Gradually the first signs of a figure moving came into sight. It was a magical moment.

At the beginning of last week I was looking forward to my Autumn workshops and knew everyone attending had been really eager for their date to arrive so that we could all enjoy painting and trying out new ideas. I can't believe how quickly the week has disappeared. Time surely does fly when you are having fun!

Each day I "dressed" the room before the worshops to set the mood,  gave thought to the subjects we would be painting and sourced the materials I needed for the session. I covered my equipment and explained how I see things at each introductory opening to the one day workshops. Then gave demonstrations  to show how I begin and build up a painting. Each is unique and is intended to be so.
On Thursday I stood in front of my easel and began to paint a Flamenco dancer. I started with a small amount of colour for her head, added her dress and worked downwards towards the full skirt that would be swirling as she danced. There was complete and utter silence behind me as the artists in the workshop watched each brushstroke and placement of colour.

I understand when an artist has a preliminary sketch to paint and fill with colour it is easier for those watching and learning to see where the  demonstration is going. However when I work a simple  touch of colour means absolutely nothing to the viewer without some hint of what is about to occur. It is such an amazing experience when finally the audience watching you can see exactly what the subject is as it begins to appear. Often this happens as if by magic from soft colour runs or beautiful pigment fusions.

The  theme for Thursday was "All Fired Up" and it certainly left me eager to paint non stop when I returned to my studio.The problem is I can't see to find the "off switch" having turned the "on switch" on so enthusiastically!

At one point in the day I laughingly turned around and said I was checking to see if everyone was still awake as the room was so quiet. But I was met with a sea of faces all mesmerised by what was happening on my easel. Only now has it hit me how much fun painting in this way really is. I try to share what I see in my head when I am moving my brush. But physically demonstrating how I think as an artist and build up a creation is the most wonderful of feelings.  Especially when the room is full of enthusiastic artists as this weeks sessions were every single day.

My new book which will be launched next year gives wonderful insights into why working without a pencil sketch can be so addictive,it shows how I freely  approach many subjects and it introduces many techniques including new ways to work in watercolour. I will be on pins until its release but I do hope you like it because if you love the idea of working in a loose style you are going to fall in love with this publication!

And hopefully you will be " All Fired Up" addictively also!


Workshops 2012

I am afraid all my workshops in UK are now fully booked but a few waiting lists are open should any unexpected cancellations occur.

I have a few places available in April for a Motivational Masterclass.

I will be in USA in Autumn 2012 and I hope to share details of these workshops soon.

My 2012 Art Society demonstration calender is also full but I will consider contacts and bookings for 2013.


Amazing Ways With Watercolour DVD

Amazing Ways With Watercolour DVD
Now available from my web site

The sales page on my web site is now open and the first orders have been received. It's wonderful to know my DVD "Amazing Ways With Watercolour" is so popular and selling so well.

Thank you to everyone who has been  amongst the first to make orders this week activating the sales page on my web site!

Saturday 29 October 2011

Autumn Workshops

Owl,part of a demonstration for this weeks workshops

It struck me just how lucky I am this week when each day my workshop sessions were filled with the most enthusaistic and wonderful artists anyone could ever wish to meet. I don't know whether it's the style or medium that draws people to these groups that are so pleasant to be with but I have had the most glorious of weeks.

I am going to confess I wasn't feeling too great at the beginning of last week as a health problem arose that was completely unexpected, but I knew I couldn't let anyone down. So after begging the Doctor for pain killers I managed to smile,laugh out loud for most of the time and continue to be amazed at the talent in the room each day.

I feel energised,exhilarated and eager to move my brushes next week after I have caught up on my business emails and administration.
Thank you so much to everyone who came this week and added to the fantastic watercolour days.

Happy painting!


"Watership Down" My new painting at The Frame Gallery in Odiham

"Watership Down"

My new painting was delivered to the Frame Gallery this afternoon and will in placed in a gorgeous frame that brings out the colours of the subject perfectly.

" Watership Down" will be available for sale from next week but if you are interested in purchasing this piece please contact Jan directly on
Tel no: 01256 701082


Current Exhibition at The Frame Gallery

I visited the Frame Gallery in Odiham this afternoon to deliver two new paintings and was thrilled to see how warm my new collection looks as Autumn colours filled the walls  with a fabulous feeling of energy and bursts of vibrant colour.

I met a wonderful couple who had missed my recent demonstration at Fleet Art Society and it was lovely to hear how much my use of watercolour is enjoyed. 

I took several photographs of a few paintings to share on my blog for artists and friends who have been unable to visit the gallery. The display has changed periodically due to sales where paintings have had to be taken immediately so the show is evolving each week.

"Autumn Gold"
The warmth and light in this watercolour of honesty seedheads sadly isn't captured in this image.

"L'Energie D'Automne"
Unfortunately there was a delay in this piece being exhibited but it is now on show and looking wonderful!

"La Danza"
This lively painting greets you as you enter the gallery.

It has been so wonderful to hear the feedback on my current show. I love that comments have included the diversity of subject matter as I do love painting absolutely everything!


The Frame Gallery,Odiham: New Hare

Magical new hare to be on show at 
The Frame Gallery

Now that my workshops which took place this week are over I have been in touch with The Frame Gallery in Odiham to dicuss my current exhibition and the delivery of new work for their Christmas  Show.
Sales during the first week of my being "Artist of the Month" at the gallery have been so successful and there have been many requests for subjects that sold out  as soon as my  show opened.

For this reason I am going to release new paintings. Two are gorgeous hare which will be delivered  to the gallery and on display by the end of next week.

"O'Hare" is  beautiful. Unfortunately my photography does not  do him justice!  His magical eye and expression have really made me smile as he appeared during the creative process. This is definitely a painting that I would wish to see on my own wall but  I will be allowing the hare to make visitors smile at the gallery and I hope his good luck rubs off on all who pass him by!


If you are interested in this new painting of a hare please contact Jan  at the gallery on

Tel no: 01256 701082


SFP: The Society of Floral Painters

"Beauty Of Spring"

The Society of Floral Painters

I am delighted to share the news that I have been offered full membership of  SFP, The Society for Floral Painters following the assessment day which took place this month.

It is amazing how my art world turns because during one of my Spring sessions an artist attending one of my own workshops  discussed the  SFP with me as they were a member. My year has been so hectic but as I knew the next assessment for membership was taking place in Autumn 2011 I decided to  submit and I am thrilled to  have recieved a letter this week to tell me the good news.

I have always adored painting flowers and my first style that drew me into my passion for watercolours was botanical art.  In a way I feel as though I am going " home",  to a society who loves a subject that is so deeply held in my heart. Working on paintings for exhibitions purely to showcase the beauty of floral subjects is going to be heaven for me and I cannot wait to join in as a new full member.

2012 is going to be even more magical now!


Wednesday 26 October 2011

Autumn Madness

"Blackberry Way"
First wash with hints of berries added ready for the final touches to complete the painting.

Today was the turn for "Autumn Madness" to hit my workshops as berries of all kinds became subjects for  autumnal washes.  The room looked fantastic with arrangements of  reds and golds from leaves to flowers that gave inspiration for working from life and creating energy within a unique painting.

There wasn't a single photograph in sight to work from as each  artist leant on their own vision,creativity and imagination to build paintings that were completely unique.

I must admit it was one of those sessions where I have come away desperate to paint and explore the ideas that flowed  throughout the day even further.

Thank you to everyone who came today for making the event  a very memorable occasion and I hope you  will be painting non stop once you leave the session. I know I will be!


Tuesday 25 October 2011

NEW: Sales Page on my Web Site

"Almost There"
Finalist in the david Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition
Part of a new card collection

I now have a sales page on my web site which means anyone wishing to purchase my cards, own a signed copy of my book or  buy a DVD can directly through my site.

Greeting Cards
Until now my cards have been aailable through my workshops and demonstrations and through a few galleries.Now you can buy popular sets of four designs from my web site. These make wonderful gifts to other artists or look brilliant in small frames. A collection together looks even better framed and on show.

"How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
 Signed  Copy

You can now own a signed copy of my first book "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour". This makes a great gift for artist friends and anyone interested in working loose in watercolour in my free and relaxing style.

Amazing Ways With Watercolour
My latest DVD which is selling really well all over the world and gaining such wonderfully enthusiastic  feedback can also be pruchased through my site.

Christmas Cards
A limited number of Christmas cards sets are  now  for sale via my web site

Full detail of all prices can be found on my web site.

This is a lovely way of being in touch with  everyone who can't personally get to my workshops to buy merchandise.

Watercolours With Life Autumn Workshop 2011

Soft owl coming to life in a transparent watercolour
Working with brushstrokes,pigment and water to create a feeling of downy feathers and a beautiful eye that feels real

Yesterday saw the first of my Autumn workshops in Hampshire and artists eagerly arrived in the morning for the day ahead. The full group consisted of a varied mix of art levels and were full of the enthusiasm I now expect when I hold a session.

We started the day with an introduction to my techniques and then moved on to painting a variety of subjects, many were fascinating. I closed the session with a painting that could help me cover tips and ways to overcome problems that had been discovered during the working day.

This very soft owl wash was my favourite demonstration as the eye is full of warmth and the fluffy feathers are delightfully appearing  as the colours flow and fade across paper.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the session. It was a delight to meet artists I have met on facebook, see artists returning who have loved previous workshops and meet new friends. I do hope yesterday was the start of a whole new adventure for one particular gentleman and I have a feeling another is about to fly with their work having grown so quickly in one short day over a gorgeous painting of a kingfisher.

To the wonderful readers of my blog who have let me know they look forward to  seeing new posts daily and miss me when I am away working,this is blog entry is for you!


This week continues with the "Autumn Madness"  workshop that commences this morning and I can't wait as it is such a favourite session of mine. Next year at this time I will be holding workshops in USA which seems such a long way away but I know I am going to meet some very wonderful artists there also!


Artists Tip of the Day

No matter what you are doing or aiming to create, have the confidence in yourself to be able to achieve it. Remove all negative doubts and set out with a positive attitude.That will bring you more success than you can ever imagine as you will be giving yourself permission to succeed rather than accepting a personal decision to fail.


Please check my web site for  availability on my 2012 workshops as I believe only a few places are now left for the whole of next year.

Monday 24 October 2011

Luck of the Irish


Knowing that the two hare from my new exhibition have been sold as soon as the show opened left me concerned there will be no lucky painting in the collection for the rest of the month.

As I am preparing for my workshops this month which begin tomorrow a vision of a new hare has been playing on my mind. I took the quiet opportunity to work on him and bring him to life before my week turns into one where I happily share my techniques with others via demonstrations rather than the solice of my art studio.

"O'Hare" will soon be completed and  find a place in The Frame Gallery in Odiham.

I do hope everyone reading my blog has a fabulous week ahead full of amazing paintings. I will be meeting all the artists who are booked on my Autumn one day workshops and I am so looking forward to each day that will be filled with colour, ideas for new compositions and colour combinations.

It is going to be great!


Sunday 23 October 2011

Learning from Observing

Echinacea Flowers from my garden

I can't believe that even  with hard frost this week the way my garden is still full  of glowing colour. I have loved the form of Echinacea flowers. Their seedheads are to die for as an exciting subject for artists to work with in watercolour.

I love how the morning Autumn light is hitting their heads and the way the petals fall downwards as if giving the flower a skirt  which adorns their centre. They are fascinating.

Echinacea flower starting to form in a watercolour

I know this will be a fabulous  base as a flower painting to come in a large piece.

I may be racing to paint all the flowers still braving the cold weather before Winter finally arrives forcing them into hibernation for the next few months.

Sometimes we have to paint what we see when we see it. If you think about it naure is an incredible teacher. It shows us we must value what we see for the short time it is in our vision. It teaches us to appreciate colour by consantly changing seasons which draw new ideas from our selected palettes.  It gives us hints on textural additions  in how they can totally change or add drama to a composition. There are many reasons why not always being  in front of your paper  brings the best out of you as an artist so get out today and enjoy being taught by all you see around you,

I am going to do just that!


Saturday 22 October 2011

Horse Racing Paintings

 I have made a decision regarding my new collections of horse racing paintings.  

Recently at a gallery opening I met a collector of my work who now owns several paintings of mine covering various subjects. The discussion arose as to how popular some of my  subjects now seem to be getting. Cockerels are amongst many artists collections as a favourite subject so I don't claim these as mine nor should I.  But I have a defined style especially when it comes to a sense of movement in my work and my horse racing paintings are classed as unique.

The collector explained that he had noticed my work is  being copied  by a particular artist who may have originally felt they were learning from me. But they are also sharing and selling online pretending the paintings/style are their own idea and creation. This isn't ethical or wise.  Their effects cannot result in exact copies but the appearance of their work screams of my influence.

I listened and completely understood. If you pay thousands of pounds for a painting you want an original piece of art. You may also be able to afford to take legal action if you feel the painting you purchased has been copied. Which is the situation my client felt able to do as a lawyer and in the legal profession. I hadn't fully taken in this side of the complicated issue of copyright. The owner of an original piece of art has rights too. We had such an insightful conversation and I am really grateful that we not only met but took time to think about how copying artists can really effect other artists,galleries and art buyers.

It isn't just art that is being copied as actions are also. I do understand the artist who is so desperate for a sale that they eagerly watch what others are exhibiting and race for their brushes believing if they too paint the same subjects they will be successsful. But they are missing the point. It is the individuality of an artist,the one who paints new subjects or finds new ways to paint old favourites that  gets attention.

I have alway encouraged artists to create their own work. I have felt strongly about  those who consistently paint from photographs that they have found online that could easily be painted by many other viewers of the very same image. I have shared  and advised new artists to learn from as many books and workshops as possible to help them grow and gain more technical experience. However once you learn to depend on copying as a constant way of working it is very hard to let go of the "crutch" and find out what you are truly capable of as an individual.

I love originality. I love seeing what every artist of all levels is capable of , bringing life into a composition drawing from their own creativity not others.

What you paint does depend very much on where you are in your art journey so learning from masters or artists who are far more experienced than yourself of course is only natural. But there is a obvious line between copying to learn and copying deliberately to pass off as your own work ,style and sell.

I will not be sharing future paintings from my horse racing collections as I believe it isn't fair to the collectors who wish to purchase my original art. I know this is a sad move because my new paintings have far more energy and life in them than ever before as they have evolved with my style. But I owe loyalty to those who are looking forward to seeing and owning my new work.

I am joining and following the advise of experienced and established artists who show very limited paintings online. Whilst I am very generous with my teaching and techniques which I adore sharing and will continue to do, my main gallery work will now be kept in the galleries. This news will come as a blow to the particular artist who will now have to depend on their own ideas for new work or they can continue to repeat and copy their previous "copies".

It is a shame as I am very excited about where my new collections are heading but I am aware of an area of my art life I am moving into that warrants serious decisions.

Original art needs to be just that.



La Danza

 La Danza

Autumn Exhibition

I will be sharing paintings from my Autumn Exhibition at the Frame Gallery in Odiham on my blog from time to time. This  Flamenco dancer I loved from the minute I saw her in my imagination to the second my brush first touched the paper when I created her.
There is a fabulously magical flow of colour in this watercolour and the sense of movement is very strong. It is in an unusual frame that seems to harmonise with the design of the dress.The minute I saw the painting as the wrapping from the framers was removed I knew I could happily keep it!

I also know, no matter how many times I may try the magic in this watercolour cannot be repeated.

The heat of the dance,the passion in the movements taught from childhood to the experienced dancer. This to me captures the mood and atmosphere that I have felt when watching Flamenco dancers in Spain. I can hear the music and sound of feet tapping the floor, those watching are spellbound by the swirl of the skirt. So much can be said by a painting, far more than  just what we see with our eyes.

Details of my Autumn show can be found on my web site


Sold! "Lucky" sale.


Autumn Exhibition at The Frame Gallery
Full details on my web site

I try to avoid selling paintings before an exhibition opens. I have received emails in the past asking about certain pieces and collectors have wanted to reserve favourites.

Yesterday I met a wonderful lady at the gallery when I delivered my work for next weeks show. The owner and I were discussing the character of the hare painting which stood proudly on an easel at the entrance. We both loved it and it had that wonderful keen eye that hares possess. It had only just been unwrapped from having been framed and it looked wonderful.

Sometimes when you are asked about a piece you just know as an artist your painting has found the right owner or home and this was one of those occasions. Last night the buyer contacted me explaining they would like to own the pair of paintings. I agree,they do look wonderful together.

So " Lucky" has now been sold. In the circumstances I know there was a reason to yesterday taking place and the sales. To the buyer who may be reading my blog, I hope last night wasn't too painful and I wish you all the happiness and good luck with the blessings that come with these paintings. There are many!

Three paintings have now been asked for before we officially open the show and my Autumn pieces will be revealed as from today. If you are passing Odiham or are interested in my work  please visit the gallery early. 

Things really do move at a fast pace with this particular collection!

Friday 21 October 2011

Workshop Place Available: 26th October 2012

Due to a cancellation there is now one place available on my " Autumn Madness"  Watercolour workshop next week. This is very short notice but if anyone is free and would like to attend next Wednesday the session will be full of Autumn colours, a variety of  subjects and fun techniques aimed at stretching the imagination.

The workshop will be held in Winchfield , Hampshire. Full details are available on my web site.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to take the cancellation.


Lucky Charm

" Lucky "
The Frame Gallery

Being a Celt I am very superstitious and have my own way of approaching exhibitions. In each show I have a few lucky paintings that carry a special blessing. This is for both me and buyers of my watercolours. I have done this quietly for years following advise from a very old Feng Shui master from China.

This " Lucky" painting will be in my show which opens next Monday.

I think the good luck will be for me if this piece is actually still in the show when we officially open!

Sold! Show opens on Monday.

"Hip Hare"
Almost finished

I knew today was going to be really busy. I had to deliver work to The Frame Gallery in Odiham for my new Autumn show which will opens officially on Monday although it is in the process of being hung at the moment. Larger paintings will arrive there later today.

Smile 1.
 I love making people around me smile  and I am having such an exceptionally brilliant week.So after delivering my work this morning I decided to give Jan,the owner of the gallery a surprise with a bouquet of flowers.  A quick visit to the florist meant a fleeting return to the gallery to give my gift of flowers to the wonderfully surprisd face of the owner there. In this very short time a visitor was already admiring one of my paintings that had only just been unwrapped. I left feeling really happy that my work was being enjoyed.

Smile 2.
 I have two wonderful young men working on my studio this week so decided to quickly pop into a fabulous shop to treat them to some gorgeous cake for their break. They deserve it. While there felt a tap on my shoulder. Jan  from the gallery asked me if I would mind selling one of my pieces before the show opened next week. When I heard the circumstances I could only say yes.

Smile 3.
And so there will be one less painting in my exhibition but  this one will be going to a very good home of someone who absolutely fell in love with it. 

I do hope I have a collection  left to view by next week!

I think the record that still needs to be broken is of the time I left a painting to be framed and recieved a call on my mobile asking me if it could be sold immediately as a gallery client had seen it before it had even reached a gallery wall.

If you are intending to visit The Frame Gallery in Odiham please make it early next week, things happen there very fast!


Thursday 20 October 2011

À Corinne : Gagnant de défi de Septembre 2011

 Bailey a peint par Corinne de France 

Je suis enchanté pour annoncer le gagnant de mon défi de Watercolour du Septembre 2011. J'ai regardé beaucoup de peintures qui étaient absolument renversantes et beaucoup étaient totalement uniques. Mais celui que continué à m'appeler en arrière à maintes reprises qui a tiré avec effort sur mes cordes de coeur a été peint par Corinne qui vient du nord de la France. 

Pourquoi est-ce que j'ai aimé ce halètement ? 

Premièrement, quand vous peignez un animal familier vous ne visez pas simplement peignant un tableau. Vous visez à capturer le caractère, l'émotion et l'expression de l'animal qui serait chèrement aimé par le propriétaire. Bailey a une expression quand il veut quelque chose si ce soit mon attention, une promenade ou un goodie. Il s'assiéra et regardera fixement moi jusqu'à ce qu'il soit impossible d'ignorer sa réclamation expressive. Quoiqu'I can' ; t voient que ses yeux sa bouche donne réellement à son humeur loin. Corinne a repris sur la pose parfaitement, le détail de bouche est superbe mais ce qui prend vraiment mon souffle loin est comment elle a capturé l'écoulement, fourrure souple d'un colley barbu. Plus que ce là est la vie dans ce morceau. Une énergie dans ses traçages qui apporte mon chien sembler étonnamment comme s'il est vraiment sur le papier comme animal complètement de la vie, pas simplement une composition peinte.

Félicitations Corinne ! Je suis captivé et dans l'amour avec votre peinture ! Je dois admettre hors de ainsi beaucoup d'entrées pour Septembre étant le gagnant est vraiment un accomplissement énorme. Je t'enverrai le prix et vous contacter par l'email. 

À chacun qui m'a envoyé des peintures, merci tellement. Une chose ces défis m'ont montré qu'est juste combien mon blog est apprécié. Et encore plus important je me sens plus près des artistes qui l'ont lue par la communication personnelle par des réponses et les peintures m'ont envoyées. J'attends avec intérêt d'envoyer le prochain prix d'une de mes palettes pour le défi de l'Octobre 2011. Pour maintenant des félicitations encore Corinne et moi espèrent chacun lisant mes amours de blog votre travail autant que je fais. 


Winner of the September 2011 Watercolour Challenge

Bailey painted by Corinne 
from France

I am delighted to announce the winner of my September 2011 Watercolour Challenge. I looked at many paintings that  were absolutely stunning and many were totally unique. But the one that kept  calling me back time and time again that tugged at my heart strings  was painted by Corinne who comes from the North of France.

Why did I love this panting?

Firstly, when you paint a pet you are not just aiming at  painting a picture.You are aiming to capture the character,emotion and expression  of the animal that would be dearly loved by the owner.

Bailey has an expression when he wants something whether it is my attention, a walk or a goodie.He will sit and stare at me until it is impossible to ignore his  expressive plea. Even though I can't see his eyes his mouth actually gives his mood away. Corinne picked up on the pose perfectly,the  mouth detail is superb but what really takes my breath away is how she has captured the flowing,floppy fur of a Bearded Collie. More than that there is life in this piece. An energy in her brushstrokes that brings my  dog to amazingly seem as though he really is on the paper as an animal full of life,not just a painted composition.
Congratulations Corinne! I am thrilled and in love with your painting! 

I must confess out of so many entries for September being the winner really is a huge accomplishment.  I will be sending you the prize and contact you by email.

To everyone who sent me paintings,thank you so much. One thing these challenges have shown me is  just how much my blog is enjoyed.And even more importantly I feel closer to the artists  who read it by the personal communication through replies and paintings sent to me.

I look forward to sending the next prize of one of my palettes for the October 2011 Challenge.

For now congratulations again Corinne and I hope everyone reading my blog loves your work as much as I do.


L'Energie D'Automne Exhibition : The Frame Gallery,Odiham

L'Energie D'Automne 

An exciting new collection of watercolours will be exhibited at
The High Street
23rd October 2011- 18th November 2011

The exhibition will open on 23rd October 2012 and include many favourite subjects including new,vibrant Autumn scenes, Horse Racing scenes,Hare,Cockerels and many more.
 Autumn Splendour
On show at The Frame Gallery from 23rd October 2011

Tuesday 18 October 2011

L'Energie D'Automne : The Frame Gallery,Odiham

L'Energie D'Automne

I wish I could share my new collection for the Frame Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire offline and not via a computer screen.The  fluidity in some of the pieces has left me feeling so wonderfully happy and relaxed.It's impossible not to see the Autumn light and not wish to paint the gorgeous subjects that are facing me each day.

I have blackberries growing in the  lanes by my cottage, hawthorn berries hang from laden branches and beautiful Honesty seedheads just seemed to magically fit into this composition. The piece has an energy to it which is hard to define hence the title.

I will complete this painting and deliver it to the Frame gallery to be part of my Autumn Show which opens next week.

I will share more details and paintings on my blog and my web site soon


I will be sharing the winning painting of the September  Challenge soon but needed to catch up on my gallery work first!

Watercolour Workshops 2012 UK

Floral Fusion

I have the latest update on my workshop schedule for 2012 and  need to  share the news that there will be no Hampshire, UK, Autumn programme for workshops  held by me in UK next year. This is due to the fact I will be travelling in USA and France and running a weeks course at Dedham Hall in September 2012.

At present there are  only a few places available for my sessions next year.

June Watercolour Workshops 2012
Only two places available on each one day session

I have spaces in June and a few places on the Watercolour Masterclass which will be held  in April next year. Please check my web site for full details.

Watercolour Masterclass
Only Two Places Available

For anyone interested the Masterclass is deliberately being run as a very small group. The timing allows artists attending to arrive  on the first morning and stay over for the second day. This means accomodation may only be needed for one evening. Whilst it  commences at  11.0 a.m it will  close at five on the first day followed by a  meal in the evening to get to know  each other and discuss where we all are in our art journey. When I demonstrate I rarely have the luxury of time to get to know everyone individually which is why this special class is being arranged. The second day starts early but closes at three to allow artists time to return home. There is work to prepare before attending the session and after class attention with work to  carry out in the  comfort of your own home or studio. The seminar is aimed at stretching the artist in a way to not only set, but achieve goals also. At the time of typing this blog entry I have two places available and  further details can be found on my web site.

Evening meal and working lunch provided in the fee.


I would  dearly love to hold more workshops to accomodate everyone who wishes to come to one of my sessions.The problem is  that unless I allow myself time to paint and experiment consistently my own art loses momentum. As I write,demonstrate and exhibit I need studio time for my own art career.

I have become aware that the interest in my workshops has continually grown  over the last few years and is beginning to grow even more which is so wonderful. I really appreciate everyones' enthusiasm in my style. I am aware as my exhibitons and gallery  work becomes more demanding the time I have to share in workshops is growing less and less.

So please if you want a place on one of my workshops in 2012   take the opportunity to book now as  once the places have all gone there is will be no other dates now until 2013.

My Art Society bookings for 2012 are also fully booked but I am taking details of Art Societies who wish to book for 2013.

It seems amazing that  with no major advertising I am at a point where I have very little workshop places available for 2012 before the end of this year. If you are interested in  being contacted with dates for  future events and the 2013 schedule when it becomes available next year please email me on


The Frame Gallery,Odiham : New Collection

Autumn Splendour

The Frame Gallery
81, High Street

My new collection of watercolours will be on show at The Frame Gallery in Odiham ,Hampshire next week. The gallery is situated on the high street of the village and Jan the owner will be delighted  to see you should you wish to visit and view or purchase my original paintings.

Full details can be found via this link

Sunday 16 October 2011

Autumn Splendour

Autumn Splendour

Today I put my paintings together to be delivered to The Frame Gallery in Odiham next week. Autumn Splendour is part of an autumnal series and as the light was wonderful this afternoon I thoroughly enjoyed adding the berries and seeing how the light hit each one.

Working from life is so much more rewarding than working from photographs and I think in this piece my lightness of mood showed too!


Thank you to the caring artist who sent me an email letting me know my work has been copied. A painting of a cockerel in the exact pose and a " version" of my horse racing scene with a few alterations  is being shared by the copying artist and passed off as their own creation. Changing a few colours doesn't always detract from the fact the work has already been seen. The sad thing is with the internet making the world a far smaller place trying to pass off someone elses work as your own only puts you in a very bad light.

To the artist who has blatantly copied my work, you've been found out!

And to the artist who contacted me,thank you so much. 

Copying to learn is a wonderful way to grow. But when you make a decision to not only copy  someone elses ideas as well as pretend you came up with them be prepared to be questioned in not only your ability as an artist but your honesty too.  Sadly once you gain a bad reputation as someone who lies about their art it tends to stick with you!

Autumn Confusion

Foxgloves in watercolour and from my garden

With only one week to go to my Autumn workshops I find I am still painting summer flowers from my garden due to the confused weather this year. As the seasons change I often store images of painting from life in my mind  so that the light and bright colours I use in summer stay with me while I paint during the winter months.

I have this feeling I desperately need to paint the last rose of summer before they are all long gone from my garden!

Whatever you are going to paint in the week ahead of you I hope your joy in creating the painting is an all time high and I hope your results hsow just that  fantastic feeling.

We are so lucky to be artists. We see in a unique way and have that inner sense of enthusiasm often lost since childhood.

Happy painting!


To everyone attending my Autumn workshops please bring all your favourite gold shades and be prepared to have fun,work hard and create in a way you may never have thought you were capable of before!