Sunday 18 October 2015

St Louis Demonstration and Book Signing Event October 2015

I will be giving a full demonstration into my techniques with a talk in St Louis and everyone is welcome! I'm also selling and signing my books there

For full details please see this link

Saturday 3 October 2015

USA Watercolour Workshop Tour 2015

What a wonderful week. I arrived in USA last Tuesday for my annual Autumn Watercolour Workshop and Book Signing Tour. Flying into LA , then driving to San Luis Obisquo. Staying for two nights before driving to Sonoma County for my workshops here.

On arrival in Sonoma I was invited for lunch by my Publishers Distributors so after visiting their head office we headed to Petaluma for a fabulous meal and I enjoyed my first root beer which was refreshingly delicious. Immediately after lunch I met the organiser of my workshops in Sonoma at the venue where I was to teach to discuss the set up.

I took the first day of my first two day workshop here today and meeting everyone was fantastic. I love USA so much. Everyone is always so enthusiastic and excited about my loose approach to painting. My teaching style I know is different but watching everyone translate the information and techniques given via demonstrations is such a fabulous feeling when there is such a great "high" felt in the room. As always the day came to an end far too quickly but of course there's another day coming on thus course.

I had an extra surprise today. My neighbour from Dubai where I lived years ago had signed up for my course. I haven't seen Margie for years so to be reunited was wonderful. Her husband Bill drove up to join us for a meal tonight and we caught up on some very happy magical memories over an Italian meal. What a fantastic surprise. I'm over the moon.

I have loved seeing so much already on this trip. Bull seals on the drive to Monterey on Highway 1, the incredible coastal scenery, the beautiful vineyards and glorious colour. The sunshine is an added bonus.

My only complaint? The food is far too good. Last night I had biscuits for the first time. Not the cookie kind! And they were gorgeous. Hot, tasty, light and they melted in your mouth.

There have been worries about getting my books in time for the book signing events as my book "World Of Warercolour" has exceeded sales expectations so had to go to reprint early and the latest order eventually arrived just in time, luckily!  Getting stock of "Atmospheric Watercolours" has been fun as I have the distributors last box! It's selling so well as a book apparently and I'm over the moon.

What happens on each of my tours is that I'm hit by how incredible loving art is. Painting enriches our lives in so many ways. It brings us a sense of achievement when our results are successful, goals to work towards when they are not but also, an overlooked bonus is the lifelong new friends we make continually. I know I'm making more wonderful friends for life on this trip. And how incredible is that? And I know everyone else is too.

I have two more workshops , a presentation and a book signing event in Sonoma. Then I move on to West Virginia, St Louis and New York. A fully booked trip and an amazing adventure. I'll try to share again soon but for now I hope whatever you are doing, you too are smiling and loving, living life to the full!

Happy painting!