Monday 16 April 2012

Workshop Places: June/ July 2012

"Over My Shoulder"
From my new book

There are a few places that have become available on my June and July 2012 workshops due to  unforeseen circumstances

Full details regarding each session,the fee and location are on my web site.

Tuesday 5th June, ‘Watercolours with life, Summer Session’ – One place available

Wednesday 6th June, ‘Seeing Red’ – One place available

Thursday 7th June, ‘Summertime and the Living is Easy’ – One place available
Thursday 26th July ‘Opening Doors’  For artists new to my sessions – Two places available.
 This is a brilliant one day session aimed for artists who have never had the opportunity to meet Jean or attend her popular workshops. This is aimed as an introduction to Jeans expressive style and techniques in watercolour. Opening doors to a future full of vibrantly coloured watercolours that sing with life!

To book or enquiries  please contact Christine on


About Those Eyes

Cats Eye

I recently held a watercolour workshop on painting animals in watercolour. These have become all time favourite sessions and because of this I have had to open a new date in July to allow the waiting list of artists an opportunity to come.

In my last animal workshop we started with painting eyes and it became a fascinating part of the day. So much so that everyone was enjoying themselves so much that it was hard to get anyone to move on to painting another animal body part! There was a lot of laughter in the room at times and as much  as art sessions can be wonderfully serious this was a memorable day in that the group were all  completely enthusiastic about their  subject matter.

I love painting eyes. I always have and that is why I adore painting portraits.

Last week I demonstrated colourful washes and it may interest any of the artists attending to know that  the colourful, orange salt wash with the green eye demonstration is now a beautiful version of my own cat Buster.

Rosemary, you wanted to know if I used  all the demonstration washes? Yes I do, some are turned into full paintings as this one is, others are for  more abstract work. And by the way, this really is me typing to you.

It is lovely to be asked if someone else does all my facebook and blog posts for me as I do seem to be very active  in my art career. My posts  really are all my own typing and ideas. And I know there are wonderful people reading each one. I can think of friends all over the world and smile knowing we are in touch. I can surprise Bridget by asking her if she is looking forward to seeing baby owls this year and now I can say Hi to Mike who has walked his dog Lacey in Australia and will be reading my post on his return. When you come to think of it ,this is a rather magical blog page in that it really is bringing some amazing people together, connecting through art.

I do have a PA, a personal assistant who takes all my workshop bookings and who handles all my online sales as that is an area of my life that has taken off to such an extent I could be all day on the computer and not painting!

And on that note I really need to get back to  my brushes!


If you would like to see my colourful washes that can turn into subjects or eye painting my new DVD "Watercolour Passion" describes how I start each day with colour work and of  course there is a cute dog on the cover which  gives away what is inside!

You can see a trailer via this link,look out for the " cat" orange wash at the beginning!

And you can buy a copy via my web site or from Town House Films directly.

Sunday 15 April 2012

It's Here!

My new book
Atmospheric Watercolours
Available from the end of May 2012

 I remember  the moment when the first copy of my previous book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" arrived at our cottage. I was delighted to open the package and eager see how my publication looked. It was a magical memory but this week has definitely topped that!

I held a Watercolour Masterclass for advanced artists this week and everyone attending was brilliant. The atmosphere in the room on each day was electrically energising and inspirational which was the intention. However during the second day a parcel arrived while, we as a group were having lunch.
The timing could not have been better.

I squealed with excitement when I opened the package having no idea what it was going to be or that my copy was arriving this week. I eagerly shared my good news and will forever remember the comments and looks on faces in the room as page after page was turned to reveal subjects,chapters and paintings in my newest book on watercolour. It was so exciting to be able to share such a special occasion with  a talented group of  watercolourists who helped make the moment even more magical.

Thank you!

Of course there is another exciting moment  to look forward to and that is the day it will be released and available to read. And I am looking forward to signing the first copy to the first person who buys a copy. 

There are so many firsts in life but this has to be one of the greatest!

I do hope you enjoy my book when you see it and  a huge thank you to everyone who has already pre ordered a copy.  The numbers of sales are wonderfully high and I may have to re order already for my own web site online shop!

You can  buy my book from, Search Press and various sources online as well as certain book stores. I will be signing copies at a number of events this year!

Masterclass Seminar and More!

Landscapes using textural effects.

Masterclass Seminar 2012

What an incredible week and what an amazing group of artists attending my  first annual Watercolour Masterclass. The room was filled with energy and enthusiasm on each day and the variety of subjects and techniques were endless.  Or so it seemed.

The goal was to inspire, giving goals to aspire to throughout the rest of this year leading into the next with ambitions to create brilliant paintings and achievements.  This was not a seminar for the less adventurous artist and I am on a high from the way the week unfolded, including the evening meal where we all had a chance to get to know  each other on a more personal level.

I will confess I can't wait for next years seminar now and my goal will be to make it even more exciting!

Thank you to all the incredible artists who attended , keep those brushes moving and let me know which exhibitions/new art events and societies you will be aiming for throughout 2012/2013!


My Watercolour Programme for 2013 will be shared on my web site in October 2012. 
To be added to my email contact list for news and place availability please  email me on

Monday 9 April 2012

Workshop Photographs April 2012

Watercolour Passion
My new DVD

If you would like to see photographs of last weeks watercolour workshops I am delighted to share a link to Town House Films blog where I can be seen signing a copy of my new DVD for a fabulous artist who will be taking it to South Africa!

With orders flooding in from all over the world and fabulous feedback on how much it is being enjoyed I am absolutely thrilled and now relaxing at last. I wanted to put so much into this film and by the sound of it I achieved what I aimed bring everyone into a workshop with me and my studio.

Thank you  to Louise for the photographs from last week, Town House Films for sharing them on their blog and everyone who has not only bought a copy of my new DVD but let me know they loved it too!

Thank you!

You can see details of my new DVD via this link.


Textural Madness

Elephants appearing from texture watercolour washes.

Yesterday,on my blog, I shared a spring wash created from vibrant colour and fur from my Bearded Collie. I have loved all the messages by email and comments on my facebook page about alternative ways to create patterns in watercolour washes.

From horse hair to lace and mesh weaves, the suggestions are many  and the possibilities endless in how we can add a further dimension to a simple watercolour background or composition.

In my new book I have a fabulous patternising effect which I call  " The Venetian". I love it which and now use it constantly in my architectural paintings to bring a fascinating result to aged walls or brickwork. But it was my discovery by accident while filming the  demonstrations for my new publication..

Only by exploring can we really find new ways to add drama in our work.

I look forward to hearing more from artists who have that sense of adventure and never settle for what they can do,but continually reach out to discover something new!

Happy exploring!


The count down is on to see who will receive their copy of my new book first, and whose book will I sign first. Its' all so exciting!

Signed copies will be available from my web site and it is also available on many sites such as which can be viewed or pre ordered via this link.

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 Exhibition

Elephant appearing from a textured watercolour wash

This week I sold the last of my rabbit paintings from a gallery. But I have one very special hare painting that has remained in my studio and it is wrapped carefully in preparation for its journey to the Mall Galleries,London where it will be in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 Exhibition.

I have mentioned in several previous posts that I feel very humble to be  included in this art event where many leading wildlife artists have  work on display that  always without fail takes my breath away in its talent, originality and skill.

I am so looking forward to the exhibition later this year.

Details can be found via this link.

If you are an artist who adores painting animals why not join the DSWF foundation and recieve news of next years event so that you too can submit and  hopefully take part in  an art exhibition that truly does more than show gorgeous creations but helps save wildlife too.

Wildlife that needs our action and now.


Jean Haines Personalised Kolinsky Sable Brushes

Jean Haines Personalised Kolinsky Sable Brushes

As much as I  was against having my own range of products  I will confess I am now really thrilled that I looked into designing my own  watercolour brushes. The feedback from artists who have already bought a set has made it a very worthwhile project.

It was never about having my name on a product as much as finding a brush I could work with, one that would do all I asked of it and more.  I am fussy when it comes to using all watercolour  product ranges and I have a reputation for always using the best. But with quality there usually comes a high price. These brushes are very high quality but with a more reasonable price tag as my main concern is bringing a great brush to the artist who may not otherwise invest in using sable or the best.

My mix of round and a taper works beautifully and I am really enjoying reading messages coming in from everyone who has tried my brushes. Last week I had the pleasure of watching artists use them on my workshops for the first time. They do make such a difference and they are a dream to work with.

This was time well spent  and my research was well worth it.

Due to the high demand for  my brush sets I no longer sell them on my web site  but they are available  from Rosemary &  Co and still at a brilliant price when you consider many  fabulous sables are over £60!

For more information please follow this link

And to everyone who has let me know how much you love them,

Thank you!


Experimental Spring Washes

Experimental Texture Wash
Stage 1.
Primroses in Spring

Last week I held fantastic watercolour workshops that left me feeling inspired yet alone the artists who attended them. As always I was eager to try a few new ideas when I came back to my studio. This morning I took my lovable Bearded Collie, Bailey,for a walk in woodland nearby and was thrilled to see so many wild flowers in their natural setting there. It was only natural I should race back to my brushes to try to capture what I had seen.

In the morning light the  vibrant mixture of colour was radiant. There were the first of bluebells appearing which always seem more violet than blue to me. Then  huge masses of primroses and amongst the pale creamy clusters a few stray pink primroses had nestled adding to the scene. Dotted amongst them were tiny purple violets and alongside the collection,  white wood  anenome were swaying their heads in the breeze.

It was an artists dream to see!

Twigs and fallen leaves formed patterns as a backdrop so my aim in my first experimental wash was not to paint the flowers but instead aim to paint the collage of textural effects leaving  sections within my composition to add flowers at a later stage.

Everyone  who attended my workshops last week will now fully understand that I don't paint just the colours I see, so my primroses may be blue or purple in places!

I have also experimented with a gift that Christina, an artist on my workshops last week gave me to add texture to my results in this piece. If you are reading this Christina I discovered using my Bearded Collies fur in the same way gave me a far more interesting and unexpected result.

So I think I am going to call this new technique, " The Beardie" for now until I can come up with a more apt  title for it. 

Beardie hair is still in the wash!

Leaf edges formed with Bearded Collie fur in the top corner of my painting.

Saturday 7 April 2012

Heaven on Earth : Happy Easter 2012

"Heaven On Earth"
Narcissi Flowers in my latest floral watercolour

It is Easter weekend and one of the oldest Christian festivals. To many it is the most important time of their religious year.  It carries feelings of hope, new life and rebirth. To many especially children of all ages all over the world it is a time to  recieve chocolate eggs .

When I think of Easter I connect it with Spring and all the new plants coming to life, vibrant flowers of the season including daffodils and primroses.  As an artist my sense of hope comes from the  feeling of wanting to create a beautiful painting of them. Sometimes an old painting may be reborn the following year by taking an idea from the past and giving it a new twist with my latest techniques and colour combinations.

Easter is like a new beginning for the year ahead as a blank piece of white paper waiting to be  covered with glorious colour.

I am wishing all my blog readers the happiest of Easters with a year ahead filled with fantastic watercolours that sing with life and exciting colour combinations. 
Enjoy your " blank piece of paper "



The painting in this blog post is called " Heaven On earth" because that is just how it felt when I painted it.Peaceful and calm and the flowers just seemed to magically appear one by one. A new favourite painting in my growing collection of art.

Friday 6 April 2012

Flower Workshop 2012 April

White Narcissi beginning to appear in a wash.

Wow yesterday was a knock out day with a workshop that to me was heavenly. I looked around the room at everyone painting in the afternoon and so wished I could be on the  workshop rather than teaching it, as  all the artists seemed to be having a ball!

Flowers filled the room and we had plenty of choice to paint from life. And what made the day even more magical is that there was not one single photograph being used to work from. I believe this is why the majority of results were light, fresh and exciting in colour.  Painting from life is so much more fsacinating.

I loved the day and wish I could start it all over again. How many artists can say that from their sessions! This was the icing on the cake day of workshops and I can't wait for my next flower session in July.

Thank you to everyone who came and I am really thrilled with how much the session was enjoyed.

It just happens!

Elephant magically appearing in a first mysterious wash!
Painted in minutes for a demonstration to a wonderful group in a workshop.
A run of colour made the trunk appear effortlessly.

To everyone who came on my animal workshop this week thank you for such a terrific day. Goodness your enthusiasm was incredible leading to the grand finale of all finales in a session. One after the other animals appeared on paintings or within washes. When I finally finished unpacking my car this morning I looked at this wash to see the vibrant elephant we all loved when it was first appearing. It was amazing to see colours literally thrown on paper flowing into place to form the body,ear and trunk of the animal with very little effort or help from me.

And maybe this makes a vailuable point. By relaxing, and having fun as we all were at this point with Penny eagerly still waiting to see how I would paint antlers, we actually let go and really create. All the pressures many artists put on their shoulders to  produce a masterpiece each time they pick up a brush can kill all the pleasure in working. I had fun and it showed and  my paintings were light  expressing a sense of happiness and freedom.

So please take all the inspirational ideas away from my workshops, do paint seriously, do paint the exercises and do smile when you are holding a brush from time to time, it DOES help!

And a special congratulations to Lynne for getting into the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition. It will be the very first time we have exhibited together and I am thrilled!


Wednesday 4 April 2012

Watercolour Workshops April 2012

My beloved row of Bearded Collies
Work in Progress

This week my April 2012 workshops are taking place in Hampshire,UK..  As always I am meeting the most  wonderful of  artists in each session. There is a fabulous lady from South Africa who has flown to England just for my watercolour workshops. Another artist is here from Spain. Four friends drove here from Norfolk, two  friends came from Devon. In fact nearly everyone this week has made quite a trip to get here.

The venue has been " Dressed" for each new day with the appropriate resources for the individual themes with many spring flowers  adding to the inspirational subject matter.

I opened the week with my favourite "Watercolours With Life" which is a brilliant day for anyone who has never been to me before. I cover all of my techniques and latest colour options so this as an introduction to my style and a very full session. It was a really busy day with a truly enthusiastic group and flew by far too quickly.

Yesterday was " Animal Madness". A workshop totally devoted to painting animals. It is funny how some days  turn out to be so magical purely by the way they flow or the laughter that just happens at points in a demonstration. At the  closing section of the workshop I demonstrated  techniques and tips on several paintings of a variety of subjects. I stood at my easel to complete my row of Beardies, then added sheep to another interesting composition  to dicuss  tips that had arisen during the afternoon. The group wanted to see how I painted elephants so I  very quickly placed a texture wash on a large piece of paper and used cling film for the body wrinkles.  Water was literally flying from  my large brush so that anyone behind or near me had to be careful not to get an unexpected shower. Within seconds the  shape and outline of the mother elephant and soft space for her baby was there including her trunk and ear. Next placement of  bold pigment on the nose of a dog highlighted the need for courage in detail. I was surrounded by wonderfully eager and enthusiastic artists and at one point made a joke that I  felt as though I was being sucked backwards by the energy they were creating, absorbed by their taking in every single brushstroke or addition of colour I made. That is a magical feeling. When everyone leaves on a high you know you have had a successful day.

I do know my workshops are hard to get on to. I do know sometimes it is a case of waiting and booking in advance. And I am so sorry I haven't the time to hold more sessions than I can but my career as an exhibiting artist would suffer if I did. And without exhibiting I wouldn't be fulfilling my own challenges in personal growth.

But what I do aim for is to put my all into every single workshop so that everyone gains as much knowledge as they can from them to leave feeling nspired and more importantly race to paint when they return home or to their studios.

This week has been brilliant and I have one more workshop to go. Today the theme is Spring Flowers and I am raring to go!


My new DVD is  very similar to a workshop experience  and  can be purchased from my online shop

To be on my contact list for workshop news 2013 please email me on

Watercolour Passion, New DVD now in Stock!

Jean Haines

I am really delighted to share the news that my new DVD is now in stock.

You can order via my web site on

or from Town House  Films  directly.

To see a trailer please follow this link

It really is like being on a workshop with many projects and tips to inspire and motivate!

Thank you to everyone who has pre ordered a copy. The demand has been incredible and I am already overwhelmed with how popular this new film has become before it's release.

Now it is available!

I do hope you enjoy it.


Monday 2 April 2012

Two Workshops Places this Thursday : Cancellation

Thursday 5th April 2012 .
Sensational Spring Flowers. 
Two Workshop Places have become available this Thursday
Due to an unavoidable cancellation 
This is unusual but due to circumstances there are now two  places on my Sensational Spring Flowers workshop this week.  If you are free and would love to come please contact me on as soon as possible.
It's going to be a superb day as it is one of my favourite sessions. I can give you full details or contact Christine who handles my bookings on

Making Seconds Count

White Narcissi

I am in love with Mondays. I have a whole new week ahead and each day is so exciting.

This week I have workshops and I am eager to paint gorgeous spring flowers. I also am eager to paint soft spring lambs, fields of white sheep in sunlight and a white dog with unusual colour combinations.

I imagine painting after painting appearing in glowingly vibrant watercolours.

And I can only achieve that if I get off this computer.

Which reminds me,

Make sure you limit how long you are on your computer too!

I have been advising more than one artist recently on how to improve their art. Most of the time they are on facebook or art sites spending hours posting and replying. As much as this is a wonderful way to stay in touch with artists from all over the world do bear in mind each second you are on the computer is a brushstroke lost on what could have been your next masterpiece!

I am winking because a few artists are going to laugh out loud when they read this blog post and hopefully then race  to paint. There are probably many more reading this post who are smiling thinking this message applies to them.

So let's ALL paint and make each second count!

Jean Haines Personalised Watercolour Brush Sets with Rosemary& Co

Jean Haines Personalised Watercolour Brush Sets
Available from Rosemary & Co

I am thrilled with the response from artists who have purchased my personalised brush sets. I designed these brushes for myself as I wanted a mix between a full round brush but with a taper purely because of the Asian influence on my brushwork.  There are so many brushes available on the market but none worked exactly as I wanted them to.

Most of my work  is carried out with a number 10 sable but I pick up fine particles of pigment with a rigger to add hints of colour in tiny sections  with the wet in wet technique.

I am now receiving great feedback from owners of my brush sets and I love artist Sharon Rogers comment in that they feel sensuous to use. They do and that is a perfect description. The sable is soft intentionally so as not to disturb the watercolour washes as a painting develops.

My own stocks sold out on the first day of my adding them to my online shop. Now they are available from Rosemary& Co directly and can be  purchased via this link.

To me they are a blessing as they are such sheer joy to work with.
Thank you to everyone who has placed an order and also taken the time to let me know how much you love them too!


Watercolour Workshops April 2012

April 2012  

This week my Spring workshops begin followed by my Annual Masterclass which takes place next week. Today I will be visiting the florist for my "Sensational Spring Flowers" session and preparing all the images for "Animal Madness " a firm favourite.  I so badly want to paint so I will be envying the lucky artists in  each workshop who have a full day to create because I know these are going to be days to remember for a very long time.

I have always felt passionate about watercolour but I feel at an all time high with so much that is wonderful happening in my life. I am planning to share vibrant colours and the shades that are new to my recent work. I have techniques that have evolved over the last few years that combine with tips in making subjects seem more alive along with ideas regarding compositions to make them even more unique.

My workshops have a goal of giving inspiration and bringing the best artist possible out of  everyone attending. And they always without fail have that motivational effect on myself.  I will be racing to paint without interruption as soon as I am in my studio again.

These are this weeks sessions.

3rd April. Watercolours with Life Spring 2012 FULLY BOOKED
A complete change in our palette as we look at ways to bring vibrancy into our results with zingy fresh shades. However you painted in the past this is a new year and it's time to take a fresh look at how we paint, what we create and how we can improve. Let's go for gold!

4th April. Animal Madness. FULLY BOOKED
The lambs will be jumping in the fields and there will be sparks flying off your brushes in this session. Farm animals, pets ,wildlife. It's all here! Bring your favourite photographs and have a fantastic day to remember. Painting fur? No problem! Eyes that speak to you and are filled with emotion? No problem.

Celebrating the launch of my new DVD on 9th April which covers sheep and a dog as well as a landscape and flowers.

5th April. Sensational Spring Flowers. FULLY BOOKED
The room will be filled as usual at this time of year with a variety of gorgeous spring flowers to work from life with. But we need to paint whole compositions as well as studies of each individual flower. Learn how to paint backgrounds, tips on completing a whole painting and more! A favourite session.


My workshop programme for 2013 is going to be very unique with exciting  theme days and sessions  aimed at having  every artist attending not just enjoying the day but leaving feeling inspired with goals to achieve in the following year.

If you wish to be added to my contact list to  be informed of the new programmes as they become available each year  please email

All courses for 2012 are fully booked but I will be demonstrating at

Banstead Arts Festival  2012
11th May 2012

Patchings Art Festival  2012
Thursday 14th June 2012

SWA, Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2012
Mall Galleries, London


Sunday 1 April 2012

On Angels Wings : Narcissi in Watercolour

Narcissi painting in soft watercolour

It has been such a hectic week again. So much so that I miss time to regularly update my blog as I used to. I am sure many artists are preparing for upcoming shows so understand this is a very special time of year with so much going on.

Even so I took a day out this week as I had invited two close friends to come for lunch and view my new DVD. It is almost a tradition now . We had a wonderful day and I loved their faces as they watched each section of my new film. We celebrated as we were on a high when the film came to an end as we all felt its' magic!

Helen had arrived with a bouquet of  white narcissi. As soon as I saw the blooms I just knew I would have to paint them.  And I did that afternoon. They seemed to softly come to life so easily. Their delicate flower shapes could have seemed complex but in fact they fell into place in my composition.

Their perfume is a delight and it still fills my studio.

Thank you so much Helen for the inspiration. I haven't painted these before and I know this will not be the last time I do.

I absolutely love them!

Thank you!

"On Angels Wings"

A Curly Breeded Dog?

My new DVD
"Watercolour Passion"
Available from my web site from April 9th,
Note: Please pre order as initial stocks are expected to sell out quickly as orders are flooding in!

If anyone  watches my DVD and listens to my dog demonstration please look out for my blip. I watched my new DVD "Watercolour Passion" with two friends this week and we were in fits of laughter when we got to the dog demonstration section. The painting is magically flowing and it will always be one of my favourites. I talk while I demonstrate to explain how and why I am painting to share my techniques. Often when artists come to my workshops there will be a time when I say something that doesn't sound quite right and often these " Jeanisms"  create laughter and a happy mood.

Well I did it again as while I was working on my gorgeous dog demonstration.
 I said " Curly Breeded Dog"  instead of  describing breeds with curly hair. It could just be one of those moments when you had to be there but I think it sounds really funny!

I don't work from a script and my demos are always natural as in my workshop sessions.

I am sure I will have a few more fun blips to share in my lifetime and possibly within this DVD too!

Do smile when you hear that line as it really did make me laugh at myself this week!

But I do that quite often!