Thursday 30 June 2016

Foxgloves in Sunlight : Watercolour

 Foxgloves in sunlight

The foxgloves in our cottage garden this year have been incredible. Especially when the sun has been shining, which is rarely at the moment!  Even so I have several washes of foxgloves on the go. Above is a section of one painting in its' first wash stage. I love this section. Light is flooding into it. Glowing warmth is hitting the buds and blooms at the top of the flower stem. Its' so pretty as it highlights how gorgeous the foxgloves are from a profile view.

The cluster of foxgloves ,where I sat to paint this, growing in my garden look amazing in one particular flower bed. The group is captured in a larger painting which can be seen below. These flowers are quite interesting. I learned so much from observing them as my focus when painting foxgloves always seems to be on the dotted pattern inside each bell shape. But from this view I realised you couldn't even see any of these dots. There were just dark shadows in the inner flower bells that were clearly in view. So I could simplify and not add too much detail in this piece. Whic is yet to be completed.

 Full composition
Foxgloves in Sunlight

I am now sharing why I like painting from life, not from photographs. Compare the two paintings below. Both unfinished. One is painted in my garden. One from a photograph. Can you see how I was tempted to add darks and miss the natural light that is obvious in the lighter painting?

 Side by side : Foxglove paintings from life and a photograph.

The best advise I can give any new artist is to paint from life as much as possible. Study how colour is effected by sunlight and how shadows come into play in every single subject. Store all this wonderful information so that on rainy days or times when you cannot go outside to paint from life you will have an inner instinct, which has developed over time. So that you know how things can look much better when using light well in your art.

But now its time for me to paint again!

Have fun looking for light and capturing it in your paintings!


Delphinium Blues

"Delphinium Blues"
Painted from my cottage garden

It is ages since I last posted on my blog. This is a year that I will never forget for many reasons.
Both of my sons are now married. With weddings only weeks apart.  I have had a book launch and workshops in UK. You can imagine how busy I have been!  Emotionally, not just physically. And summer is definitely flying by. John and I have had several trips to France and will be over again next week for a friends 70th birthday. In fact so much is happening that for the first time in years I have found it rather difficult to race to my studio to paint.

Never in anyones' life has been the timing or title of a book launch so perfect.

"Paint Yourself Calm"

I have had to use my own new book "Paint Yourself Calm" on many occasions recently. Telling myself if I don't have time to paint a serious painting I can at least experiment with calming washes.On some days, I have chosen colours to deliberately calm me and used the techniques from my book have helped so much. Other days, I have chosen colours to energise my soul when things have all seemed too much. It is very rare for me to admit that I needed to be energised or lifted spiritually. But I did.

I love the good friends around me who have helped me. 

Thank you!

There has been a tiny hiccup with my health too which saw John race me to hospital where I was immediatey given an ECG. I am fine but he was right to step in and ignore my plea that I was fine. I AM fine but I had a warning to listen, to needing to rest and now happily I can say my batteries are recharged. Most importantly I am now bouncing around again as normal.

I am lucky. John has been an abolsute rock as always and I am now, back in my studio painting again which is where I find my inner peace! 

Long may this continue!


Tuesday 7 June 2016

Patchings Art Festival 2016

Filming in Cincinatti for Artists Network TV 2016
New DVDs will be available in July 2016 

I'm thrilled to share the news that I will be demonstrating at Patchings Art Festival in the main St Cuthberts Mill marquee this year at the following times.

 Jean Haines Demonstrations in the St Cuthbert Mills Marquee

Thursday 9th June     2.45p.m
Friday 10th June       10.45 a.m.
Saturday 11th June  12.45 p.m

I will also have my own marquee where I will  be selling and signing copies of my books. I hope to paint too time allowing!

For full details please see this link


Please know everyone is welcome at what I call the art event of the year!
Come and say Hi if you visit!


Monday 6 June 2016

About those Washes

Exciting colourful wash from my warm up exercises this morning

I am keeping a promise. I said I would check up on everyone who has attended my workshops, presentations and courses this year. So how are you doing with your "homework"?

It takes only ten minutes to carry out a few simple watercolour washes each day. And from these colour work outs, repeating one favourite is an ideal way to keep those brushes moving. For readers of my books there are plenty of examples in them to keep you inspired and energised  when working in watercolour.

I am happily carrying out my warm up exercises and I am delighted to share my favourite which is going to be repeated, as close as, twice on two large pieces of new paper now. I am painting foxgloves, breathing life and energy into each piece by creating a colourful first wash adding the background flowers immediately. So that these sections are complete before I add detail to my main flower in the foreground. This is such a heavenly way to work and start each day.

So, have you created any washes today?

And if your answer is no, why not!

Happy painting!


Sunday 5 June 2016

Paint Yourself Calm

Paint Yourself Calm
My new book

I believe in fate. 
I do.
I believe I was given a project to write a new book at a time in my life when I needed to. I have met so many wonderful people dealing with so many stressful situations and trauma on my workshops over the years, and everyone has repeatedly told me they thought my life is perfect. To be honest the first part of my life was not. But that's a whole other story, one not to share here and now on my blog. Neither has this year been stress free. But from today I know it will be.

I was given this title because of the way I write and teach. Also so many people had contacted me telling me how I was changing their lives by how I work and paint, and my publishers knew it was a book ( for me)  waiting to happen. They were right. I was guided to work on this project and I wrote this new publication from my heart not realising that I needed this project or title as much as anyone who would be reading the finished work. I have to admit over the last few months I have found myself testing the exercises within this new books' pages. 
They work. 
They really do and well.

Now my latest book is available to buy and something wonderful is happening. Everyone who has bought early first print copies are contacting me. I am reading incredible messages from people all over the world who have "Paint Yourself Calm" and they love it for so many different reasons. 

I am going to admit that I was worried as this book isn't meant to be a step by step instructional book. Its' focus is on why we paint and how we feel when creating. In fact its' main goal is to use creative time to calm our spirits and lift our moods. I am fascinated by the readers of my new book who completely "get it". They understand. They know this isn't like my previous publications showing technique and how to paint subjects. Its' deeper than that. And by reading every single email I know that my message is understood completely.

Thank you!

I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of "Paint Yourself  Calm", who loves it and who understands why it was written.

Thank you so very much!

 I too will be painting myself calm now and getting back to the bouncy Jean everyone knows and loves. 

I am back!

Happy painting and lets' all paint ourselves calm


I am back!

Foxglove Washes 2016

Oh my word! I feel as though I have been off line and not posting on my blog forever! I am so sorry for being so quiet. I have been dealing with issues that have been so stressful but thankfully now that is past and I can move forward happily to my usual bouncy self. Here I need to say a huge thank you to my close friends who have been fantastic helping me through a difficult few months. Especially my dear friend Anne Skeggs in Thailand.

 I am fine. All is well!

Now for an update on all my news. This last week I have held workshops in UK and they have been fabulous. I count myself so lucky to meet the amazing people on my courses. The week has flown by as always and I am so inspired, desperate to paint but I can't. As I am heading to Patchings Art Festival 2016 , this week coming. I have accepted an invitation by St Cuthberts Mills to demonstrate as a celebrity guest artist each day, that is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And I will have my own marquee there. This was all planned ages ago and I must admit that when I arranged it I forgot it was a special birthday of mine next week. on June 10th. So over a cup of coffee on the patio this morning my wonderful husband let me know he had wanted to take me to Santorini next week as a surprise for my birthday. I have always wanted to go there but I will be in Nottingham instead. I kno wthats not quite the same thing! As terrific as John is, he is coming up to meet me on Friday night to celebrate my 21st birthday.  ( I have lost count of how many I have had now over the years!)  So if anyone is at Patchings At Festival next week, especially  on Friday, do pop by and say Hi, it will help me get over my not being in Santorini!

You may wonder why I am quiet now? Two weeks today is my youngest sons wedding!  I am so very happy as he has met the love of his life and they are absolutely wonderful. I know my son is going to be so very happy so watching their wedding celebration is going to be hugely emotional.  
Please bear with me until my blog gets back to normal! 

For now I have so much news to share and such little time to share it but I will try to catch up. Several messages have headed my way, and during my workshops this week I was told how much I am missed on my blog. I intend to share more regularly as soon as possible!

Huge hugs to everyone and happy painting!