Tuesday 26 April 2016

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

"Happy Family"

" The Good , The Bad and The Ugly" as this was a rather raced painting.
I think it is healthy as artists to show "Our best",
 our "Not so best" 
and "The paintings that got away" by not making the grade !

 Actually I should call the above painting " Baby Its Cold Outside" because the weather here in UK is freezing. Yesterday apparently was World Penguin Day and I missed it.  It is very strange how I never seem to miss the special annual cake or chocolate days but I did miss this one, which is a shame as I love painting penguins. So a day late, here is the penguin family I painted complete with new fluff ball at the parents feet.

I am working hard on future tour organisation and replying to many wonderful invitations from Art Societies wishing to host my events, which is so terrific. I would love to come everywhere and to everyone but physically that isn't possible. But I do look at each location and if it is possible try to work out a way to get there. Right now I am looking ahead to 2018.

To USA artists wishing to know where I will be next year here is my planned schedule.

February 2017
New Orleans ( Open for booking )
Arizona  ( Bookings open in July 2016 )
Florida ( Open for booking )

October 2017
Seattle ( Open for booking )


Wednesday 20 April 2016

Spring Madness

Muscari, violets and primroses

When the sun shines it is heaven to sit in the garden and relax by painting. At least it would be heaven, but today there was so much to do that all I could fit in painting wise was time to add to an existing Spring Border painting. I knew my mind wasn't set on just painting today as I am distracted by other things at the moment. However rather than not pick up my brushes at all, I have added a few dark details to the foreground of this piece to make the leaves appear as they become defined.

It worked. I am calmer.

This few minutes painting time brought me back down to the calm place my mind needs to be in right now, as there is so much happening.  All exciting but making my life really busy.

I had also agreed to an interview which took up most of my afternoon. But the questions raised were really fascinating and gave me time to think which perhaps I honestly needed to do. I know I definitely need more quiet painting time!

So blues, yellows and greens are on my palette today and what a glorious mix of Spring colours they are.

Happy painting.


Monday 18 April 2016

Lake Tahoe and Folsom Watercolour Workshops 2016

" California Dreaming "

Watercolour Workshops
Folsom and Lake Tahoe
October 2016

I will be teaching exciting watercolour workshops in Folsom and Lake Tahoe in October this year.
These inspirational workshops are fully booked but artists who contact me now will have their names added to the waiting list there in case of any cancellations.

The programme for these courses is going to be fantastic. Full of colour, new subjects and beautiful ways to bring each to life. I can't wait!

 These workshops will be part of my Fall 2016 USA tour and my last in America this year.


For my 2017 USA tours now is the ideal time to get in touch as places are already disappearing quickly for my New Orleans and Flordia courses. 

Please get in touch  by email if you'd like to paint with me in any of the above locations on a course..



Venice in Watercolour : Wedding Anniversaries

Memories of Venice 

I had always wanted to visit Venice for as long as I can remember. One year I was sitting in our garden having lunch with my husband when he told me that he was taking me to the Opera for our Wedding Anniversary. My jaw dropped.

" You are kidding" was my reply. My husband hates the opera And for the life of me I couldn't imagine he would enjoy the experience wedding anniversary or not. But what he said next made my jaw drop to the floor.

" But we are going to see the opera in Venice"

I couldn't answer at first as he showed me the special trip he had romantically planned. We were going to stay in a gorgeous hotel,go to the opera and see all the sights I had longed to see. And the trip was magical.

I know I am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful guy. Who also accompanies me on my tours. I'm sure everyone who has met him will agree with me in that he is so fantastic. In every possible way.  And as I sit here  I am aware that in a few weeks time it will be yet another fabulous Wedding Anniversary. We will have been married for over forty years and if I could turn back time I would marry him all over again.

So whilst I am thinking of these very special memories it seemed right to paint and share one of my favourite sights from that first trip to Venice. The above painting . 

Memories of Venice
In love


A Special Connection

 "Spirit of Life"

So here I am in my studio  and finally finding time to look through all I have collected from my recent USA tour. Whilst I look through the paintings and collection of amazing photographs many happy memories flood back of the very special people I have met on my courses. All because of my passion for painting in watercolour and I suppose my zest for life.

I'd like to share two very wonderful people in this blog post as I aim to catch up and recall very magical moments from my book signing and watercolour workshop tour of Spring 2016. 

Some time back I received an invitation to teach in Vancouver. This all came about as I would be teaching in Seattle and I was told that Vancouver was so very close and could easily be added to my trip. As many artists had been asking me to teach in Canada I leapt at the opportunity and hastily agreed. I was invited to hold workshops with Artescapes, run by an incredible lady called Janice Blore. How amazing this connection turned out to be.

When I arrived in Vancouver I was warmly greeted by Janice and shown the room where I would be teaching. Janice takes great care in looking after artists attending courses that she organises. Even down to the refreshments which seemed to continually magically appear every time I turned to look in that direction. The venue is unique in that it seems to carry an amazing atmosphere which even my husband noticed. I can't describe it really but one group, out of the three I taught there, will relate to this blog post very well as they too felt it. Something wonderful happened in the room as everyone created. A peaceful feeling. Actually it was quite beautiful and a memory that will stay with me forever.

Another wonderful surprise was meeting Janice's Mother. On the wall in the  room was a gorgeous print of a Bearded Collie. Everyone who knows me well will know I love the breed and have owned two. Taffy previously, and now I feel we are owned by Bailey my gorgeous four legged companion. Also a Bearded Collie. Lorna, Janice's Mum has beautiful work that she has created of my favourite breed. And she also very kindly made me a felt brooch of the breed when she heard me say I had always wanted one but couldn't find one anywhere to buy and it is gorgeous.

I met many people in Vancouver whilst I was teaching there. Many have left a lasting impression on me and one in particular  may be surprised to read my words here. Jamie, your reaction to how I paint and teach is still very much with me. I know my use of colour touched your heart and gave you a new approach to seeing how you paint. With light, life and energy. To watch as you discovered a whole new life force from painting with a new approach was wonderful and a joy to witness. These moments are so special in life. And you very kindly gave me a bear made of watercolour paper that I so carefully carried everywhere but it got damaged at our last hotel the night before we left for UK. Which really upset me but I think of it and how you made it for me often. Thank you. I also love the story of spirit bears and the photo you gave me which I have created an interpretation of above. I genuinely felt the spirit of this creature with me in my studio as I worked and it made me stop and think of folklore and stories I have heard over the years. How certain animals carry good luck, are seen as omens or magical creatures.

Something so simple as painting a subject new to you like this bear made me stop and think today. It made me take stock of my own life and art journey. I am loving giving to others, far more than thinking of dreams of my own. In my way of teaching I can make others dreams come true. I can do so much that is good rather than simply thinking about colour on my brush or a painting that may be for sale.

I love painting in watercolour so very much. I love the art journey that I am on and I love where my workshops are taking me to meet new and inspirational people who have become a part of the tapestry that is my life. And I love the love they give me in return.

How blessed I am.

I wish everyone could find the joy I do when I create.

That's my wish in this blog post.

That every ones dreams come true. maybe this spirit bear can help that happen.

Happy painting


Saturday 16 April 2016

A Peaceful Weekend


As the last few months have been so busy with little time to rest I decided to take a complete break from painting this weekend. But I didn't actually do very well achieving my goal. I checked my email first thing this morning and realised I was inundated with wonderful requests for places on my workshops in New Orleans and Florida. I know when I am excited about a future event I feel impatient for a reply so I headed to my studio to respond and put everyone in touch with the appropriate organisers. But I knew once I was in my studio I would start painting.

I am a watercolour addict. I just can't leave my brushes alone for two minutes.

I felt after sending so many replies I deserved some painting time and picked up my brushes. Heaven knows where the above figure came from. I have been painting flowers all week so this random subject came out of the blue but maybe my mind was still hankering after the thought of resting or watching a movie for a change. Something I very rarely do.

I am not happy with the figure outline because I am in love with how the light plays on the hand in the hair. The light effect here is fascinating me. I do like the way the watermark has created the upper shoulder too. The left hand side of this painting I am really pleased with. It has given me so many ideas for new work and has an ethereal feel to it. I could drape material over the lower body of the figure which could  change the story of the painting altogether.

I love "thinking" about my work. I love leaving my studio really thinking of  how I can progress with a train of thought. Tomorrow is a new day. Knowing me this feeling of needing to rest will be long gone by then and I will feel like painting energetic dancers instead. But I so hope I can keep this peaceful feeling and pull it into my next composition.

It makes a change for me not to be quite so energetic!


Thank you so much to everyone who has contacted me for workshop places in Florida and New Orleans. I am overwhelmed with the interest in my workshops and thrilled.  Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like a place on these courses as they are filling up very quickly!


Friday 15 April 2016

USA Spring 2017 Tour : Book Now!

"Head to Head"



Each year my USA workshops sell out often long before I even have a chance to advertise them. Here I can honestly say dates have literally just opened for two of the three new locations. In fact I have just  talked to Florida to confirm my dates there next year. So if you contact me right now the chances of getting a place in New Orleans or Florida are really good. Please email me to be directly put in touch with the individual organisers in each location. 

Please note, there isn't a USA workshop newsletter. Interested artists need to email me and state which location they are interested in. Please put the title Workshops 2017 and the location of your choice as your email heading.

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce the dates of my 2017 Spring Tour which includes all new locations. Now is the time to book to avoid disappointment. 


Workshop 1. 3/4th February 2017
Workshop 2.  6/7th February 2017


Workshop 1  14/15th February 2017
Workshop 2  16/17th  February 2017


Workshop 1  22/23rd  February  2017.
 Workshop 2.  27/28th  February  2017   

These workshops will include fabulous new subjects, colours and techniques to inspire and bring out the best in you as an artist. A material list will be provided before each course.

( Please note due to popularity artists are requested to only book one workshop at each location.)


Rain, Rain and More Rain

Spring Border 2016

I adore my cottage garden in Spring. The flowers look so inviting and almost beg to say that Summer is about to follow, wearing her beautiful hues of colour. But for now Spring colours are very much alive and on my palette.

I'm using yellows, blues and greens to bring a collection of primroses and muscari ( Grape hyacinth) to life.

And having a ball!

Artists tip?

Don't let the weather get you down! 

Just paint. 


"Spring Dance" SOLD

"Spring Dance"

This week I called into the Frame Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire , UK  to deliver  "Spring Dance" , the above painting. The gallery had contacted me asking if I had any Spring floral paintings available and, as this one was ready,  I could oblige.

Quite often collectors know what subjects they would like from me. And a Frame Gallery client wanted a " Jean Haines" original of florals. Spring flowers to be precise.

As it happened the gallery loved the painting and so did their client because it sold immediately which leaves the gallery minus any floral art of mine. 

For now! 

Because new work is about to be delivered early next week.
If you like my spring flower watercolours now is a good time to get in touch!


Thursday 14 April 2016

USA Workshop Tour: Spring 2017 NEW ORLEANS

"Feathers and Beads"

I will soon be sharing news of my 2017 USA Watercolour Workshops and I will be starting the year with some fabulous new locations.

And New Orleans is one of them!

Please keep an eye on my blog and web site for details


Wednesday 13 April 2016

Busy Bees 2016

 "Bee-autiful Day"
 Two bees are in this composition

I have been sat in my garden painting daffodils but became distracted by the number of bees swarming around me as I worked. It was far too easy too place my focus on them rather than the flowers in front of my easel. And so the first bees of 2016 have been added to my spring watercolours.

The bees are almost hidden so when you look closely at the painting you have a nice surprise of the added extra detail

 Bee 1. Moving so fast I had to be quick to paint it.

 Bee 2, Thoroughly enjoying the daffodils in bloom

I returned to my studio to take photographs of my work so far and one bee decided to accompany me so as I type it is buzzing merrily in the background.

I think there is no greater compliment to a flower painting than to have a bee land on it. And thats' exactly what just happened.

I will probably use the composition below, painted in my garden, for a new piece as the distractions were a little too great for me to peacefully finish this outside.

What a seriously "bee-autiful day"!

Idea for a new composition from my garden this afternoon. Two bees included!


Violets in Watercolour 2016

 Violet Posy

Last year I was given a wonderful posy of violets from my friend and amazing PA, Christine. This incredible lady handles all my UK workshop bookings for me and that in itself is quite a task. Christine and I are keen gardeners. We love plants and spend so much time in our gardens planting, weeding and planning colourful borders that thrill us both throughout the year.

I have always envied Christine's banks of violets at this time of year. Try as I might mine don't seem to take over the woodland area of our cottage garden. When Christine gave me last years posy I painted them in the tiny glass jar she gave me at the time, which I returned to her. I was thrilled at Christmas to receive my own small glass jar which made me smile. The thoughtful gesture was so touching. And it shows little things mean so much to the right person, in this case me!

 Today I visited Christine to catch up and again she gave me a posy of violets which I couldn't resist painting. The above painting was literally painted in under five minutes as the subject is so small. I loved creating it. I loved choosing the colours too.

Daniel Smith Cobalt Violet worked brilliantly. 

Now I can't wait to paint more of course!

 This afternoons very quick violet paintings. Sometimes we overwork  paintings by over thinking them. These were simply created by observing the plants and placing colour to repeat what I could see. Quickly as an interpretation rather than a botanical representation.

Below are the violets I painted previously.

Such a sweet little flower. Insignificant and beautiful by its' tiny presence.


Tuesday 12 April 2016

Just One Of Those Days

 Spring Energy

It really is one of those days when there is so much to do, so many emails to reply to and administration for my courses to be handled. But when the sun shines I can't ignore it. I have been sat quietly in my garden painting from life but when I returned to my studio I looked at all the delicious colours on my palette and decided to add them to a composition that has been sat neglected for a while.

I had been painting muscari (grape hyacinth ) . The beautiful blues, turquoises and purple shades looked fabulous next to yellow so I added them as a background to create an exciting painting. The result is quite effective even though it isn't quite finished. And you can see the result above.

Within this large painting there are many small sections that I really like. Such as the close up below.

Close up, a painting within a painting.

The muscari I am painting, along with primroses, is such a quiet little piece. But it has led me to even more exciting ideas.

Muscari and Primroses
 Painted in my garden this afternoon.


Artists Tips

1) Paint when the mood grabs you and let everything else wait. ( If you have that option!)
2) Make the most of sunshine.
3) Observe colours of subjects in natural light
4) Paint from real life not photographs all the time.
5) Try new ideas
6) Use colour combinations you haven't used before
7) Try to make each new painting one that you enjoy working on.

And practise , practise , practise!


"Spring Dance" Spring Flowers in Watercolour

"Spring Dance"

Today the sun is shining and the spring flowers in my cottage garden are dancing in a slight breeze which made me feel so terrific seeing them that I had to paint. A local gallery has asked me for paintings of Spring Flowers and I'm sold out apart from my new work which I am creating right now.
The above flowers, painted from my garden are what my husband planted last fall, but the muscari in front of them adds a new dimension with a stunning vibrant blue colour and of course a great shape to add to the interesting composition.

This piece will be going to the gallery tomorrow morning although I am loathe to part with it as it is making me feel so energetic and full of the joy that is Spring!

I hope you like it too!


Monday 11 April 2016

A Song For Spring 2016

Spring Composition bursting with life and energy
Work in Progress

Last week I held my UK Spring Watercolour Workshops in UK and time absolutely flew by. Thank you to all the amazing artists who attended, who made the week so wonderful and who, like me, had a terrific time.

I love my workshops. I put so much of myself into each one, planning well in advance the theme, subject material, techniques and colours I will be sharing. My goal when I teach is to have every single artist attending leaving me feeling 100% inspired on a personal level.
I must admit I often feel envious of the artists who are painting after my demonstrations as I would love to sit and paint quietly with them too but this is the time when I walk around the venue giving one on one personal attention as needed. Some artists are happy to paint quietly after demonstrations whilst others get stuck temporarily and that is when I am there to give advise.

I came home on Friday after a full week teaching, desperate to move my brushes but I spent the weekend with my daughter and family in Wales. Which was such a fabulous and very welcome break. However this morning I couldn't wait to move my brushes.

I have so much to share from last week so please follow my blog as some gorgeous posts are coming this way over the next few days. Full of tips and advise.

My next UK workshops are in June.  They are fully booked but often cancellations occur so please get in touch if you are not already on my contact list.

Now its' time for me to paint some more and I am so excited about that thought! 


Sunday 3 April 2016

Talking About Racing

Work in Progress
Exhibition piece : Copyright Jean Haines 

I am laughing because after writing my blog post about the creative process on "not racing" when painting what am I doing? Painting a horse racing scene. To be fair the same rule applies for me. I am not racing to complete this painting but must confess when I paint action scenes my brushwork does speed up quite a lot as I aim to capture a sense of movement and life in my work.

This new piece is for a solo exhibition this year and it is a wonderful painting to work on. I feel it is nearly finished but a few more details will help make the horse "pop" off the paper towards the viewer.

Interestingly, I have had to move out of the way when working on this as it has genuinely felt as though the horse is racing towards me in real life. This hasn't felt like colour on paper. It has felt completely alive which is really fascinating.

It is so good to be back in my studio after all that travelling!


The Creative Process 2016

Spring daffodil collection on my easel 2016

I thought it might be helpful to share my views on painting in a loose style because I am meeting so many artists on my workshops who feel they must complete a painting each time they paint. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that way of working because many artists , professional and amateur do just that. Paint a complete painting each time they pick up a brush.

But I am also seeing so many paintings literally raced to be finished when a little time taken to think about each brushstroke could have led the artist to a much better,and far more professional looking, result. 

Painting to learn or improve our skills really should see us enjoying the creative process. There is great value in taking quality time to absorb what we are doing and achieving. If we race the creative journey sometimes we miss important "learning" information along the way. Which can lead to a disastrous result and a feeling of having failed. Racing to start another new painting with the hopes of it being better and repeating the same race of completing it can lead to not only one disastrous result but many. And this can then put the painter off painting. Which isn't good!

Slow Down!

There is no "failure" in painting. The joy in moving the brush itself makes what you are doing worth while. Each time you pick up your brushes you are learning, regardless the level of artist you consider yourself to be.

I don't want to "churn out" art that is exactly the same from one day to the next. I want to strive to be better. I still am learning so much each time I paint. And to be honest, if I ever get to a stage where I feel I am not learning I will put my brushes down. I want to see work thrown into the bin that I am not satisfied with. I never want to accept that what I paint is my best. I know when I do paint something that I love the feeling in my heart is the most joyous ever. These paintings go into my exhibitions and deserve a place there. But these magical paintings are created from all the experimental journeys along the way. In my learning and creative process.

Yes, I can paint the same thing repeatedly and successfully. But there is no joy in that for me. The kind of artist I am is impressionistic, exploratory and creative. I love the learning journey. I don't wish to reach a destination. I love where I am now, heading to somewhere exciting constantly.  Its like my wanting to see Venice for the first time. The build up of anticipation was so heady. I loved seeing Venice but I have. and I would go again. But when I paint I keep the enthusiastic energy very much alive by my not wishing to actually get to a set place. The journey is the excitement for me.

So please when you are painting. ask yourself a few questions.

Are you enjoying painting? 
Do you find it a stressful experience and if so why? 
Think about how you could improve your painting time and your results.
 Possibly you may need to take time out to think about your painting process.

I love mine! 

I wake each day racing to paint and I long to paint on the days when I can't. And I have been painting for years. A professional friend recently told me they wished they could feel as enthusiastic about painting and even teaching their workshops as I do, and as they once did. They feel tired after painting and teaching for so long. And I felt sad because they are so talented and  their work is gorgeous.

Painting, like life, is what you make it.

I put " buzz" into my life and my art.

And you can too!

So paint in a way that suits you, not anyone else, and create work that you are enjoying creating and loving achieving when results are terrific. And if you are learning to paint, good for you. Keep practising and remember it is , after all, just a piece of paper.

Happy painting and I mean " happy" painting!


Spring Bouquet : WIP 2016

 Spring Bouquet

I am having such a happy time working on this Spring Bouquet. This painting started by my picking flowers that had been knocked down by a storm, from my garden. We have planted a variety of daffodils over time, so each year there is great joy in seeing them bloom adding instant sunshine to our lives regardless of the weather.

I placed these forlorn flowers in my studio and began painting them.

 The original flowers I picked after the storm hit our cottage garden

As time passed I threw away the dead flowers from the vase and added new ones. So the composition I was looking at changed daily keeping m eon my toes and keeping my observation skills very much alive. 

I have painted this piece a little bit like creating a jigsaw puzzle. Adding parts where I knew they would fit and leaving the missing sections until later. I started with painting the centres of flowers that caught my eye. Next I placed a few side view blooms at the edges of the composition, replicating what I could see in the vase in front of me. Once this was complete I began adding colour to the central section.

Starting with a few confident details. The centres and  side view blooms.

Now I can add little details daily until I am satisfied it is complete as a painting. Its a slow work in progress giving me time to learn and improve my art from it.

I am loving this piece. Its' a joy to work on. Its' made me stop and think about how I paint too which I will share in another blog post.


Practise, Practise, Practise : Daffodils in Watercolour

Yesterdays painting. 
Painted in my garden, nothing beats the feeling of painting from life

I am having a ball painting in my garden at the moment. Last night I left my studio with my favourite daffodil paintings placed on my easel.  You can see them in the image below. Walking in to see them this morning was an absolute delight!

The sun shone this weekend so I had a great time yesterday. First I went to a garden centre with my fabulous husband, John. I bought the first of  my summer flowering pot plants there and did a little gardening. It was fantastic to feel the sunshine on my skin again as I worked. I potted up a variety of plants and the colour in them already looks wonderfully tempting. I know in months to come I am going to want to sit and paint outside daily.

As I worked, a clump of daffodils beckoned my brushes and I couldn't resist painting them.  These are the flowers you see above. I am afraid yellow doesn't seem to photograph very well so this isn't a great likeness to the painting colour wise, but you can see the composition. It literally glows off screen.

I placed my favourite daffodil paintings on my easel last night when I left my studio. As I walked in this morning I felt instantly cheerful and eager to paint more.  Spring is such a great time of year for making us feel energised and ready to love life with all it brings our way. 

I can't wait to see what flows from my brush today. And I hope you find time to paint too!

My easel collection that greeted me this morning.


Friday 1 April 2016

Southwestern Watercolor Society : Dallas , Texas Workshops October 2016

Jean Haines Inspirational Watercolour Workshops
Southwestern Watercolor Society
Exciting watercolor workshops are now open for registration this year with the SWS. Southwestern Watercolor Society.  Jean is delighted to return to Dallas to teach two fabulously inspirational workshops with the SWS who are hosting two events.

Please note registration is now open.  Even if you have contacted Jean previously could you now contact the society to see if a place is available.

Dates and details of how to book can be found via this link

SWS is hosting TWO  fabulous workshops in October, 2016 

Workshop 1  October 10, 11 – 2016
Workshop 2. October 12, 13 – 2016 

Please book early to avoid dispappointment! 


Windrush Gallery Exhibition : September 2016

 "Head to Head"
Please Note: Copyright Strictly Jean Haines

I am thrilled to be working on an absolutely stunningly fresh body of work for a solo exhibition which will open in September 2016.

This possibly will be my most exciting show yet as the ideas and techniques I am currently working with are full of vibrant energy, leading me to paintings that are full of life. Often while I am travelling on tour I feel a sense of frustration at not being able to paint when I want to. I will be travelling from location to location, unpacking and packing between hotels and then of course teaching. I put so much energy into my workshops to inspire every attending artist that I often feel envious of everyone on my courses.Because whilst I am  working so hard to inspire them I am also getting very inspired.

I returned from my USA and Canada tour almost on fire with ideas on how I wish to paint this year. I have set new goals of what I wish to achieve and I feel so motivated that its' hard to settle when a brush isn't in my hand. I am in one word, alive. 

I feel excited in a way that I haven't since I first knew I would be writing my last book. In fact "Paint Yourself Calm" as a new project was perfect for me as an author. It made me slow down. It made me think about my life and what I want to do in a way that I have neglected for so long. In fact this new book made me, for the first time in years, give myself permission to seriously make time for me, just me to create.

I actually thought that's what I was already doing. But I have often put "me" at the bottom of the list in painting time as I have always given so much to others by teaching instead.

But by giving myself quality time I am making myself a far better artist to then be able to give even more to others in future.

We all deserve quality time. But we often put ourselves last.

"Head to Head" almost represents me emerging with new energy. Facing whatever lies ahead knowing I am going to have a ball.

But back to the exhibition. I will be sharing further details on my blog but you can read more about the show on my web site.

Its' going to be fantastic, so do contact the gallery if you would like to be at the Preview. Its' going to be a very popular event and I recommend getting in quick, especially if you have a favourite subject or painting you are interested in purchasing. Or even if you would just like to come to view the show, meet me or  have your books signed.

For now I am going to get back to painting as that's where my heart lies right now! And it is very exciting!

 Close up of one rooster head. A painting within a painting.
The fine detail on the comb and wattle sadly doesn't show up too well on screen.
Please Note: Copyright Strictly Jean Haines

Close up of second rooster with feathers all ruffled. The colour effects are wonderful off screen. I can't wait to see this framed!
 Please Note: Copyright Strictly Jean Haines 


Followers of my blog will notice from time to time I add the words

"Please Note: Copyright Strictly Jean Haines "

This is because the paintings I am sharing are for an exhibition, not meant as demonstrations to be copied.  So I respectfully ask viewers of my blog not to copy these pieces please. 

But the many posts where I am not showing the above words are teaching demonstrations which I am happy to share and have copied.

Thank you!