Saturday 31 March 2012

New Cockerel Collection 2012

The Beady Eye!
A new cockerel gradually comes to life in a watercolour for one of my exhibitions this year

I knew it. It seems like ages since I painted a cockerel. I even considered that I might be " cockereled out"! 

But no.

This afternoon I couldn't resist the huge draw to my red shades and a comb started to form, next came the eye which I worked on for some time as I was so pleased with its' shiny little form. This cockerel seems to have great character and personality so I am going to love adding  his beak and feathers!

I always feel great when I paint these guys!


David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 Exhibition

Almost There
from my book " How to paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
Last years painting accepted in the
David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2011 Exhibition

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012 Exhibition

I am thrilled to hear this week that my painting has been accepted into the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition 2012. I have submitted work for the last  two years so this will be my third appearance in such a fantastic annual art  event.

But this is not just an exhibition that showcases superb art by established and professional wildlife artists. Paintings are selected by a judging panel purely on the merit of the standard of work. As the number of entries each year increases chances of getting in are obviously increasingly more diffciult.  Ironically as does the survival of many of our wildlife species.

It is hard to comprehend that  the beauty of many of the animals seen in this exhibition may very well one day only be witnessed in art. Because the reality is many will be extinct  unless action is taken and now.

This is what DSWF stands for to me. David Shepherd is a man whose passion is so strong that he is actively trying to make a dramatic and desperately needed change in the animal kingdom . The Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition gives artists a voice to say thank you to the many species who have given them incredible subjects to paint over the years. Let's face it, where would many professionals be had the tiger or elephant not existed?

I cannot bear the thought that the only way to see a tiger for example would be via a painting. And this seriously could be a possibility in the future.  There are many atrocities to animals worldwide that desperately need immediate intervention and prevention. How can we live in this century and truly believe  taking  a body part of an animal in any form can help you medicinally? I have lived in Asia and understand the traditions but surely these potions all belong in museums now as ways of the past. When will  we unite as a world and share our passion for  living minus cruelty in any form for the sake of human vanity? I become so  emotional when I think of the bear farms and senseless rhino slaughter.

So this is not an exhibition I am submitting work to purely for the sake of seeing one of my paintings on the wall. My heart is in that painting and my tiny voice is amongst stronger voices aiming to be heard.

The wildlife situation has to change before it is too late.

I support DSWF and I am thrilled my painting has been selected for this years amazing exhibition and it will be breathtakingly wonderful. But I will feel small in the Mall Galleries looking around at work by established artists far greater than I and far ahead in their art journeys. I will admire, learn and be inspired. If you would like to see what I mean then please visit the exhibition at the Mall Galleries in June.

Full details can be found via this link.

Of all exhibitions this is one not to miss on so many levels. And by visiting you are helping wildlife.
Please do.

Friday 30 March 2012

Working With Energy

Primroses in the early stages of an experimental wash

Art to me is not about painting what I know or even  painting what I know I can. It is about pushing the boundaries and always aiming to find something new. Something far more exciting than what I have painted previously and something that will lead me into an even more exciting adventure in my art work tomorrow and the day after that and forever more.

I don't stand still with my work nor do I ever intend to. Why paint what I created last year in the same way or the year before that as it has already been done.

I am on a never ending road that leaps from one exciting discovery to the next and I am loving every second of my journey.

This week I have been exploring colour combinations to make my new florals literally jump off the paper at me and this primrose wash is  suddenly turning into  something very special. It is different and  the creative process has been full of terrific surprises.

No day should be dull or boring.

No painting should either.

And with the right attitude every time I pick up my brushes my heart should be racing with each new colour application and decision.

Life is great because I make it great and as always time is flying by far too quickly.

There is so much yet to be discovered!


Glory Of Spring

Paper white, narcissi flowers appearing in a soft first wash of Spring colours

Delicate paper whites are in all the florists at the moment and so beautiful in their  clusters of small flowers. I started a new painting this morning  using all my favourite spring shades.

This piece is full of light and captures sunshine.

I can't wait to complete it!

Thursday 29 March 2012

Patchings Festival 2012 Demonstration,Thursday June 14th.

Spring Collection 2012

I will be demonstrating at Patchings Art Festival this year and many eager artists who already know I am going to be there are chasing me for dates and information.  Word certainly gets around fast!

Thank you to everyone who has excitedly asked me what dates I  will be book signing and giving demonstrations hosted by my publishers, Search Press..

I am delighted to say I will be giving not one but TWO demonstrations on

June 14th ,  2012

This will be my first year at the art festival and I am really looking forward to it.

So if you haven't been able to get on  one of my workshops this is a great opportunity to come and say Hello,meet me and see me in action! Both demonstrations will be very different as I have so much I want to share!

For full details and directions please see this link

Jean Haines Watercolour Passion DVD Trailer on You Tube.

"Watercolour Passion"
Jean Haines new DVD

I've heard orders are flooding in for my new DVD  " Jean Haines' Watercolour Passion" and I  am over the moon!

 If you would like to watch a trailer of my new DVD you can find one on You Tube via this link.

It is available to order from my web site or directly from Town House Films.

Great News : Personalised Brush Sets Available from Rosemary & Co.

Jean Haines Watercolour Brush Sets
Available from Rosemary & Co

I am thrilled to share the news that my personalised watercolour brush sets are now available from Rosemary & Co.

Jean Haines Brush Sets
 "We are proud to be associated with one of the UKs leading water colour artists. These two beautiful Kolinsky Sable brushes are made to Jean's specifications and have a perfect body and balance. Using the finest Kolinsky Male Tail hair and handmade to our usual high standard this set is a must for your brush collection. A beautiful size 10 pointed round with a good taper and a rigger size 2."

When I looked into having my own line of brushes I wanted the best but I have been inundated with orders for my line. So much so that I have found myself unable to cope with the sales.  Everyone who knows me will be aware I do love expensive brushes of the highest quality.  I won't work with anything other than the very best Kolinsky Sable and I needed a mix between a point and a round brush for my  Asian influenced brushwork.

My brushes need to load well, glide over paper and hold onto water so that its' release gives me the effects I want in a wonderfully gradual flow rather than immediate drop in one section.

The size 10 is of  a £60 quality and I am aware sells well at this price to professional artists.The rigger is  brilliant for picking up tiny particals of pigment for my colour addition work to wet in wet sections.

My brushes are  available at £45 per set as I want everyone who loves painting to enjoy using the best at a reasonable price.

So if you missed the chance to buy my brushes when I first introduced them now  is your chance to buy them !


Tuesday 27 March 2012

Watercolour Passion: New DVD

  Watercolour Passion
My new DVD

I can't believe how fast this year is flying by or how many wonderful things are happening in it. Today I was talking to my publishers, then the Artist Magazine regarding a wonderful competition connected with my feature in their June 2012 issue and  later a gallery regarding my exhibitions this year.

And  even more exciting news is that my new DVD is now  available to pre order from Town House Films directly or from my web site.

You can see a clip of my new DVD " Watercolour Passion" via this link.

I find it fascinating that not too long ago I would avoid driving long distances and yet I drove to Norwich to create this new film and loved it. My aim in " Watercolour Passion" is to lead   you into my world and studio by starting with my colour exercises which have taught me many of the new colour combinations and effects that are in my latest paintings. 

Only by experimenting can we grow and evolve in our work which is why I set a challenge in the opening section for everyone watching to do just that. Evolve and grow as artists! 

These exercises lead to three demonstrations for a variety of subjects. I'm hoping this film witll inspire, motivate and open eyes to painting any subject with new approaches, new colour combinations and techniques and always have fascinating results.

I have been quite nervous waiting to see this new film but now I have seen it I am over the moon. Because its fun, relaxed and full of information and the tips that I share in my workshops. These have become so popular and fully book so quickly that by filming a new DVD I can share my passion for watercolour  all over the world without having to jump on a plane or suffer from jetlag!

This film brings me right into your home and we can paint together ,enjoying every single brushstroke!

I hope you like it!


Sunday 25 March 2012

Spring 2012

New Daffodil Collection

I have been making the most of the glorious spring sunshine by painting floral work in my cottage garden. Last Autumn we planted  many varieties of spring flowers and the joy in seeing each new bloom is just too big a temptation for this artist. My studio is now full of paintings of daffodils in a number of exciting compositions.

I am well aware that each season always flies by so fast. If you don't paint flowers while they are at their best in natural light you miss a golden opportunity to improve your art. There is nothing in the world that can teach you more about shadows than nature. In fact as far as I am concerned nature is our greatest tutor. There is so much to observe, constantly learn from and be inspired by that I am frequently amazed at the atists who only ever work from photographs. They miss so much.

Looking a a flat image caught on paper and trying to replicate it leaves nothing for this artist to get a thrill out of. But place me in front of a real subject that is full of  fascinating true colours then my imagination takes over pulling emotion into my work. Feelings that just do not exist when working from a photograph. 

I can't wait for tomorrow and the new pieces I will be working on. A whole new week lays before me with many fantastic watercolours to be created in it.

What a life!


Dear Jo,

These are the daffodils I painted that I mentioned in  my email to you.
They are now here on my blog.

Best wishes and God Bless,


Wednesday 21 March 2012

New DVD : Demonstration

A demonstration from my new DVD
Notice where my hand is? Far away from the sable point and at the furthest end of the handle!
This is one of my personalised brushes and so soft to use,great control and easy colour load.

I opened my emails to see some stills from my new DVD this morning. It won't be long before it is available next month and I am looking forward to seeing it myself. Actually that's not quite true because I don't enjoy watching myself on film! In fact I usually invite two very close friends over who watch it with me for the first time. It's almost a tradition now and expected.

Just like in a painting I will see all  my faults. I will  think of the things I wanted to say and probably laugh at the comments I could have been wiser not to make. I was enjoying myself far too much at one point and had to stop laughing on camera. I don't work from a script so have no text to guide my train of thought. I simply describe exactly what I am doing while I am doing it.

I do devise a programme well in advance so that I can cover the subjects and techniques that I want to share. But in this DVD I was very much guided by artists who have been on my workshops over the last year  and the  many questions they raised. As a professional there are areas of working in watercolour I take for granted. I think its far too easy to forget the beginner who may not understand the reasoning behind certain actions by a seasoned artist.  And this can lead to their paintings being developed as more of a mystery and headache than sheer pleasure found in the creative process.

So with very careful thought I have gone through the products I use and why. I have looked at colour application and washes. And then worked those washes into subjects in my own unique way.

The aim of this film is to encourage artists of all levels to try something new, push the boundaries and paint any subject at all but looking at each with fresh eyes seeing how colour and a variety of techniques can bring them to life in a more exciting way.

I do hope you like my new film, I will wait nervously until it has had its private viewing here!


Friday 16 March 2012

Jean Haines Brushes SOLD OUT

 Jean Haines Personalised Kolinsky Sable Brushes.

This is an update because after placing my personalised Kolinsky Sable Brush sets on my web site the demand was so great that I have already completely sold out.

My aim was to have an introductory offer for a limited period while stocks lasted.

I didn't imagine the sets  would be so popular so I am really sorry to say I have already sold out of  brushes.

In one day!

I hope everyone who ordered  a set loves using them as much as I do.


Thursday 15 March 2012

Jean Haines Kolinsky Sable Brushes

Jean Haines Personalised Kolinsky Sable Watercolour Brushes.

I was approached last year to have my own product range and at the time declined the offer. I already use the best paper available. I love the manufacturers watercolour ranges that I have fallen in love with over the years and the only area I was curious about was the possibility of having my own personalised brush range. Mainly because everyone who attends my workshops wants to use mine!

I am going to be very honest. Having products with my name on isn't really of high importance to me but owning wonderful brushes of a very high quality is. I  took time to look into the brushes available and  know I will never change my mind about working with only the best brushes possible to  enjoy using and to gain the most beautiful effects.

Over the years I have tried so many makes of brushes especially when travelling and living abroad. The bottom line is I adore sable.  And only the best which to me has to be Kolinsky. 

I had an opportunity to  have a set of watercolour brushes personalised of my own and after much testing will confess I now love my range so much that I took my time in mentioning I have them.  But they are now available from my online shop on my web site.

They could sell for more but my goal is to allow artists who know me to use the same brushes as I use but at a reasonable price. For this reason my favourite brush sizes are now available as a set at only £39 .50 per pair as an introductory offer. Everyone who has attended my workshops and demonsrations will  know how much I love my brushes and I love using these.  You can see them in my new DVD which will be out in April this year and watch how I enjoy working with them.

A few words of advise. I always look after my brushes well.  I never leave them standing in water and they last me a very long time  which makes them a wise investment for my art.

I only have a limited stock available as a trial period so please if you are interested order quickly to avoid disappointment. I made the decision to have this set  to celebrate the launch of my new book and DVD rather than as a long term product range.

 Brushes Available from


The Wey Gallery May 2012

Last Years Solo Exhibition

Last years solo exhibition at the Wey gallery  in April 2011 was so successful that I ma delighted to have been offered a solo this year which will open in May.  I have been working on a fabulous new collection of watercolours that until now have been keep very much under wraps in my studio but soon  images will be on show in a variety of promotional events.

Paintings from my book and DVD will be in the exhibition along with gorgeous new subjects and   collectible favourites. My new cockerels are glowing with life and energy, the horse racing scenes are full of action and my sheep collection for this year is absolutely,vibrantly full of colour.

My blog has fallen quiet because I have several exhibitions this year, each is going to be very unique.

The Wey Galley in May is going to hold a Private Preview and celebrate my second solo event at the gallery and more!

Everyone will be welcome.
Full details will be on my web site shortly.

Watercolour Workshops 2012

Drama from colour contrasts and combinations

My Spring workshops take place next month and are fully booked. This year to accomodate long waiting lists I have added a few new dates to my existing programme. Favourite subjects have been included and full details can be found on my web site.

There is a special day  to  celebrate the launch of my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" which will look at techniques from the publication and show how they can be used on a variety of subjects. Artists are also encouraged to bring their own favourites along to this session as it will be a full  and very memorable day.

"Opening Doors" is a session that has been deliberately arranged for artists who have never been to me before. The problem I am facing is that  my sessions have now become so popular it is often hard to get a place on one. This  "open door" is  to allow everyone to be in one room with  artists on the same  starting point in my technique to have a great day  following my demonstrations and having personal one on one time during the day. To help me help you!

I know there are only a few places left but all names will be  placed on my contact list and forwarded information for my 2013 programme which promises to be even more exciting.

Full details from

I have had some very special people on my workshops as surprise gifts from friends and relatives which I have found to be really wonderful.  If you wish to buy a "secret" 2013 workshop for an artist friend for a special occasion please let me know! 

Places are always booked on a first come first booked basis.

Spring Fever 2012

The Beauty of Spring

It's amazing how the change of scenery and season are effecting my watercolours. My garden is full of Spring  flowers and so they are an obvious choice for subjects This time last year I was working on my new book., Atmospheric Watercolours. Writing chapters on technique to build up paintings in stages that could easily followed by readers.

Building up a painting of primroses

It was a year for exploration into colour and a personal quest to find ways to make working in my favourite medium even more exciting. I am now looking forward to the day when I can hold my new book in its printed form in my hands for the first time. Simply from writing it and working on the paintings to be included in it I have learned so much. It's been like sitting in one of my own workshops and taking in exactly why I choose certain colours,compositions or even brushstrokes. I didn't think it was possible but I have made myself fall in love with watercolour even more. It's an addictive sensation as my passion has literally flowed into each section and demonstration held within the pages of  my new publication.

Compositions with energy and life

My main focus has been to gain a sense of life or movement in my work. At times strength of colour has been the most important factor. As I completed my new feature for the June issue of  "The Artist" magazine yesterday I realised I am still experimenting, still exploring and still  looking at ways to keep excitement very high as a priority in my work. This is why my workshops evolve continually as I always have fascinating new techniques to share often leading to opportunties that  have often never been covered before.

When I have a quiet moment I will again paint Spring subjects and see how far I have come from last years' experiments. The journey as an artist who strives to continually improve in their style never ends.



My new book is available to pre-order on or signed copies will be availbe from my own web site  from May 2012

Thank you so much to everyone who has " liked" my new book on I was thrilled to see fifteen likes this morning before my book is even released! It's really encouraging at this stage of my books journey as  probably many an author gets the pre-release "jitters" of excitement and heady anticipation of the launch!


Wednesday 14 March 2012

It's All Happening.

Eye from my latest Art Feature

It's quite fascinating how one thing can lead to another. I have received several requests for painting portraits, especially eyes which hold the key to expression and life in a painting to me.

Having completed filming my new DVD last week with Town House Films I find myself this week completing my latest art feature for " The Artist Magazine" and it is full of exciting colour and motivational tips on how to create unique results in watercolour.  I loved writing it and putting it together. You will be able to read the article in the June issue  and I can't wait to see it in print. There will also be a fabulous chance to win an art competition so please look out for the article.

Having just agreed to a book signing in May 2012 via  Waterstones book store and also forwarded further images for my solo exhibition later this year today has to be a record breaking session in my studio. Not to mention paintings being collected for framing for another show.

Tomorrow  I hope to continue with a new collection but  at this moment in time I am never sure exactly what  my next studio day will bring. I do know it will be really interesting though!

I will be adding an update of my book signing and demonstration schedule to my web site soon.


Monday 12 March 2012

In Love With Colour

Winsor & Newton Watercolours

There is no doubt about it. My worK is taking on even more of an abstract curve these days. I am passionate about colour and as time passes the quiet whispers of my previous work are being taken over by bold, vibrantly energetic washes and colour combinations.

This was my most exciting experiment recently so I am happy to share it.

Where this adventurous road will lead me in technique I am uncertain of. But I do know I am addicted  to working in this medium and cannot wait to explore further. Only by working constantly with pigments and understanding what they can achieve can I gain such  dramatic results. Which is why in my workshops colour really is playing a very strong role.

To me being afraid of colour is not a good sign if you want to be a great artist. I am making the most of every touch,brushstroke,colour application and placement in a composition.

Life  is about to get even more exciting!


Making the most of Eyes in Watercolour

"A Hint of  Green Eyed Envy"

I have had the greatest of starts to my week and must devote some time to contacting requests for demonstrations and book signing events tomorrow.

I had wonderful news regarding our  fluffy, ginger cat last week. This time last year he was given months to live but not only made an annual visit to the vets last Friday but was also told he could be with us for years to come! He is so strong, well loved and doing great even though he has Cancer. Maybe the fact he doesn't know he has Cancer is the importnat point here. Maybe he doesn't worry about being ill as he has no idea he is.

Isn't that the same with painting?

I meet so many artists who tell me they aren't very good or seem to be  having disaster after disaster when they pick up their brushes. Before they even start painting they know they will fail. If they didn't know they would fail they would probably succeed!

Youngsters don't think about painting, they just do it and have fun. How brilliant it would be if as adults we could jump into that mind set by simply loving creating and forgetting any pressure we put on our own shoulders by expecting masterpieces each time we work.

As for me, yes, my bin isn't as full these days as it was years ago when I practised to get to where I wanted to be with my art. But guess what? I am still reaching for new destination  and still loving each moment that I pick up my brush.

So how about letting go of any negative thoughts and painting the best watercolour you have ever created in your life next time you create. Because you love the action as much as the direction you are headed in.

Positivity has incredible effects!


Sunday 11 March 2012

Busy Times


I knew this year would be busy but maybe I underestimated by how much!

It's been a fabulous week. I drove to Norwich and stayed in a delightful venue to film my new DVD with Town House Films.  The set was all ready for filming on my arrival and over the next few days demonstrations were captured and as always time flew by.

Making a film is similar to writing or teaching. When you write a book you plan the stages and have time to think about exactly what you are aiming to portray in the publication.  You can often make changes as the book progresses in its creative journey. When you teach you have an audience who aid the dynamics in the room, often asking questions and interacting with you during each demonstration.

When you film you are talking to a camera and trying to make everything seem natural rather than "acted". You know there is a limit to what you can fit into a filming day and it is often time to leave long before you feel you want it to be. With each demonstration you also need to take time to stop between colour additions or brushstrokes to allow the camera time to film  helpful close ups that aid the viewer of the finished DVD. As watercolour is my chosen subject whilst stopping at vital sections in a paintings creation it is important for me not lose focus of the techniques I am sharing.

I have no script as I prefer to work as if in a workshop aiming to share my passion for working in watercolour.

In this new film I give so much  information as I  am trying to show how I think when I work. The tips and techniques are many and I have chosen an absolute favourite of all subjects to close with. I don't want to spoil the surprise so until I have the cover I will keep the new title and contents my secret but I truly hope everyone who buys a copy enjoys the film.

It leads on in many  ways from "Amazing ways With watercolour" my first DVD and adds to the journey of how I am personally evolving as an artist. The idea is to encourage you to not stand still with your art and grow to a new level in your own art journey.

Now I have a week ahead to work on my exhibition and write art features.

It is a very busy time!


Sunday 4 March 2012

Leaving to Film my new DVD

Daffodils in Spring Harmony

I find myself in a situation where I am on a high from painting this afternoon in my studio.  I know I need to pack my brushes away now until I film my new DVD this week as I need to prepare for the drive tomorrow. But putting them down  is so hard!

I have  a solo exhibition  and as I  forwarded press release images yesterday afternoon to the gallery I became so excited at my new collection that I couldn't wait to start painting today.

To leave to film this week is obviousy necessary because there won't be a new DVD if I don't! But I so wish I could be in two places at once at times. I want to be here using all this motivated enthusiasm in my  new watercolours.

However I will channel the energy and share it in my  new film  along with the wonderful discoveries I have found in new techniques whilst writing my new book,"Atmospheric Watercolours" which will be out later this year. It probably is a good thing Town House Films contacted me last week to discuss the filming or I could have become totally side tracked with my exhibition work instead!

I am meeting so many new artists who wish to turn professional. My advise to each of them is to realise this does become a full time job, taking every minute and absorbing your attention not just for one week ahead,but months and in my case even years as I try to fit so much in.

But what can I say?

I love being this busy!


Saturday 3 March 2012

New DVD filming

My blog and facebook have fallen quiet as I have so much on at the moment. Next week I leave  for Norwich to film my new DVD. I really enjoy working with Townhouse Films due to their extremely professional approach. I will pack my car tomorrow and make the drive on Monday to begin filming.

My last DVD "Amazing Ways With Watercolour" is still flying all over the world and I have been completely overwhelmed by its popularity. It includes many hints on  my techniques, working from washes and starting points minus the use of a preliminary sketch on a variety of subjects.

For my new film I am aiming to delve deeper into creating fabulous compositions to lead to original watercolours. My new DVD programme and  its fascinating subjects are all ready to be painted and I can't wait to film!

My first DVD can be purchased from my web site via

Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy. Please practise the demonstrations and techniques because we are about to add to them and get even more excited about working in this fantastic medium.