Saturday 30 June 2012

Watercolour Collection and Delivery
Friday 29th June, 2012

After a wonderful week attending the Private Preview at the Mall Galleries this week for the SWA,Society for Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2012 , life got back to normal very quickly yesterday with the preparation and organisation for my next exhibitions.

My day started with signing books for the Stockbridge Gallery who will be selling original art work from my book  and fabulous new dog watercolours during my exhibition there which opens next week. 

New art needed to be  delivered to the framers for my August show in the Lyndhurst Gallery in the New Forest and the last pieces needed for Stockbridge were ready for collection. The Wey Gallery in Godalming have almost sold out of my recent exhibition pieces so a fabulous new horse racing painting was urgently delivered first thing and will be on show this weekend. I am currently working on a exciting new collection which will be delievered there soon. My watercolours to be on show at Stockbridge needed collecting and delivering along with my new card designs and books for my "Fur,Feathers and Florals" exhibition there.

Looking back it was a full day of adminstration and my organisational skills were really put to task but somehow everything magically fell into place.But I am very grateful to a superb courier company who know me well and handle my pieces with great care. Without them I would definitely be lost!

So once the paintings were carefully loaded for transportation I completed uploading the images of  each watercolour to forward to the gallery for their web sites. And then there were Press releases to write and I am still working on an art feature.

I have been contacted regarding promoting an art product too. This weekend I have so much I could still  work on.But my heart is definitely with my brushes so today that is exactly what I am going to do. 

Paint with glowing colours!

Full details of my new exhibitions can be found on my web site

Thursday 28 June 2012

SWA Watercolour Demonstration 5th July 2012

Mall Galleries
SWA Watercolour Demonstration 2011

Watercolour Demonstration
Mall Galleries
Thursday 5th July 2012
11.00 am and  2.00 pm.
Everyone welcome.

Next week I will be giving an informal watercolour demonstration at the Mall Galleries in London during the SWA Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2012. I intend to start around 11.00 a.m, take a break and then demonstrate in the afternoon  at 2.00 p.m .

I realise this will be my last open demonstration this year as I will now be focussing on my gallery work for exhibitions and shows. My Autumn programme is full and I will be touring USA for my book signing and watercolour tour there in October. Which has meant there are none of my popular and glorious Autumnal UK Watercolour Workshops in Hampshire this year. But my schedule for 2013 looks incredible so please book early when dates become available here and on my web site later this year.

But back to next week!

If you are coming to the Mall Galleries I do look forward to meeting you and answering any questions regarding working in watercolour. And I will be happy to  share the techniques from my new book also.

I am a very friendly artist who loves working in the medium I am so passionate about so I look forward to meeting you there!


SWA Exhibition 2012 and Demonstration

SWA Annual Exhibition 2011

Yesterday I attended the Private Preview of the SWA Annual Exhibition 2012 and as a council member was presented to Princess Micheal of Kent who is the Patron of the Society.

I arrived at the gallery early so that I could enjoy the exhibition before the venue became too crowded but I met so many wonderful friends continually that my initial mission became impossible. Every single time I turned around there was an artist I hadn't seen for some time, or a council member who I was thrilled to talk to about the event. In many ways it is like walking into an annual family reunion and I feel very privileged to have such wonderful colleagues in my life.

I will confess when I first walked into the exhibition I couldn't help but feel a vast difference from last years event which was full of vibrant colour and a vast variety of subject matter. The Mall Galleries seems to have taken on a more contemporary feel this year which is fresh and new so it will be interesting to see how regular visitors feel when they see the show over the next two weeks..

I was delighted to see my horse racing scene immediately by the entrance with the race heading straight into the gallery and this painting sold in the opening hours of the exhibition. It is almost opposite the book section of the gallery where my new book is on display and for sale. I did mean to sign a few copies to leave at the gallery but time flew and I continually kept meeting friends I hadn't seen for months so I easily became distracted!

But I will be back next week demonstrating on Thursday 5th July and I hope to have more rime to enjoy the exhibition and see if my second impression of the show without the crowds is the same.

I met a few disappointed visitors as there was no Jean Haines cockerel this year and they had discovered my only painting in the show had already sold. I do have some wonderful exhibitions coming up with both subjects available so please check my web site for details. Cockerels will be in my next exhibition at the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge and there are some amazing horse racing paintings  in the Lyndhurst Gallery Summer Show in August. You can always contact either of the galleries in advance for full details and let them know of  your specifici interests as they will be only too pleased to help you.


Wednesday 27 June 2012

Atmospheric Watercolour Book Reviews,Thank you.

"Atmospheric Watercolours"
launched in May 2012

For me, one of the strongest ways of discovering how just words alone over a computer screen can touch you and effect you is to read a book review. These are three of the book reviews on the site selling my new book. Imagine if you had written this book, read each review and imagine how I am feeling if you can. Touched, emotional, humble and almost tearful because I wanted so desperately to inspire others to enjoy working in watercolour as much as I do. That is my goal with this book and nothing more. Fame can be with other more deserving artists. I want to be behind making brushwork sheer joy and incredible results reachable.  And I want to see other artists reaching their own dreams.

These are a few of the book reviews for you to imagine being the author of my book and reading.


If you could have only one book on watercolour then this has to be THE ONE.
It is by far the most exciting new book on the market. Written and illustrated in a
simple clear way; it is an explosion of colour - page after page to delight and inspire.
Whether you are just starting out on the watercolour journey, need a bit of encouragement or just a little "me" time, it is all here at your fingertips, to dip into, any place, anytime.


This book only arrived this morning and I have only had a chance to quickly flick through it but I can hear the author talking the words to me as I am reading them - The book is Jean - it is an honest and transparent view of how she thinks, how she paints, and how she inspires with no holds barred. The quotes are inspirational and very mindful.

No painting book can be the same from now on - this book sets a new bar for artists who write books where quite often 'a miracle' happens in their demos between the penultimate and the final picture of a painting which they call a 'few finishing touches'!

This book emanates inspiration and invokes an 'I can do it' response! Brilliant.


Artful Dodger
I am a great admirer of Jean Haines' work and her talent as a writer. I have reviewed her "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" in which I have mentioned this one (and her DVDs). This one in hardback is beautiful, and her other one "How to -" is, although a mere soft cover, beautiful. They are inspirational and exciting books. See my review on "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour." If you want to be challenged again, if you want to get excited about watercolour again, if you want inspiration again, consider getting one or both of these books, or one or all of her DVDs.


Thank you so much to the wonderful readers who have taken time to leave such glowing and encouraging reviews. Writing alone in an art studio, taking time out of your life  to fulfil a desire to share all you know and love is an experience I wouldn't have missed for the world. So to read book reviews that let you know that time in your life was definitely well spent is a feeling I honestly can't put into words. But maybe you can step into my shoes and understand on this occasion.

If you would like to read all of the reviews or even add your own please follow this link.

Thank you so much


Tuesday 26 June 2012

Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge: Exhibition July 2012

West Highland White

Another busy week and I am preparing for my exhibition which opens at the Dogs in Art Gallery, Stockbridge, Hampshire, UK next week. Of course one would expect all the paintings in this collection to be our four legged friends, but no.Visitors to the gallery will be in for a fabulous surprise because there will be cockerels,owls,flowers and hare displayed in the show. In fact this is a luxury as all my favourite paintings of animals will be in one room with a hint of summer by the colourful flowers around them.

There will be a sense of vibrant colour ,tugs to the emotions, a chance to feel an artists involvement with her work and that sense of  passion for watercolour as a medium in each piece.

I deliver the last of my paintings on Friday and then the collection will be hung ready for opening next week. Its' going to be a really unqiue and fantastic exhibition.

Full details will be on my web site shortly

New Card Designs: DOGS!

"Best in Show"
Series of dog card designs

Coming SOON!

I thought I would give a heads up to my blog followers that new card designs are being added to my online shop on my web site. All of my previous designs have sold out and I am happy to share the news that fabulous new collections are about to be made available.

There is already a feathered collection including cockerel and pheasant plus my SFP,Society for Floral Painters, Collection which is now ready to purchase online.

Coming soon are gorgeous dogs to celebrate my new show at the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge,Hampshire, July 2012  which is going to be an amazing exhibition. 

And there are some beautiful owls in a new selection also.

All the sets are sold in packs of four. They can be used as greeting cards,for special occasions and they look wonderful framed.Suitable as sets for gifts too!

You can order online from

Sunday 24 June 2012

Dogs in Art Gallery Exhibition : Stockbridge 2012

I have a wonderful week ahead to look forward to.

I will be collecting my new dogs in watercolour from thr framers which will then be delivered to the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge. Above is a Basset Hound I painted a while ago and it has become a very popular greting card design which is available at the gallery along with my other  four legged friend card designs.

I visited the gallery this week and have been asked for a collection of paintings that cover my favourite subjects including florals.

This show will house paintings I love that have given me so much joy to create. There are favourites I am torn about keeping for my Private Collection. The pieces all contain an emotional connection and really are part of who I am as the artist who adores dogs, feathered friends and vibrant colour combinations.

The body of work will be hung next weekend and on show for the first time the week after next.

This is a fantastic gallery that is full of incredible sculpture and interesting objets connected with the canine world and more.

This is a show not to be missed and the location is well worth a visit also.

Full details will be on my wbe site soon and the location can be found via this link

Saturday 23 June 2012

Frankel Lyndhurst Gallery Summer Exhibition Collection 2012

Ascot 2012
73cms x 92.5cms

Lyndhurst Gallery
Summer Exhibition
August 2012

Frankel will be making an appearance at the Lyndhurst Gallery Summer Exhibition 2012 in August in the form of one of my latest horse racing watercolours.

All of my work is original as I do not  produce prints.

For full details about the show and the pieces I will have available please contact the gallery via this link

Frankel in The Lead Lyndhurst Gallery Summer Exhibition 2012

"Frankel in the Lead"
73cms x 92.5cms
Ascot 2012

Lyndhurst Gallery Summer Exhibition 
August 2012

This painting has been greeting me as I walk into my studio each day. I cannot take a really brilliant photograph of the this watercolour  and capture the immense sense of movement in the piece. The strength of Frankel as the winning horse completely overshadows the other jockeys chances of gaining the winning position.

It is definitely a moment in time where skill wins on the day.

This painting is part of my new collection of horse racing watercolours that will be available during the Summer Exhibition of the Lyndhurst Gallery this August.

Early viewing is advised.

For full details please contact the gallery via this link

Black Caviar Wins Again : Lyndhurst Gallery Summer Exhibition 2012

"Black Caviar Wins Again"
73cms x 92.5cms

Ascot 2012

Lyndhurst Gallery Summer Exhibition 
August 2012

I have just held my breath watching Black Caviar winning at Ascot this afternoon.Such a well loved horse by so many racing fans from all over the world won its twenty second race.

I have completely fallen in love with this mares' story and fame.

My latest painting of Black Caviar will be in the Summer Exhibition at the Lyndhurst Gallery in the New Forest, Hampshire along with my new horse racing watercolours.

Full details will be shared on my web site soon.

For gallery details and early viewing  please see this link


Friday 22 June 2012

In Love With Roosters!

I have no idea why but painting roosters gives me such a great feeling of happiness. I just can't help smiling when I paint them

Roll on next year when Barry White comes to one of my workshops for a very special feathered session.

Barry White is a huge local cockerel who has kindly offered to pose!


A really moody rooster appearing in my latest series of cockerels and hens.
For  an exciting new collection of watercolours.

It occured to me this week that I shouldn't be on Facebook or Twitter and I definitely should not be writing this blog. I should completely leave the computer alone. Not because I don't enjoy sharing. In fact it is really the opposite. I adore  coming here each time I am free to  share my latest watercolour or the pleasure I have had from creating.

But there is a problem that worries me. I don't always have time to reply. On facebook I have many friends and if I  responded to each of their posts I would never have time to paint. But it really feels so rude not to!

As for Twitter,if I shared every single thing that happened to me daily everyone would get bored of reading my posts and wonder how on earth I fitted everything in. Today has been typical and I am sitting here wondering how I pulled everything off.

On my blog I read wonderful comments and I have great intentions of spending a few minutes replying but if I did then I wouldn't have time to make the post I came online for.

I remember years ago a member of an art web site continually complaining about a professional artist who only ever shared their own work but never replied to anyone else. I don't think they had a clue how busy life for that professional was. So to share at all was pretty much a miracle.

 I am in that situation. I can share when I have time or I could opt for not sharing at all online. But I would miss being online far too much. And the amazing  new friends I am making continually.

I think the best way forward is to make a huge apology and  say I really am very sorry if I don't always reply here on on my other sites such as Facebook. I really am a very nice person and I am kind to a fault. But the time I have online is so limited so please forgive me!

 I will continue to share and I will hopefully be raising smiles when I do. And hopefully inspiring everyone who needs a push now and then to move their own brushes.

Please forgive me though if I fly in and out at times,
Thats all I seem to do at the moment!


I have three new exhibitions coming up and I will be sharing full details on my blog and web site very soon.

Thursday 21 June 2012

Oodles of Doodle! Dogs in Art Gallery Exhibition , Stockbridge,Hampshire

Labradoodle coming to life in a new watercolour

I feel as though I am living life in the fast lane as I constantly leap from one exciting show to another at the moment. Each is completely unique and I am now in the process of delivering my work to the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge as I will have a "Jean Haines" room displaying a vibrant watercolour collection of mine for the duration of July 2012.

Behind the scenes I have been painting a series of beautiful dogs and I am absolutely in love with a black labradoodle that has been a sheer joy to paint. All artists will understand when I say a photograph doesn't do the colours in this piece justice and I will weep if anyone buys it. It has expression, a feeling of happiness about it and every time I look at this painting I feel great!

There are West Highland Whites,Bichon Frise,Terriers and my feathered friends are also making an appearance.Yes,my cockerels are now in Stockbridge so please make an early visit whilst the show is running.

I visited the gallery this morning and fell in love with so many adorable items on show.Not only art but the most incredible sculpture is displayed there. This gallery is a must for dog lovers as a place to visit.

Stockbridge is also a beautiful location as there are fabulous restaurants, a tea shop and great walks.

So make a date in your diary if you are near Hampshire.Call in and see my new exhibition and look out for "Oodles of Doodle"!


This is the first time I have had paintings of dogs available for some time and I am really looking forward to seeing the exhibition when all the work is on show as a collection. Signed copies of my new book will alos  be available at the gallery along with a series of new greeting cards.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

An Artist Journey Exhibition : The Frame Gallery in Odiham,Hampshire

I was hoping to have more time to update my blog this week but it has been impossible to do so. I have two exhibitions in July and August so have been enjoying completing some fabulous new pieces for each show.

I also raced to The Frame Gallery in Odiham this afternoon to fill empty spaces on the gallery walls due to the success of my recent exhibition there. One of the paintings I took in may not reach the gallery wall because while we were unwrapping the particular piece a visitor fell in love with it and it never quite made it to the show.

But the good news is there are now owls, fabulous new florals and many new exciting watercolours for the last week of my exhibition at the Frame Gallery so if you missed seeing the event there  is still time to pay a visit.

Full details can be found on my web site

Saturday 16 June 2012

Patchings 2012 : Demo "Cockerel with Salt"

First wash for an exciting cockerel using Salt and clingfilm techniques from my new book
"Atmospheric Watercolours"
Patchings Festival Demonstration 2012

I promised I would share this demonstration on my blog for the wonderful people who watched my afternoon demonstration at Patchings Festival but unfortunately had to miss the end of the session due to their coach leaving.

I talked about how to apply salt and what kind to use. My application is explained well in my book and on my latest DVD "Watercolour Passion" in the texture chapters. I use it to create not only interest but movement to add life to my subjects. It is a wonderful way of giving energy to your watercolours.

In this lovely wash the head section is formed by beautiful glowing reds such as Cadmium Red or Alizarin Crimson , this  flows into the body of the cockerel where vibrant orange,indigo and purple merge and fuse fantastically to  form fabulous feathers. While the paper was still wet I placed cling film on top of the next area to again add texture and patternise the section in contrast to my salt effects.

Salt effects during my Patchings Demonstration this week
Beautiful aren't they and simply achieved by salt application and then being left to dry naturally.

In answer to your questions by email and on the day

1) For Ann, When do you add salt? While the pigment is still wet on the paper but do NOT throw it on. Place it carefully and use fine salt for small patterns and rock salt for large patterns.
By the way using salt in beach scenes is  amazing for sandy effects!
I look to see if there is a sheen on the paper and sprinkle it finely then in the direction I want the pattern. Please don't add too much and aim to keep the granules apart in application so they don't form clumps.

2) For Christine, When do you remove the salt? When the paper is absolutely dry. If you have applied it finely it should  come away freely.

3) For Jenny., When do you add clingfilm? Like salt,when the paper is still wet. Using bolder colour gives you a better pattern effect.

4) For Louise, When do you take off the cling film? When the paper is absolutely dry.

I do hope I have remembered most of the questions but please email me if I have forgotten any!

I start with exciting washes and then add detail in my next stage. Sometimes I paint the cockerel in one  wash if it appears immediately.


There is a lovely section in my new book on how to use salt for a variety of subjects and I will be demonstrating at the Mall Galleries, in London on 5th July so I am sure a cockerel will make an appearance there!

I also have a wonderful selection of cockerels in an exhibition in July which I will share on my web site soon!


You see, I do remember and I try to share on my blog as promised! I hope this helps,


Friday 15 June 2012

SWA,Society of Women Artists: Watercolour Demonstration.

Morning Light
Cover of "Atmospheric Watercolours"

I am delighted to share the news that I will be demonstrating my watercolour techniques during the SWA, Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2012 which takes place at the Mall Galleries in London .

Full details regarding the exhibition and how to become a member can be found on the SWA web site

My watercolour demonstrations will be on Thursday 5th July, 2012 at 11.30 a.m and 2.00 p.m.

I have loved demonstrating at the Mall Galleries for the last two years and am really looking forward to my July session which will be my last for a little while as I will be taking a break at that time next year due to my own diary of events being so full.

So if you missed me at Patchings and at last years show this is the time to make a date and visit!

Everyone is welcome!

The Mall Galleries are stockists of my new book so it is a perfect place to buy a copy if you are in the city!

Patchings Demonstration 2012 : Owl

Owl Demonstration from yesterday afternoon at Patchings Festival 2012
Copyright: Jean Haines 

That was such a fantastic day yesterday demonstrating at Patchings Festival. The feedback I received from everyone letting me know they loved my approach to watercolour was wonderful. So many people told me it was refreshing to see someone with new ideas and techniques and such a buzzy positive approach to painting. So I was thrilled by the end of the day and I almost floated home on a cloud of happiness!

The above work in progress is the owl I started during the afternoons demonstration. I look at ways to "see" everything as a possible subject to paint and then look at how to make each painting more magical.

I do genuinely believe that there is still so much to discover when working in watercolour as a medium. New ways  of creating texture too as in the wing section of the owl above which is painted using my new "Venetian " technique that is covered in my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours".

I was concerned that people at the back of the marquee yesterday couldn't see this well and a few people had to leave as their coaches were about to depart from the festival where I was demonstrating. So here is the owl  I painted and now the use of orange and purple combined with my venetian technique really does come into play to make a fascinating patternised section.

Please watch my web site for full details of my upcoming exhibitions where new paintings will be on show and for sale. I have two collections that will not be launched until July and August. 2012

Now the bad news. My 2012 workshops are fully booked and have been for some time.

The good news is a fantastic 2013 programme will be advertised in October of this year so please watch my web site and my blog!

But the really good news for anyone who would like to watch me in action is that I will be demonstrating during the SWA Society for Women Artists Annual Exhibition again this year. This will be the third time I have made an appearance during the show and it will probably be my last for a little while as my diary for next year is already filling up very quickly.

If you would like to see me please check my web site for the full details.

I would love to see you there so if you like my watercolours make it a date in your diary!

Next Watercolour Demonstration
Thursday 5th July
Mall Galleries
11.30 am and 2.00 p.m.

You will also have the chance to see  a wonderful exhibition that is usually brusting with colour and subject variety.


Patchings Festival June 2012

Demonstrating at Patchings Festival yesterday, June 2012
Tickets for each demonstration and copies of my new book sold out!

Yesterday was fantastic. I gave my first appearance at Patchings Festival as a demonstrating artist. I have a confession. I was completely knocked for six by the number of people who attended each of my sessions. I couldn't hide it either. A huge thank you to everyone who came to see me and I do hope I meet you again in the future and have more of a chance to speak individually.

I have heard so much about Patchings Festival over the years but have never had the chance to visit. When my publishers first contacted me last year and asked if I would demonstrate as part of their 2012 programme I readily agreed. Mainly because I knew the timing could coincide with the launch of my new book. And then I almost completely forgot about the event over the last few months. Due to my already hectic diary of exhibitions,DVD filming and workshops which took place earlier this year. So far I have been in five exhibitions and two of these were major solos.

When the day approached for me to leave for Nottingham it finally hit me how far I would be driving. Almost four hours. Considering I used to avoid going anywhere, once upon a time, unless someone else was in the driving seat this is pretty much a miracle to get me to agree to go! But I have changed so much and I now love meeting new people in new locations. So much so that the driving is just part of the experience and I am beginning to enjoy it!

I arrived in Nottingham the night before my demonstration and in the morning had breakfast with Mary and Vanessa the fabulous team representing my publishers, who would be helping me the next day. They laughed when I explained I didn't think many people would be there. I expected four seats to be taken in the front row and these would be friends who had told me they were heading up to see me. How wrong I was! I had a huge shock and everyone in the tent at both demonstrations knew it. I couldn't hide my amazement at the sea of faces enthusiastically waiting for me to begin. 

In the morning the tent filled up gradually and it became obvious we would have a full house which we did. Tickets had sold out. I gave my first demonstration including how I feel about watercolour, how I work with my exercises to warm up and gave an insight into my washes. I absolutely loved the questions everyone asked as they were fascinating. Sometimes you need this kind of stimulation to feel you are connecting with an audience so I loved it.

I left the Search Press tent after my first demonstration to wander around the other marquees. They were amazing so please visit if you ever have a chnace.This is an artists dream of an art event.

I returned for my afternoons demonstration to a further shock.We had not only sold out of tickets for my next session but people were still queueing trying to get in. Artists who had watched me in the morning had also returned to see my second slot. Before I started demonstrating I stood outside the marquee with the organisers and tickets sellers. They joked that we needed a bigger " Jean Haines" tent next year as I had proved to be so popular. I was so taken aback!

So when I started my next demonstration you could say I was on an enormous high because I had no idea that had been going to happen. It was a terrific afternoon. I loved laughing with everyone when certain problems about working in watercolour arose, this is a sign of a happy relaxed room and the energy felt brilliant. I met so many gorgeous people and signed many of my books. In fact we sold out of "Atmospheric Watercolours" and I hope a new supply will be there at Patchings today and tomorrow. My new book is receiving so much attention and everyone is letting me know how inspirational they are finding it which really thrills me and overwhelms me a little at the same time.

You may laugh at me but I headed to another stand selling my books during my break to sign a few copies there for them to sell. As I leant over to pick up a book to sign, one lady said to her friend " That's her!".  I turned around quickly to see who it was they were talking about not realsing they meant me. 

When I told my friends over lunch they laughed at me too and kindly.

You see, I am a very ordinary person who just happens to like working in watercolour. I am not famous and heaven knows, I doubt I really ever will be. But I am adapting to the idea my style might be popular and my way of working too as I am a happy,positive personality.

I owe a huge thank you to everyone who came  to see me yesterday, I really hope you enjoyed my demonstrations and I am very sorry all my workshops are fully booked this year. I am looking at ways to hold workshops differently next year to try to alleviate the problem of not having enough spaces available for everyone who wants to come so do watch my web site for full details. They will be added in October of this year.

But on a more positive note if you missed my demonstration at Patchings I will be demonstrating again soon. This time in London at the Mall Galleries during the SWA,Society for Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2012. And guess what?  The night before I will go through the same dilema of imagining only four people will come to see me.

I do hope you are one of them!

Happy painting


Tuesday 12 June 2012

The Secrets Out! Dogs!

Terrier in Watercolour

I am delighted to share the news that I will be showing a collection of original watercolours at my favourite gallery in Stockbridge, Hampshire in July 2012.

The colourful terrier above is an example of the pieces that will be on show which include various subjects.

Stockbridge Gallery
Old Post Office
High Street
SO20 6EU

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday - 9:30am to 5pm (closed for lunch 1-2pm)

I will share more details when the collection is at the gallery.

Monday 11 June 2012

An Artists Journey " Solo Exhibition" 2012

"An Artists Journey"
Solo Exhibition, June 2012
The Frame Gallery

My weeks are getting so busy that it is almost impossible to keep up on my blog. This photograph was taken at the Private Preview of my solo exhibition " An Artists Journey " which runs until the 28th June 2012 at the Frame Gallery in Odiham,Hampshire.

Please call the gallery directly for opening hours as Jan the owner is away this week and the exhibition is open at different times.

Full details can be found on my web site but the solo show is a wonderful success with red dots appearing regularly.  The first painting I believe to sell was the owl on the invitation, a favourite of mine and it has gone to a terrific new home along with one of my landscapes of Venice from the same show.

In the photograph are Jan the owner of the Frame Gallery,myself after a week of three private previews and lindsay a fabulous friend of mine who alos bought a copy of my book which I had just signed.

June has been a fabulous month so far, can it possibly get any better? I think it can!

Atmospheric Watercolour Workshops: Boat

Boat demonstration from one of this years workshops.
Five minute Study

On my watercolour workshop sessions I take time  to work individually with each attending artist so that we can look at  their favourite subjects and ways on how to approach painting them. I paint every single subject so this part of the session can lead absolutely anywhere!

In one of my recent session a wonderful artist had brought in a photograph of a boat they wished to paint. The photograph had very little information and yet held a lot of magic as a possible subject for a painting.

I never see things as they are or paint things excatly as I see them. Instead I look for more interesting ways to use colour to bring a scene to life. In my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" I explain why I do this and how life as an artist is far more fun this way.

I always feel alive and exhilarated from my painting sessions and aim to  make sure everyone I know who paints gets this much pleasure from moving their brushes.

I have shared this image so that the artist can see how I moved on with other ideas. I love Cadmium Yellow, added here for sunlight although there was none in the original scene. And if you were on my workshop you will see how I have made a few nore changes in the background and foreground. I prefer this "feel" as it is more atmospheric than the real scene.

I hope you like it!

The same scene before I built up the atsmosphere and added warmth.
Five minute study
Stage 1.

Watercolour Workshops 2012

Last week was a busy week as I held my June 2012 watercolour workshops and they were amazing with a captial A!

Fabulous artists attended each day. We flew from an exciting "Jubilee" one day session through to "Hot,Hot,Hot" a fantastic warm day of exciting colour closing with "Summertime" on Thursday where the goal was to relax while painting. I loved every single session. My only regret is that I can't and enjoy them as an attending not teaching artist! Everyone always laughs when I make that statement but I often look at the attending, inspired artists wishing I could be one of them. Following imy deas from the other side of the  room as everyone always seems to have such a great time!

We have  such a wonderful time. My goal on each workshop is to motivate to such a level that when artists leave they will be eager to paint non stop when they return to their homes or own studios. Last week was one of those weeks where every day was magical. So much so that I have looked forward to my own quiet painting time this week to absorb and enjoy all the informatuion we accumulated. From exciting new washes, contrasting colour combinations and approaches with texture for a huge variety of subjects.  I painted everything from landscapes, architecture, animals including dogs,cockerels,ducklings. Then there were the beautiful florals and of course that gorgeous teddy bear.

I now look forward to my July 2012 Workshops which are all fully booked.

Next I will be planning my 2013 Workshop programme and I have had an offer of Barry White making a visit. Before anyone gets excited Barry is a tame cockerel who is happy to make an appearance, have his photograph taken and pose for an hour or two. We also have the offer of an owl coming in for a short period so my feathered workshops next year may be including an extra touch of magic.

I also know from this years experience where artists are getting stuck, lost or bored with their work so I will be addressing how to get that extra buzz out of creative sessions and maintain that feeling. I know everyone comes to me for an injection of positivity but we need to keep that injection working for at least six months after the sessions! And yes, I am considering running the personal Masterclass again as it proved to be so popular.

I will announce the new workshop dates in October 2013 and Christine who handles my bookings will be dealing with the requests for places.

My sessions have become highly sought after and I really do hate letting anyone down by not having enough space available. So I will try to arrange dates next year that do not conflict with my exhibitions and travelling. Everyone who has already been on one of my workshops will understand I only accept a limited number of artists in each days group so that everyone can see me demonstrate, hear me, recieve personal one on one time and thoroughly enjoy the day. I could easily double the number of artists booked in each group and that certainly would create more spaces but this is not how I teach. Filling a room to bursting capacity so that no one can see or hear or even have  personal discussions with me is not my idea of a brilliantly memorable painting day. I don't teach for any other reason than to share my passion for watercolour in the most exciting way possible and it is absolutely vital to me that everyone coming has a terrific time.

So please look out for my 2013 workshop dates and book as soon as possible when they are announced because places do disappear very quickly!

My best tip of the month?

Artists Tip : Don't stick to the same colours you know or the same products. Treat yourself to something new and work in the opposite shades to those you are comfortable with as this will stretch your imagination in a new way!

Most importantly?

Have fun and smile while you are creating!

Happy painting and try something new this week.


Demonstrations and book signing events

I will be demonstrating and book signing at Patchings in Notthingham this week and at the SWA,Society for Women Artists Annual 2012 Exhibition in London at the Mall Galleries. Full details will be shared on my web site and blog shortly.


Patchings Festival : Thursday 14th June Demonstrations


I am happy to share thenews that I will be demonstrating and signing my books and celebrating the launch of "Atmospheric Watercolours" in the Search Press marquee at Patchings Arts Festival 2012  this week on Thursday 14th June,2012.

I will be demonstrating in the morning starting at 10.30 a.m and in the afternoon at 3.00 p.m. 

I am really looking forward to my first visit to such an iconic art event. I will be there signing books during the day so please come and say hello if you plan to visit the festival.

Patchings takes place in Calverton, Nottingham U.K and details of the location and Search Press marquee can be found via this link

The full schedule for Search Press can be found via this link

Saturday 9 June 2012

Wey Gallery,Godalming,Surrey: Solo Exhibition 2012

Wey Gallery


My solo exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming will be on display for the last time today and has been a wonderful success.Visitors to the gallery gave  incredible feedabck on the collection and many favourite pieces will now be leaving for collectors homes.

It has been, as always a fabulous experience working with the gallery who always run such professional exhibitions for established artists. We are already discussing  the possibility of an exciting collection for 2013 as a future show.

When everything comes together from a close relationship with an experienced gallery, life as an artist is really sheer pleasure.The work involved in pulling a collection together behind the scenes and then seeing the  body of work hung so beautifully really is part of my career that I fully relish and look forward to.

If you get a chance to see the collection before the close of day I can certainly recommend a visit, to inspire, as the show is full of vibrant colour.

Ful details can be found on my web site

A few paintings will remain at the gallery and will be on show over the Summer.

Wednesday 6 June 2012


 Today saw my "Seeing Red" workshop and it certainly was full of vibrant colour! It was fabulous to feel so much enthusiasm in the room and the day passed far too quickly. I loved seeing the variety of subjects appear as the session evolved from the mornings introductory exercises.

We had flowers, cockerels, dogs, pigs, portraits, birds and landscapes flowing through the afternoon period and I have to admit I am so lucky in being able to meet such terrific artists in each new group.

Everyone attending was invited to The Frame Gallery after my workshop for a glass of bubbly to celebrate my book launch and view original art from my book which is currently on display for my solo exhibition  "An Artists Journey". It was a superb way to unwind after an inspirational days painting.

Tomorrow I host the last of my June workshops and this is taking the form of a Summertime theme.

It really is a  gorgeous week this week but I am beginning to think  mine all are!

A special Hello to Vivian, the duckling awaits my brushes!

For full details of my exhibition at the Frame please use this link

Tuesday 5 June 2012

That Old Bear

WIP: Well loved old bear
Beginning of a demonstration on how to paint soft toys from this afternoons workshop.

Quite often I think I know where my workshops are heading with subject matter. But there are often surprises as artists attending will sometimes bring in something completely new or in this case old to paint!

I absolutely loved the bear that Mary brought into class today. His name was Biffer and he had been very well loved in his lifetime. Poor Biffer had long since lost his glossy fur. His eyes were still shiny and in place, his black stitched nose was also perfect. I loved that you could see the stitching in places where he had been carefully put together many years ago. He was wonderful!

He naturally reminded me of my own "Thread Bear" painting from my new book along with the childhood memories I shared on my blog recently. I am amazed at how many people read that post and taken aback to also learn my writing  touched hearts emotionally too.

My bear was so similar to "Biffer". He was called "Rupert" after the famous Rupert Bear stories. He was golden in colouring with jointed arms. A wonderful "growler" in his tummy made serious growls when his belly was pressed. I loved that bear so much and like to think my real Mum took a lot of time in choosing him for me as a goodbye gift because it would have meant she really did love me. Unlike Biffer the bear I saw today, my own bear in time, had no nose because I had kissed him so often. I had lovingly worn this part of his little face away.

When my father remarried I was later brought up by a very caring lady who became my Stepmother. She felt sorry for both me and Rupert and dressed us up in a way we weren't accustomed to. I was bought white shoes with little cut out floral patterns in the leather. I remember coming out of the shoe shop holding her hand and walking into every single lampost and obstacle.  I was so in love with my new shoes I stared at them and not where I was going. I can still see them in my imagination. And how I swung my small childs legs on the bus on the way home so that I could admire my shiny new shoes. Unfortunately when I returned to my Grandmothers home where I was still staying these gorgeous shoes were immediately put safely back in their box. My old brown lace ups were put back on my feet as these apparently were far more suitable for a child.

But Rupert got a brand new suit of bright red trousers and a stripey matching jumper to hide his now very overly loved little,bald body. He also got a new stitched nose to make up for where I had kissed his old one away. He didn't look like my bear any more but I loved him anyway.

How amazing that moving a brush for a few minutes while showing how I would start painting Biffer could take me back to my own childhood. To Rupert and then my pretty white shoes.

I wonder what memories you would have if you painted one of your childhood toys?

It is really fascinating how moving a brush and working in colour can open sections of your mind that had long since been locked tightly.

Today I loved painting Biffer, I actually didn't mind thinking about Rupert or how he came to me as a child.

In fact I can't wait to paint a bear tomorrow if I get time, using my texture techniques bringing the sparkling eyes to life and I may just give him one ear for fun. Or maybe I could make him cross eyed and call him "Gladly", like the bear out of the bible.

Gladly my cross eyed bear!

Have a great day and happy painting!


I do need to catch up on my many emails but Bridget if you are reading this, a huge bear hug is winging its way to you! How are the owls?