Thursday 21 December 2017

Winter Solstice

"Winter Reflections"

Oh how busy life is at the moment. I am still working with my publisher on my new book. I had hoped it would be completed well before Christmas but sadly there have been unavoidable delays in its progress but I am truly hoping to see a final proof soon. I am also working with Artist Network TV on a series of new films which will be created in January 2018 and I am so looking forward to them.

I am looking ahead to my workshops next year  too and I am thrilled with their exciting new content. I think the word in capital letters for next year on all my courses has to be "colour" with a capital C! New idesa, new techniques, fun, experiments and more to inspire constantly. So much so that all I want to do is paint. 

I'm looking out of my window at the canal outside and the dramatic light hitting the bare trees really does create a stunning foreground to the glowing sunset. Which is dulled by dusk falling quickly, as curtains closing, on what was a few hours ago a gorgeous rural scene.

Time to paint, time to orgnaise and time to enjoy the spirit that is Christmas.


If only we could buy it in a bottle to enjoy whenever we need it!

Have a great Christmas!!!


Monday 11 December 2017

In Love With Colour

 Hydrangea Magic

After weeks of teaching and being on tour, my heart seems to be screaming to me to pick up my brushes and get colour on paper as fast as I can. In a way this is a frustrating and exciting week for me as tomorrow the team from my publishers will arrive in the early morning as we are filming the last section of my new book which will be launched next year. Then tonight I am talking to the film company who will be filming my new DVDs next year, whilst I am teaching in Florida.

The exciting part is obvious as I am thrilled my book is almost  complete and I am over the moon to have been invited to create more DVDs. But I want to paint. I seriously want to paint! I am in love with colour so much again after my recent visit to Daniel Smith in Seattle. And after inspiring so many artists of all levels on my own workshops I want to put all the ideas that have come to me over the last few weeks into practise on paper.

But I have to prepare for my book and my films.

Even so today I grabbed this hydrangea painting and added to it. I worked with a variety of colours simply throwing them on to see what would happen and where. I love this close up section, seen below, as it looked beautiful when the colours were merging and drying.

Hopefully I can finish it in between filming and film planning/writing!

Whatever you are doing , have a wonderful week ahead and if you are busy like me, don't let your diary take you away from your brushes for too long!

Hydrangea Magic
Work in progress


Sunday 10 December 2017

Why am I singing?

I am over the moon as I have heard from my publishers this week who have let me know that my new book which is to be launched next year will be published not only in English but in Chinese and Russian too!

What a wonderful way to close 2017 after many fabulous and exciting workshops with many more to follow!

I am so excited and so thrilled!


How can I keep from singing? I am home!

"How Can I keep From Singing"
Painting of a robin sat singing outside my studio window.
This piece is for sale in the Christmas Exhibition 2017 at the Frame Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire UK 

I am home!

I know my blog has been really quiet while I have been on tour but I now have so much to share and so little time to do so. Firstly my USA and Canada tour was amazing and I want to thank everyone involved. The workshops in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver were so exciting and I loved everyone I met and reunited with on them. I will try to catch up with news about these courses but for now time is very tight because I am preparing for a very full week ahead.

1) I film the last section of my new book this week at my cottage here in UK and I am so looking forward to the closing pages as they are full of colour and positive energy. 

2) I talk to the film company from USA tomorrow in preparation for filming my new DVDs in USA next January and the filming location has been changed to Florida where I will be teaching which is such great news for me as it means less flying time and hotel changes. Originally we were filming in Cincinnati.

3) I am in a Christmas Exhibition locally with several paintings including the above at the Frame Gallery, Odiham, Hampshire so will be calling into the gallery this week.

I have some gorgeous new colour combinations that I am really desperate to share at some point because my time teaching at Daniel Smith in Seattle was incredible! Wow what a blast those workshops were! By the way, bookings have flooded in for my workshops there next year so please contact me if you would like to be added to the wait list for places!

For now, I am settling into my studio and I am eager to paint!

Have a great week ahead and if like me you are preparing for Christmas too, have fun decorating and enjoy the season!