Monday 15 April 2013

Acuarelas con Atmosfera, Jean Haines.

Acuarelas con Atmosfera, Jean Haines.

12 y 13 de noviembre de 2013 (2 dias)
Cupo Máximo 15 personas.

14 y 15 de noviembre de 2013 (2 dias)

Cupo Máximo 15 personas.

MEXICO Watercolour Workshops November 2014

Glory of Dawn

I have been invited to hold workshops in Mexico and I am really looking forward to sharing my techniques and meeting artists on two very special two day workshops.

12-13th November 2014
14-15th November 2014

If you are interested in attending please contact Claudia via the following link

Saturday 13 April 2013

Australia Workshops 2013: Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree

Preparing for my workshop in Australia

Next weekend I will be taking my first workshop in Australia and as I pack my art equipment for the trip I can't resist working on a Kookaburra from a demonstration at one of my workshops here in UK last week.  I have strengthened colour in areas that I love and am gradually working around the subject  building atmosphere in the background.

My blog will probably fall quiet while I am travelling but I will have so much to share on my return home!


I have recieved many requests for further workshops in Australia as this one was fully booked, so I will be looking at the possibility of returning in 2015.

Thursday 11 April 2013

"Fur and Feathers" Workshop 2013

Gosling which was so soft to touch!
 Fur and Feathers workshop 2013

Last year I took a one day watercolour workshop on how to paint animals in watercolour. As the day drew to an end I realised one day was not long enough to fit in what I wanted to achieve. So I planned ahead to this year allowing two days for my animal workshop and it was far more enjoyable taking time to look at how to paint eyes, texture and aim to achieve unique results.

I plan  my workshops well in advance and love the artists who attend them so much, that I often find myself working out ways to make each session even more memorable. I think this years animal workshop will take some beating but I will try!

I started on the very first day with live animal models visiting the venue where I teach so the artists could touch and connect with them. This meant from the minute we started working we had animals on our minds, knew what they felt like, looked like and also connected with the emotions they drew from us.

At the end of day one I had also arranged a trip to a local farm so the artists could take their own photographs of  subjects they loved. This meant that when they left the workshop, the next day,they would have exciting animal resource images of their own to work fromo at home. I absolutely loved seeing how happy  everyone was seeing so many cute young animals  on the farm. I also know I am inspired to paint these new subjects myself when I return from Australia as I leave to teach there next week.

I thought my blog followers may like to see a few of the animals that caught my eye. I wanted to see a young white lamb and my wish was granted!

Very sweet lamb, adorable to paint for texture and emotional cuteness!

 We were all amazed at how "affectionate" a particular young kid was at such an early age!

Young kid from farm visit 


It has been an amazing week and truly memorable. I will be planning next years animal workshops and looking forward to repeating this next spring!


The reason I put so much effort into planning my workshops and making them as fascinating as possible is because I know what it is like to travel and be disappointed. We often have high expectations of a tutor or high expectations of ourselves when attending art classes. Workshops can also  be exhausting or stressful if things aren't going the way you expect them to. So for me, to add something as unusual as a trip to see animals at the end of the day not only gives attending artists inspiration on what to paint in future. It also alleviates all the hard work of the day and adds zest for the next.

I am now thinking of how I could do a workshop with an African theme. Fitting an elephant into a hall might be a problem so I guess I am going to have to think about that theme for now!

Artist tip : Do go out for inspiration from life. Please don't fall into the rut of continually painting from photographs of subjecst you haven't personally seen. Visit farms, wildlife centres,  gardens. Anywhere that is full of colour, life to inspire you.


My workshop programme for 2014 will be released in October 2013

Animal Workshop UK 2013


Today was the last day of my  Spring 2013 Animal Workshop course and it was wonderful. 

 Sometimes as a teaching artist you leave a session and  think about obstacles some of the artists are struggling with. Last night was such an occasion. I always listen to questions arising in workshops and concerns. One of the main hiccups is keeping colour alive and fresh in watercolour. Choosing colours at all can be a nightmare at times for some.

Everyone who knows me  is aware how much I adore colour. I always strive to make each new painting unique. So today I started with a demonstration on how to take an ordinary subject and paint it in colours you wouldn't normally choose. Colours that didn't relate to what you actually saw. I already knew I was going to exaggerate my point by opting for vibrant purples or pinks but as my demonstraton progressed I was fascinated listening to the comments coming from the class behind me, who were watching each new brushstroke. Everyone loved this  "blushing" elephant.  I must admit its a favourite of mine now because that "pink blush" is unexpected. Especially when you see the subject is an elephant.

Maybe tomorrow I will paint a green one!

Artists tip: Whatever you are painting , please don't fall into the trap of always painting exactly what you see. Add excitement, drama and an element of fun into some of your pieces. You may get pleasant surprises and brilliant results that you are proud of.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Essence. Solo Exhibition at The Frame Gallery, Odiham, Hampshire

Hedgehog in Watercolour

A painting from my solo exhibition at the Frame Gallery which opens in May is gaining so much interest. This  hedgehog, which looks wonderful in a fabulous frame.  
Please contact the gallery  directly if you would like an invitation to the celebration opening night.

Solo Exhibition
Opening Evening by Invitation Only.
Friday 10th May, 2013

The Frame Gallery in Hampshire are hosting "Essence" a solo exhibition which will include many of my new subjects including the glorious Kingfishers, beautiful Koi, elephants, ballet, and many more beautiful pieces. Within this show my heart will have flowed into my brushtrokes as the variety of colour and form has been a sheer joy to work with.

There will be a limited number of invitations available as interest in the event has been so high. The celebration evening will take place on Friday, May 10th. For full details and to request an invitation please contact the gallery directly on

Spring Fever Workshop April 2013

Colours Flowing
Koi Carp in Watercolour

I have had another wonderful day taking a one day watercolour workshop in Hampshire. The subjects were varied throughout the day and my favourites were the small demo of a goldfish, a figure sweeping steps outside a church and sweet scented stocks.

The weather was anything but Springlike as it rained for most of the day but at least we created vibrant glowing colour inside the venue!

Monday 8 April 2013

Essence Solo Exhibition 10th May, 2013

Solo Exhibition
Opening Evening by Invitation
Friday 10th May, 2013

The Frame Gallery in Hampshire are hosting "Essence" a solo exhibition which will include many of my new subjects including the glorious Kingfishers, beautiful Koi, elephants, ballet, and many more beautiful pieces. Within this show my heart will have flowed into my brushtrokes as the variety of colour and form has been a sheer joy to work with.

I can't wait for the opening evening which will be a very special night. A new Greeting Card collection with artwork from the exhibition will be unveiled and I will be giving an artists talk on my journey in watercolour and signing books

 There will be a limited number of invitations available as interest in the event has been so high. The celebration evening will take place on Friday, May 10th. For full details and to request an invitation please contact the gallery directly on

It is going to be a very unique exhibition and opening event!

Sunday 7 April 2013

Kingfisher Blues

My latest Kingfisher, work in progress

I have enjoyed painting in my studio in preparation for my next solo exhibition. I delivered  the first  selection of paintings to be framed for my show last week. It was wonderful seeing the fantastic reaction to my new collection, as painting after painting appeared from my portfolio.

The kingfisher series is obviously a firm favourite and the above painting is the latest to be added to this new show which will be at THE FRAME GALLERY in Odiham, Hampshire.

The sun is shining here today and the light on the greenery outside my studio window is delightful.  Many branches are still bare due to the cold weather slowing down the budding leaves this Spring. But from every single negative in life there is always a positive. Mine is that I can enjoy the  flash of turquoise more easily from the tiny kingfisher who visits our cottage.

This new painting will be in my solo exhibition "Essence" and already I have fallen in love with it, even though it really needs a few final touches.

Please contact The Frame Gallery directly for full information regarding the Private Preview of this new show. Many of my paintings had disappeared within three days from my last solo opening and  there are some really fabulous new subjects in this new collection!

The Opening Evening is strictly by invitation only due to the large amount of interest already shown in the new collection.  Invitations will be available from the gallery prior to the event but numbers will be limited.

Saturday 6 April 2013

"Essence" New Solo Exhibition May 2013 ,Hampshire

Kingfisher Blue
Original Watercolour

An exciting collection of Jean Haines original watercolours including many new subjects will be shown for the first time.

Opening on 10th May, 2013 with a Private Preview strictly by invitation only. 
To reserve an invitation please contact the gallery directly. 


I am finalising the catalogue for my next solo exhibition which opens in Hampshire on 10th May.
The show will include a selection of  completely new subjects which will be launched at the Frame Gallery.   Paintings include my new paintings of Kingfishers,  a very sweet hedgehog ( one only! ), Koi Carp, ballet, new elephants and there is , of course, one new lucky hare as is my tradition when exhibiting a solo show.

Please note: I am finding that favourite subjects disappear on the opening evening so if you are interested in  a particular watercolour  please ensure you visit the gallery at your earliest opportunity.

Friday 5 April 2013

"Dancing Koi" Fish in Watercolour

"Dancing Koi"

I have had an incredible week taking, daily, one day workshops to a large number of artists who have attended my UK seminars. Its' been brilliant. Every single day I have loved meeting everyone. I have felt consistently fantastic enthusiasm around me and room full of positive energy  to create.

The subjects this week have been so varied and I am really looking forward to personal painting time in my studio over the weekend. As I left at the end of todays workshop one artist asked me  if I was going to come home and rest after such a full weeks teaching. Well no, I didn't come home and  rest because I was so energised that I simply had to paint as soon as I got in! The above painting is the result. It still needs detail but tomorrow morning it will gain the final details and I  will happily sleep dreaming about adding them.

It has truly been a fantastic week and I am looking forward to my next sessions which start next Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who came and I look forward to seeing you on future sessions!

Happy painting.


Thursday 4 April 2013

Watercolour Workshops 2013 Flowers

"Butterfly in Sunlight"

Today was yet another fantastic workshop of the week. This time the theme was painting flowers in watercolour. There were so many demonstrations and subjects throughout the whole day that choosing a favourite to share on my blog will be difficult. Even so this little butterfly sitting on a flower in sunlight made me smile. It is amazing how the simplest of subjecst can carry so much beauty.

The room was full of enthusiasm and some brilliant paintings evolved throughout the day. I loved how seeing  artists have "light bulb" moments as techniques "clicked" while they worked. I have decided I must be one of the luckiest people alive to be able to share my passion for working in watercolour with people who are as passionate as I am, from all over the world.

Tomorrow I hold the last of my workshops in UK this week. It's called "Opening Doors" and is a special session for people who are totally new to my workshops. I have found that artists love coming back each year to my watercolour sessions. Which makes it incredibly difficult for new artists who have just found me to even get a place on my workshops. So tomorrow is one of the special days set aside, especially for  those who have not been to me before. Its' going to be another great day!

Please emailme on for workshop information for 2014


Wednesday 3 April 2013

More Than Watercolour Workshop 2013

Koi Carp
"Chasing Tails"
First Stage.

Today was the second of my UK Watercolour Workshops this week, called "More Than Watercolour"

A fabulous group of artists attended and the goal was to  inspire, stretch imaginations and work with vibrant colour. The group laughed when I said, for the second day running, that I was jealous as there was so much going on demonstration wise that I wanted to sit in on the workshop and watch too!

We started with colour exercises and the room yet again was very varied in subject selection especially in the afternoon which for some reason always seems to fly by  far too quickly. Todays favourite subjects for me were the Kookaburra, the  fish and the "Lady from Peru"!

It was wonderful talking to everyone as they left, letting me know what a great time they had today. The problem is, I had a great time too  and can't wait for tomorrows workshop which is themed on flowers. Time is really going too soon this week!


The exercises in my workshops are on my latest DVD "Watercolour Passion"  which can be purchased from my web site online shop

I  am afraid I don't have any places on workshops in UK this year but I will be demonstrating at Patchings Art Festival in June so please feel free to meet me there!

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Atmospheric Watercolours Workshop April 2013

 Workshop Collection of demonstrations and cards

Wow! What a great day at the first workshop of Spring in UK. I have been really looking forward to this weeks sessions as they launch my 2013 art events, workshops and demonstrations.  Every day there is a new theme and this morning saw a wonderful group of eager artists arrive for a full days workshop. One artist had especially flown from Poland and another came from Cork just for the classes. Vietnam,Iceland, Portugal,Canada,Belgium,USA,Croatia are just a few of the countries I have had the privilege of meeting artists from on my, now, international workshops held here in England.

Today we started with my inspirational colour exercises which change each year due to my own techniques evolving. My favourite shades seem to be continually changing too and although I am still in love with Transparent Orange, Turqouise now is a strong contender for the title of "most used" colour!

Everyone knows I adore sharing my passion for  watercolour and my energy level is probably at its' highest when I am in a class full of enthusiastic people as I was today. People who ,like me, love watercolour and creating in this magical of mediums.

My demonstrations covered a variety of subjects but my favourite paintings of the day were the kingfisher when the room fell completely silent as my brush moved, a butterfly  and a glowing snowdrop.  I do  love how there is a quiet atmosphere while I demonstratet. I often feel I should turn around and check everyone is still there because you could often hear a pin drop due to the enjoyment and concentration in the room.  Personally, I loved the catkin demo so much that as soon as I returned home to my cottage I immediately grabbed Baileys lead and went out to pick some in the nearby country lanes. Which means tomorrow I will be painting beautys from life.

 I love the people I meet on these days and feel so very lucky to have a chance to share as I do. One  common problem everyone finds is that it is getting increasingly harder to get on my workshops each year. Which is why I now have special days set by called "Opening Doors" for artists who have never been to me before. I explained to everyone today that it really is wise to contact me by email right now, so that in Autumn when the new 2014 dates are released your name will be on the contact list for  information as soon as it is available. I cannot believe I am loving my 2013 workshops but already looking ahead to the 2014 sessions!

But today, as a workshop , was absolutely  fantastic. I am on the highest of highs. Roll on tomorrow!

Dramatic Snowdrop Wash


For everyone who canno tget to a workshop I will be demonstrating at Patchings Art Festival this year so please keep an eye on my blog and web site for full details. I will be painting, signing books and have my greeting cards and original watercolours with me then.

I currently have a solo exhibition running at the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Details of which can be found on my web site

Monday 1 April 2013

Spring Appears 2013

 Spring coming to life on my easel
Easter 2013

I have been visiting my studio every day and quietly collecting colour for a collection of Spring Florals. Taking my lovely dog Bailey for a walk I often see nature at its' best in nearby woodland. But at this time of year my own cottage garden is beginning to come to life.  In my studio I also have a box  full of gorgeous new shades given to me to try by a fantastic watercolour company. As my workshops start next week I thought I would look at which ones are best to portray "Spring".

I have always mixed my own greens until recently but now I find I am loving the  fabulous shades available. This section of primroses shows how valuable a selection of pigments at hand on your palette can be.  I am still heavily influenced by Madame Blanche Odins work in watercolour and feel this corner of the larger painting is definitely an area where my mind wandered to thinking how she would have painted had she still been alive.  

 Fabulous section of primroses with soft and hard edges.
"A painting within a painting" J.H.

 You see I am gaining such intricate patterns in my results but  I am still being totally true to watercolour as a medium by not using additional acrylics or inks. And by consistently experimenting I am finding even more beauty held within this challenging and magical medium. I haven't used salt or cling film on this painting as I am deliberately setting out to see how varied I can create the appearance of texture minus any aids.

 I have two paintings now side by side on my easel, as I have worked on them at the same time. One I decided was to be heavy in colour, with many layers gradually built up using opaques quite thickly in places. As a contrast to the softer upper section of the same composition where the flowers are in sunlight. The second painting is softer and full of Spring light. This so far is my favourite of the two although the drama on the heavier piece does have huge impact when seen from a distance.

 Different paintings with different moods of the same subject
Primrose clusters

I left the two paintings upright on my easel for easier photography shots and walked in this morning to a heavenly sight. Two paintings that are almost complete, bar a little definition in places.

What a great way to start the day!

Artists Tips: 

1) Do try new shades as often as possible. Its' like going on holiday and adds to the excitement of working in watercolour. 

2) Be brave and aim to stay working purely with the medium minus  additions of other products. This way your results will sing with life and energy and give viewers who look at your finished results the knowledge that you can work in what is classed as the most challenging of mediums.