Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Appears 2013

 Spring coming to life on my easel
Easter 2013

I have been visiting my studio every day and quietly collecting colour for a collection of Spring Florals. Taking my lovely dog Bailey for a walk I often see nature at its' best in nearby woodland. But at this time of year my own cottage garden is beginning to come to life.  In my studio I also have a box  full of gorgeous new shades given to me to try by a fantastic watercolour company. As my workshops start next week I thought I would look at which ones are best to portray "Spring".

I have always mixed my own greens until recently but now I find I am loving the  fabulous shades available. This section of primroses shows how valuable a selection of pigments at hand on your palette can be.  I am still heavily influenced by Madame Blanche Odins work in watercolour and feel this corner of the larger painting is definitely an area where my mind wandered to thinking how she would have painted had she still been alive.  

 Fabulous section of primroses with soft and hard edges.
"A painting within a painting" J.H.

 You see I am gaining such intricate patterns in my results but  I am still being totally true to watercolour as a medium by not using additional acrylics or inks. And by consistently experimenting I am finding even more beauty held within this challenging and magical medium. I haven't used salt or cling film on this painting as I am deliberately setting out to see how varied I can create the appearance of texture minus any aids.

 I have two paintings now side by side on my easel, as I have worked on them at the same time. One I decided was to be heavy in colour, with many layers gradually built up using opaques quite thickly in places. As a contrast to the softer upper section of the same composition where the flowers are in sunlight. The second painting is softer and full of Spring light. This so far is my favourite of the two although the drama on the heavier piece does have huge impact when seen from a distance.

 Different paintings with different moods of the same subject
Primrose clusters

I left the two paintings upright on my easel for easier photography shots and walked in this morning to a heavenly sight. Two paintings that are almost complete, bar a little definition in places.

What a great way to start the day!

Artists Tips: 

1) Do try new shades as often as possible. Its' like going on holiday and adds to the excitement of working in watercolour. 

2) Be brave and aim to stay working purely with the medium minus  additions of other products. This way your results will sing with life and energy and give viewers who look at your finished results the knowledge that you can work in what is classed as the most challenging of mediums.

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