Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Atmospheric Watercolours Workshop April 2013

 Workshop Collection of demonstrations and cards

Wow! What a great day at the first workshop of Spring in UK. I have been really looking forward to this weeks sessions as they launch my 2013 art events, workshops and demonstrations.  Every day there is a new theme and this morning saw a wonderful group of eager artists arrive for a full days workshop. One artist had especially flown from Poland and another came from Cork just for the classes. Vietnam,Iceland, Portugal,Canada,Belgium,USA,Croatia are just a few of the countries I have had the privilege of meeting artists from on my, now, international workshops held here in England.

Today we started with my inspirational colour exercises which change each year due to my own techniques evolving. My favourite shades seem to be continually changing too and although I am still in love with Transparent Orange, Turqouise now is a strong contender for the title of "most used" colour!

Everyone knows I adore sharing my passion for  watercolour and my energy level is probably at its' highest when I am in a class full of enthusiastic people as I was today. People who ,like me, love watercolour and creating in this magical of mediums.

My demonstrations covered a variety of subjects but my favourite paintings of the day were the kingfisher when the room fell completely silent as my brush moved, a butterfly  and a glowing snowdrop.  I do  love how there is a quiet atmosphere while I demonstratet. I often feel I should turn around and check everyone is still there because you could often hear a pin drop due to the enjoyment and concentration in the room.  Personally, I loved the catkin demo so much that as soon as I returned home to my cottage I immediately grabbed Baileys lead and went out to pick some in the nearby country lanes. Which means tomorrow I will be painting beautys from life.

 I love the people I meet on these days and feel so very lucky to have a chance to share as I do. One  common problem everyone finds is that it is getting increasingly harder to get on my workshops each year. Which is why I now have special days set by called "Opening Doors" for artists who have never been to me before. I explained to everyone today that it really is wise to contact me by email right now, so that in Autumn when the new 2014 dates are released your name will be on the contact list for  information as soon as it is available. I cannot believe I am loving my 2013 workshops but already looking ahead to the 2014 sessions!

But today, as a workshop , was absolutely  fantastic. I am on the highest of highs. Roll on tomorrow!

Dramatic Snowdrop Wash


For everyone who canno tget to a workshop I will be demonstrating at Patchings Art Festival this year so please keep an eye on my blog and web site for full details. I will be painting, signing books and have my greeting cards and original watercolours with me then.

I currently have a solo exhibition running at the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Details of which can be found on my web site

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