Wednesday, 3 April 2013

More Than Watercolour Workshop 2013

Koi Carp
"Chasing Tails"
First Stage.

Today was the second of my UK Watercolour Workshops this week, called "More Than Watercolour"

A fabulous group of artists attended and the goal was to  inspire, stretch imaginations and work with vibrant colour. The group laughed when I said, for the second day running, that I was jealous as there was so much going on demonstration wise that I wanted to sit in on the workshop and watch too!

We started with colour exercises and the room yet again was very varied in subject selection especially in the afternoon which for some reason always seems to fly by  far too quickly. Todays favourite subjects for me were the Kookaburra, the  fish and the "Lady from Peru"!

It was wonderful talking to everyone as they left, letting me know what a great time they had today. The problem is, I had a great time too  and can't wait for tomorrows workshop which is themed on flowers. Time is really going too soon this week!


The exercises in my workshops are on my latest DVD "Watercolour Passion"  which can be purchased from my web site online shop

I  am afraid I don't have any places on workshops in UK this year but I will be demonstrating at Patchings Art Festival in June so please feel free to meet me there!

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