Friday 30 September 2011

Autumn Golds

 Blackberries and Autumn leaves.

The weather here has seemed like Summer but I am still working on glorious Autumn Golds in my   latest collection of paintings. This is a glimpse into my  studio this afternoon and a peep at what is on my easel.

My Autumn Workshops are around the corner and I can't wait to get started with the artists on them.they are going to be fantastic!

I love this time of year so much.


Its a Wrap!

The Dream Team
At last weeks photography shoot  with the most amazing team anyone could wish to work for.
Filming is over and it's a wrap! Hence all the happy faces,we can now go home!

It's hard to imagine that this time last week I had just returned from the  final photography shoot for my new book. It was a wonderful few days filming thanks to Gavin and Roddy who are  brilliant photographers catching my every move with a brush on camera.

Juan stepped into the design filming for the materials and it isn't as easy as you may first think when it comes to getting interesting shots of colours,palette and paper. This guy is a sheer genius!

Katie from Search Press is working with me as Senior Editor on the team. All my chapters go to this  fantastic personality and every step of my books creation lies within her experienced hands. From the minute we think about writing a book to its completion!

Years ago I used to think that writing a book involved shutting yourself away and writing or painting for hours on end to finally hand over the fnished product .This would then be magically printed,then distributed and sold. Now I know better about the  process and it is the best experience in the world!

Of course it does really help if everyone loves what they are doing and who they are working with.
Which is why I call our team the dream team.

They ARE a dream to work with!

Thank you everyone!

Wednesday 28 September 2011

A Day in the Life Of..............This Artist!

I must admit I am looking back on my day so far and feel I am reading about someone elses life!

USA  Watercolour Workshops 2012
 I started my morning with emails connected to my USA Watercolour tour in Autumn 2012. The good news is New York is confirmed  with the location and workshop timing, so will be advertised very soon. Emails have gone to all the artists who contacted me about this event which is very exciting.

I am hoping to hear the finalised details for my visit to Texas very soon and there could be a surprise venue also.

My New Book 2012
Next I recieved a package from my publishers with all the images  from last weeks photography shoot and they are FABULOUS! I now have the task of selecting  each demonstration shot and writing about it before the  completed book goes to my publishers for approval and final design lay out editing.

 I also had an invitation to exhibit in France which  for now is a project I will work on quietly until I am able to share the full news. 

Art Event  UK 2012
I have been working on  new art event for 2012 which will add to my existing watercolour workshops in UK due to the lack of places available on my sessions here.  There were many enthusiastic bookings very quickly so a two day event may be added to my existing schedule.

Exhibition in October.
 My email messages are currently going all over the world and I am so thrilled with  leading such a wonderful art life. I will be sharing all the excitement on my blog very soon and the paintings I am currently working on for my October exhibition at the Frame Gallery in Odiham.

I would say " Watch This Space"  but I am watching it too as I haven't  clue what wonderful thing is going to happen next!

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Quinachridone Fever!

Impressions Of Autumn

I love this time of year. Not a day goes by where I don't return home from a morning walk with my dog, Bailey, with my hands full of treasure to paint. I find inspiration from nature  truly energising to my artists soul.

 Golden oak leaves  hit by strong sunlight
This mornings "treasure"

Today I came home with twigs bearing acorns which nestled against foliage.How different they look in todays sunlight.
When the weather was dull the other morning  they looed as though they were full of heavnely blues and purples.  While working on my new Autumn collection I lay a colourful wash to capture the atmosphere outside and I was fascinated in the result. This "Oak Wash" leads the imagination into seeing things that aren't there. I can see a  golden leaf, I see the ghost of an acorn and twigs  in the distant foliage.

"Oak wash"

When I wrote my first book  I noticed something  happening to my work as each chapter evolved. It is happening again with my second book.Within each new exciting chapter I am discovering ways of working that I had never realised I was capable of before.  It is like being on a private workshop over a twelve month period where the teacher is bringing the best out of the student. In this case I am the student and I am being stretched in many  wonderful directions by my own  enthusiasm and ambition to make my new book full of  glowing ideas and colour. Reading it will be like taking a journey into what you can achieve if you wish, taking small steps at first and then flying with confidence.

I can't wait for its release next year and I hope you enjoy it too when it comes out.

But for now I am going to continue exploring  colour combinations and a million fabulous effects with watercolour.  I am so addicted to this heavenly medium and I  think that feeling is very contagious!


On The Hop!

"Bunny Run"

There is  a saying that times flies when you are having fun. In that case I must be ecstatic with happiness!  In all honesty I am. I can't take in how many wonderful things are happening or how many wonderful people I keep meeting. All because of my passion for watercolour.

Yesterday I was at a meeting regarding my 2012 Watercolour Workshops in UK and they are almost fully booked which is really frightening as the dates were only just released. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in a session because places are disappearing really quickly.

I also had fantastic news regarding my Watercolour Workshop in New York which will take place in Autumn 2012. I will be advertsing the location and dates very soon. Again once they are  available please book early as the numbers of places for the session are limited.

I am getting very excited about my trip to Texas in 2012  because I talked to  the organiser on the phone and compeltely fell in love with her accent! I think I am going to be hopelessly in love with USA too !

Yes there is no doubt that 2012 is going to be full of excitement and this energy I will be pulling into my new book and workshops.

But for now I am  completing my collection for the Frame Gallery in Odiham which will be full of Autumn Colours. This will open on October 28th,2011. I will be there so please come if you can make it!

My studio is now full of glorious Autumn paintings, many  hold exciting sections of golds and oranges and I just can't wait to paint in the morning with renewed enthusiasm and ideas!
Life is great!


Sunday 25 September 2011

A New Week September 2011

Looking out of my window this morning the  scene is very different from yesterday. The glorious sunshine has decided to take its' time before making an appearance. The wind  is gently moving branches of the large,old oak trees. Amongst the  many greens in my garden ,vibrant red geraniums are  making a stand whilst growing inside the disused wishing well which is for ornamentation rather than any other purpose. It is just there but the splash of red it contains makes all the difference to my view and how I feel about the weather.

Sometimes it is the little things in life that are so vitally important. That tiny splash of red from the geraniums makes a huge impact on the scene outside. Just like the small dots of red in Turners masterpieces.

I don't think there is anything in life that cannot be  affected by a simple addition of a small amount of vibrant colour. So whatever you are doing today decide which colour is going to not only brighten your day but your spirit as well. In fact each day this week see which colour lifts your mood the most and try capturing that feeling within a painting.

It certainly works for me!

Bailey Challenge September 2011

Bailey posing for the September Watercolour Challenge

I took time out to study the paintings of this months Watercolour Challenge that have been sent to me over the last few weeks. I was determined to wait until the end of this month to have a look but temptation got the better of me.

What hit me most while looking through  the many entries was how my pets personality seems to have been captured so wonderfully in these paintings and yet has not  been met in person by the artists. There are fabulous compositions, brilliant colour choices and gorgeous evident use of  what I define as descriptive brushstrokes. marks that mean something within a painting,marks that tell the story very well and indicate what is important.

I won't select the winning paintings until the end of the month but I have to confess it is going to be very hard choosing from the many superb interpretations.

 Thank you so much to everyone who enjoyed joining in and sent me their painting.  I will share the painting that stole my heart and caught my eye the most, explaining why at the end of the month and then set a new challenge for October which is going to be very exciting!

Watercolour Workshops 2012. UK and USA

Watercolour Workshops 2012

I thought it would be a good idea to  update the news on my watercolour workshop programme for  2012 as places are disappearing very quickly!


Watercolour Workshops UK 2012

One day Workshops 2012 
Hampshire , U.K

In just a few days from the release of my watercolour workshop programme in UK over seventy places were booked and confirmed almost immediately. This means some popular sessions are already sold out but there are a few places left on other sessions. There is also the possibility of repeat sessions for those who are already on the waiting lists for the special theme days.
Can I please suggest contacting me as soon as possible if you are interested in coming to one of my  next years workshops as they do  book very quickly and this leads to disappointment for artists who can't  attend. I will try my best to add more dates if I can.

Full details are on my web site


Dedham Hall
Atmospheric Watercolour
One Week Course

I am thrilled to hear places are disappearing quickly on this first of my weeks courses at Dedham Hall. I will check if any places are left next week but if you are interested in attending please contact them directly as soon as you can!


Watercolour Workshops USA
Texas and New York!

These will take place in October 2012. The locations are so far are Texas and New York. These very exciting events are already attracting huge interest. The wonderful news from this week is that the programme is going to combine with the release of my new book.  Artists who attend will be the first to own a signed copy in USA.

I am so thrilled to be able to be there and share my new techniques and sign copies of my book personally with my  art friends there.

But this is very important, workshops places will be limited for each location and as the dates and information are yet to be released please email me if you would like to attend as early as you can.  I cannot stress this enough.

Bookings will disappear.

Please contact me on........


Saturday 24 September 2011

Addicted To Autumn

Honesty Seedheads

I have no idea why this time of year makes me feel so excited! I just love walking in the country lanes and looking for treasure to paint. Berries,nuts, all kinds of colour combinations in the autmnal leaves as they begin to turn to hues of gold. It's magical!

My garden is full of interesting architectural shapes as seeds are adorning long stems of flowers  coming to and end of their season.

It's so fantastic to have such a rich source of  subject material at hand and my enthusiasm is at a very high with endless energy to paint each gorgeous new sight I see.

Most of my friends are making negative comments that Winter is on it's way and yet Autumn has only just  begun. I am going to enjoy it every single day while it is here.

I hope you do the same!


My next exhibition will be in Odiham at The Frame Gallery and will include beautiful Autumn scenes and glowing Autumn colour. More details will be shared here soon.

Web Site Sales Page coming soon!

You heard it here first!

I have had so many requests for signed copies of my book and enquiries on how to buy my greeting cards. For this reason a whole new section on my web page is in the process of being created and will be up and running soon.

I will be sharing news of when it is open for business but for now a taster of what is to come......

Cards will consists of sets of cockerels, elephants, flowers and dogs 



Watch this space for more details and be the first to buy a set of cards!

Or a signed book!


Photography Shoot September 2011

Gavin taking images for my next book at this weeks photography shoot

Earlier this week I  loaded my car with all my materails and finished paintings to drive to the photography session for my next book.This had been organised and arranged by my wonderful publishers Search Press. The date had to be linked in with the final chapters of my new book which meant the majority of my watercolours had to be complete and all decsions on demonstrations well thought out in advance.

As this is my second book I am now more prepared for what is to happen on these fantastic days. I knew I would be working under bright lights that tend to get very  hot throughout the day. I also knew I would be stopping at intervals for particular shots, timing how long it would be for my water colours to dry in between these shots so as not to lose the flow of my work or where I was leading with each stage. You do need to be able to focus on what is going on with not only your painting but how its development is being recorded. For me, being aware of how readers will be able to follow each step is vital. I was prepared to simplify some sections  but also make sure there were more advanced pieces for the artist who is inclined to be more adventurous!

Day one of the shoot flew by and I was on cloud nine when I left the studio for my hotel. Here I mapped out what was to happen the next day and  reflected on any necessary changes or additions to be included from the first days shoot. Day two arrived and  it seemed to disappear as fast as it had started purely because everything went so well and my time with the team was so enjoyable.

There was a working lunch to discuss with my publsihers the schedule for my new books release in 2012, the promotional events and where it will be available. My own diary for 2012 is already very full with special workshops in UK and USA. I have a long list of art societies that I will be visiting and demonstrating for. I will be demonstrating again  during the SWA Society for Women Artists Annual 2012 Exhibition in London and I am going to be filming a new DVD. Life is very full!

When my day was complete after the very last shot of paintings it was time to  photograph my materials.This is going to be a very interesting section of my book because I share my favourite watercolour products and I really do want to thank the wonderfully generous suppliers of materails who have  given me such   fantastic support. After these shots came the moment I dread , the  part I always try to avoid and everyone knows I do. The authors photograph! I did suggest we used the same photograph that was used in my last book but to no avail. Surprisingly I found myself laughing and having fun for a change in front of the camera . Normally you only see my back when I am working! I hope you like the result when you come to see it inside the cover of my new book when it is available next year.

You may wonder what there is left to do as part of the books creative journey ?

Well this is where things really start hotting up with a full schedule on how to move forward. I need to complete the very last few chapters to close the book. I need to write the full text to go under every single  demonstration photograph and there are many of these! I will be going through the final layout design and making the last changes before the book goes to print. And of course the cover has yet to be decided upon.

The next few months will be a thrilling time and I  will soon need to let go and wait anxiously for the moment when I hold my printed book in my hands for the first time.Before that I will receive the first  draft of the book to give my approval before it goes to print.

It is all a very exciting process and I need to thank some very special people who are really making this dream of mine come true.

Katie from Search Press who is working with me on every step of this books creation. Together we are an incredible duo!

Martin from Search Press who made my day a week ago with a fabulous decision and who gave the go ahead for this book in the first place!

Roz  who I believe is a magician but the reason behond that thought is for another blog entry!

Caroline and Mary who  will be a huge part of my books promotion and sales worldwide. Their enthusiasm is as  high energy as mine. Although in all honesty mine needs to be diluted at times as I am a naturally happy individual!

Gavin and Roddy who are the most amazing photographers I have ever met,working with them is a dream and they get every  moment I want filmed, especially the watercolour action on paper.Thank you so much guys!

Juan is the genius behind the material shots that allow me to share what I use in ways that I would never imagine. An absolutely brilliant and vital part of  our team.

In fact I think together we make the " dream team" and I will share a photo of us all together in my next blog post!

For now I am dying to just paint.....with exciting colour combinations and relax whilst moving my brush!

Tuesday 20 September 2011

New York 2012 Watercolour Workshop

Please could you contact me if you are interested in attending  one of my Watercolour Workshops in New York,USA in Autumn 2012

Places would be strictly limited.

Please send an email  to as soon as possible.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Please don't think I don't notice who is following me or take you for granted!

My life is very busy at the moment and to be honest seems to keep getting busier day by day. But when I notice a new name on my list of followers of my blog I feel very grateful that anyone finds what I share here interesting.  I  don't take you being here for granted because in this hectic world we all have so much to do.

So quietly,while no one is looking I just want to leave a huge thank you here to everyone who has supported me in so many ways.By buying my book, DVD, following me on twitter,facebook or my blog.

I really am very grateful and  I appreciate you being with me on my art journey. And I hope to be a tiny part of yours,

Have a fabulous day,


All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go!

Autumn Wonder!

My car is now laden with my paintings and materials needed for the photography shoot of my next book which start tomorrow morning, arranged by my  fantastic publishers Search Press. This  afternoon I will be heading for the professional photographic studio owned by Roddy and meeting up with photographer Gavin who  took all the images in my last photography session a while ago this year.

I can't wait!

You can imagine how I feel. Excited is an understatement! I have checked my own studio to make sure I have everything with me. I have all the paintings and subjects ready  for the demonstrations which will be captured step  by step by the camera. Having now had experience from filming demonstrations my first book I know what to expect.

Just before I  packed my car I had wonderful news which I am dying to share for 2012 and I know  it is going to go down very well!  Can my life possibly things get any better? Surely not!

So I will be painting with sparks flying off my brushes this week and I hope you will  be too.There is  no better time to get excited about colour and texture in your work than Autumn so I hope everyone is going to paint like mad while I am away!

When I return I will be sharing news of my next exhibition at The Frame in Odiham which will be showcasing some surprising new subjects. It will open on 28th October and I am looking forward to seeing friends there,old and new. Come along and meet me, enjoy the  new collection and be inspired for a whole new Season full of energy,life and vibrant colour!

More news on my exhibition this weekend.

For now.........

Wish me luck on my photography shoot!

Watercolour Workshops 2012

Watercolour Workshops 2012

Having shared the dates for my watercolour workshops in 2012 on my blog and web site this weekend I am stunned to hear 50% of the places have already been confirmed as filled!

Please if you are thinking of getting in touch to book a session contact me as soon as possible because the way things are going there won't be any places left soon!

Thank you so much to everyone who has so enthusiastically contacted me, I can't wait to see you in 2012 and share what is going to definitely be the most exciting year ever!

For workshop bookings contact

Monday 19 September 2011

Who is Following Who?

Painting figures in a market scene.
Smaller section within a large  composition.

Who is Following Who?

It is Monday morning and a whole new exciting week faces me. I leave tomorrow for a meeting with my publishers and the last professional photography shoot for my second book. Am I  excited? Absolutely! Words can't begin to decsribe how I feel this morning as the excitement is setting in already. I have so many techniques I am sharing my my next book, many new and I am so looking forward to the launch next year which seems like such a long way away.

I have been looking back at the advise I have been given from established artists over the years and smiling. Believe it or not I was told by one very famous artist never to write books or DVDs.  I was told very clearly by many established and well known artists  never to be on facebook ot  twitter. I was also very well advised never to write a blog. I was also advised to always use a preliminary sketch and always complete all the picture with every single detail in it. As you can see I ignored their advise.

But how things change!

Since I was offered these words of wisdom I now find the very same established artists who advised me to avoid facebook are now all on it and sharing like crazy! Some posting paintings as if there is no tomorrow as if making up for lost time by not being on it in the past. Apparently,all of a sudden its a now a great idea to make time to be online!

Blogs all of a sudden are now a GOOD thing and new information is now released by them on a regular basis.

I am so fascinated that the artists giving me advise now all seem to think that just possibly my ignoring them wasn't a bad thing after all as they are all following in my footsteps. To be honest I find it quite amusing. And in a way sad. You see, they are already estbalished in the art world and well respected all over the world. So my question is why? Why spend so long on the computer when you are already famous, well known and "out there".  And the answer  worries me a little bit.

It occured to me that possibly fame and all the attention recieved by some well known artists will never be enough.  And this is a frightening  thought. Does our joy in painting and sharing eventually become taken over with an addiction to being the most well known artist there is? If so I need to put my brushes down right now as I never want to be in this position.

I want to always paint because I love painting and for no other reason. And this joy I try to share in each of my posts. My art life is as simple as that.

For me one part of my art is and always will be consistent.  My passion for watercolour. Not what happens because of that emotion. Just the sheer joy of sharing my love for working in this medium that I adore so much. This is why I hold smaller art classes so that I can enjoy teaching and giving everyone who comes to me individual attention. I don't see myself as ever being a huge name in the art world because there are so many artists who are far better than I,and there always will be.

There are many famous artists who never use the internet because they are where they wish to be and have no need for further self promotion.  I admire them so much on many levels.  They have the confidence to know that whatever happens no new emerging artist is going to steal their limelight or effect their art journey. These are the art names who will give good advise and mean it  because they are not threatened by someone new doing well.

So my advise if you are a new artist is to follow your dreams. Never let anyone tell you not to reach for where you want to be; and more importantly never let anyone tell you that you can't get there. You can and maybe, just maybe  anyone trying to hold you back isn't doing so for the right reasons.

To those who told me what not to do in the past and who are now following in my footsteps. Maybe next time you give advise to an emerging artist you will possibly listen to their views rather than dismiss them. They could be the very ones helping you in your own career so thank them for sharing their enthusiasm with you and allowing you to be a part of their world!

I honestly believe we all learn from each other,the enthusiasm and eagerness of a  beginner in art can often give energy to the older more seasoned artist who as been painting for such a long time they have forgotten what it feels like to have that wonderful excitement when they first pick up a brush to start a new painting!

And it appears the older more seasoned artist has a lot to learn by following newer artists  who love to share on blogs and facebook!

Have a great week and please please please...........

Follow your dreams and be you!


Sunday 18 September 2011

Amazing Ways With Watercolour DVD

Amazing Ways With Watercolour DVD

Last week it was wonderful to hear from Townhouse Films letting me know how popular my  DVD "Amazing Ways With Watercolour" has become and to learn that it is selling continually with new orders consistently coming in from all over the world. When Townhouse Films first contacted me to create this film I had no idea how successful it would  be. Their faith and confidence in me as an artist was wonderful and the support from everyone who has purchased  a copy has been incredible. I am so glad I said yes when asked to make it.

When filming it was so  wonderful  to be able to share my thought process in creating paintings, explaining my first washes and why I work this way and  to cover some of my favourite subjects.

Thank you so much to everyone who has  not only bought a copy but also sent me incredible messages saying how much you are enjoying the film. I really am very touched by the warmth and encouragement  in each email and reply.

I hope all I share in 2012 will be as exciting!

Thank you!


A clip from my DVD along with details on how to purchase a copy can be found via this link.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Watercolour Workshops USA 2012

 Watercolour Workshops USA 2012

Yes,it's true and definite! I am coming to USA in Autumn 2012 and arrangements are in hand for my visit. I will be sharing full details here  soon and am working on my trip at the moment.

I have room for one more Art Society on my visit so if you are interested in a hosting a workshop in your State please could you contact your Art Society  or get in touch with me at your earliest convenience because my dates and schedule are almost complete.

I can't wait to meet all my American friends and share my exciting watercolour year because so much will be happening in 2012. Rather than type about this on my blog I would love to share my excitement with you in person and bring my workshops to you instead of showing you my art online!

Thank you to everyone who has shown such  fantastic interest in the possibilty of my coming to USA.

Because of you I am!

USA Watercolour Workshops

Watercolour Workshops 2012: BOOK NOW!

Watercolour Workshops 2012

They are here at last! The dates for my exciting watercolour workshops in 2012 and it's going to be a year to remember in more ways than one. I will be eager to share techniques from my new book in the June workshops, share my new techniques and ideas in the fabulous new sessions  and am so looking forward to "The Artist In You", a fantastic session aimed at helping you to both set and achieve your goals! We have the return of  "Beating the Blues" in February which was so much fun last year, "Animal Madness" and this IS going to be a crazy session,forget still life wooden animals,these are going to literally jump off your paper! Flowers were so popular last year but I only have one session  where we can focus on bringing them to life and this is going to be a  heavenly day! We are going to "See Red" in June when the energy level hits an all time high for a special workshop you will never forget and  the Summertime Blues won't hit us in "Summertime and the living is easy" jazz players,beach scenes,let's go for gold in this  special olympic year!

I will be on an all time high as my new book will be launched in 2012 and I am so eager to share what I have been working on!

So if you would like to join the workshop celebration party in 2012 please choose your session and book VERY early as places will diappear really fast! I can't stress this enough, my workshops have become so popular over the last few years and the number of emails I recieve on a daily basis has grown so much this year alone.

Here is the 2012 programme and if you want a place please email ASAP me on

February 2012

14th February Watercolours With Life Winter 2012
What better time of year or day to  bring emotion into your work? A fantastic start to 2012  painting a variety of subjects  aiming to bring a sense of life and exciting movement into each. This popular  session is a wonderful introduction into Jeans unique painting style. Book early to avoid disappointment!
Fee  £115
15th February  Beating the Blues!
Back by popular demand! An incredible  day loosening up and discovering a whole new range of techniques to create fascinating watercolours that burst with energy and drama.  Bring all your favourite blue shades but discover how to make them sing! Nothing boring about this day,  a great start to 2012!
Fee   £115

16th February The Artist in You
Lacking confidence in your art? Feeling jaded from painting in the same style continually? Not achieving the goals you set out to achieve in the past.? Something is missing and you don't know what? This is the session for you! Its time to look ahead to 2012 as a whole new year and consider options with your art that you may have thought out of reach. This workshop is about bringing the very best out in you as an artist and looking at ways to make your paintings have the "Wow" factor!
As a more intensive and individual session places are strictly limited so please book early. Artists attending will be given full information on what to bring and receive personal feedback from me after the class.
Fee  £150

 April 2012

3rd April. Watercolours with Life Spring 2012
A complete change in our palette as we look at ways to bring  vibrancy into our results  with zingy fresh shades. A suggestion of  colours to bring will be  forwarded just before this session for all artists attending. However you painted in the past this is a new year and it's time to take a fresh look at how we paint, what we create and how we can improve. Let's go for gold!
Fee   £115
4th April. Animal Madness.
The lambs will be  jumping in the fields and  there will be sparks flying off your brushes in this session. Farm animals, pets ,wildlife. It's all here! Bring your favourite photographs and  have a fantastic day to remember. Painting fur? No problem! Eyes that speak to you and are filled with emotion? No problem.
Book now!
Fee  £115

5th April. Sensational Spring Flowers.

The room will be filled as usual at this time of year with a variety of gorgeous spring flowers to work from life with. But we need to paint whole compositions as well as studies of each individual flower. Learn how to paint backgrounds, complete a whole painting and more! A favourite session.
Fee   £115

June 2012

5th June Watercolours with Life Summer
A special Jubilee session that is full of  rich colour, exciting new subjects and glorious new ways to paint them. This popular introduction workshop to Jeans style gets a summer look as the season turns to hot and exciting compositions and colour combinations.
Fee  £115
6th June  Seeing Red!
This is a HOT workshop! The idea is to make each painting  as dramatic as possible and the emphasis is on impact! Not for the faint hearted, this workshop will have you racing for your brushes. In the Olympic year this is the best time to bring out the best in you! This workshops is all about what YOU can achieve as an artist so be brave!
Fee    £115

7th June  Summertime and the Living is Easy! Relax!
Everything Summer from playing on the beach to painting summer flowers. Light plays a huge element in this workshop so  shadows, darks and beautiful colours will be  a priority.  We will be creating atmosphere and magic via brushstrokes and new techniques. I can't wait for this one!
Fee    £115


Lunch and refreshments included.
Location. Winchfield Village Hall,Hampshire,U.K.
Accomodation. Local In next door to workshop venue, wonderful local B&B and nearby hotels.

The number of places in ALL sessions are strictly limited for maximum enjoyment by all who attend.

I teach because I adore teaching and I want to share my passion for watercolour. I don't  hold large classes where attending artists can't see or hear me when I demonstrate and this I will not change. This may make getting a place difficult but you will have a fantastic time when you get here and you will leave feeling refreshed, inspired and motivated to keep your brushes moving.

I intend to make 2012 my best year ever, and yours!

Roll on next year, I can't wait!


For bookings email

How to Paint Colour and Light In Watercolour

How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour
Published by Search Press

It's hard to look back and believe that I felt so nervous about the release of my first book in 2009.  I can remember worrying about the cover,whether anyone would like it or not and feeling like hiding away at one point  just before its release. I recieved wonderful advise by artist Nita Leyland, a heroine in the world of watercolour in my eyes. Nita made me feel welcome and normal. I will forever be grateful for her taking the time to talk to an emerging artist in the literary world.

Too many artists today are mainly concerned about their own career giving little to those who are  taking new steps in an art career direction. The more experienced  I become the more my eyes open to how selfish some artists can be and how generous others are. Nita is a shining example of being generous and is so wonderful as an inspirational artist in so many ways and on so many levels.

I calmed down before my book was launched and shared the moment with many friends online. It is hard to believe that this first book is now reaching 10,000 copy sales worldwide. For a first publication from a new author that really is such wonderful news. To this very down to earth artist it is heart warming to know how  well my painting and writing style has been recieved. I have opened email after email from fabulous artists of all levels who have taken the time to write to me and let me know how much they like my first book. And their words, maybe yours, have inspired me to make my second book one that is to be very special.

My first book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" was a commission. My next is all me!
The demonstrations and information in my first book will guide readers easily into my next book which has simple step by steps leading to more complex compositions.  And both have been so thrilling to write for different reasons. My first book is a taste of what is to come.

I grew as an artist from writing book one.  I am not the same now as my art has evolved from learning as I explained my own techniques. Like being on one of my own workshops I studied what I knew and improved, naturally.  From writing book two I could see where I needed more experience to grow even more with technical knowledge and new ideas on how to use  them. This next book will be very different in the watercolour world and I intended it to be so. I am so excited about it I dream about each new chapter when I finally give in and leave my studio each day.

 I want to thank every single person who bought a copy of my book or left an incredible review. You have made me so happy, so much so I want to give even more to you.
And I will in my new venture.

Thank you!


Workshops,Books and Art Tours 2012

With Katie from Search Press
At a meeting in my studio earlier this year

This week has been the busiest of my life in so many ways. Just when I think I am on top of  everything new exciting opportunities come my way and I find it very hard to say no to them!

New Book 2012
I am going to the final photography session for my second book next week. Many paintings are now all ready to be included in each thrilling chapter. This is where I say goodbye to the huge box in my studio and favourite large compositions that will now stay with my publisher until they have been professionally filmed for inclusion.Until now I have been taking my own photographs and sending the layout and text for approval but from here my book gets the experience from specialists in this field.  I will also be at a meeting to discuss my book launch in UK and abroad so there is a lot to think about. For now I want to focus purely on what is included. I also want to savour the last few days when I alone know what is going into my book!  It is going to feel like Christmas giving so many ideas away that I truly hope will be enjoyed.

There are so many techniques and tips in this publication as I hope to inspire everyone who reads it to adore working in my loose style, painting every single subject in sight. I will keep you updated as soon as I have news of its' release next year and book launch for book signings.

Watercolour Workshops 2012

I now have all the UK dates and  workshops for 2012  available. They are to be my next post on my blog today. As promised everyone on my email watercolour workshop list  has been forwarded a copy of the dates and sessions so I will be releasing the full information on my web site and blog today.There are some gorgeous new sessions and some wonderful favourites.

I am aware that many artists and friends from all over the world have been eagerly looking forward to their release so the best advise I can offer everyone is to please book early as places disappear very quickly.

It's going to be a very exciting year!

Watercolour Workshops USA

I am definitely coming to USA in Autumn 2012 and will be sharing details here later this fall.
I can consider one additional Art Society on my tour.

If you are interested in a visit to your State please contact your nearest Art Society or

Art Society Demonstrations  UK 2012

My Art Society demonstration schedule is now full for 2012 .
I will be taking bookings for 2013 next year so please contact me if you wish to book a workshop or  demonstration as my diary fills very quickly.

Dedham Hall  Autumn 2012

I am thrilled to have been invited to hold a workshop at Dedham Hall whose list of teaching artists include John Yardley and Ken Paine. Places will be strictly limited for the weeks course so please book early to avoid disappointment.


Monday 12 September 2011

Dedham Hall 2012 Watercolour Course

Dedham Hall 2012
I am delighted to share the news that I will be taking a weeks course on watercolour at Dedham Hall, U.K. in September 2012.

"An exciting week looking at how to work in a loose style minus the use of a preliminary sketch painting a variety of subjects in ways that seem to magically bring them to life. From the first decision of  choosing what to paint, to selecting a wide range of techniques along with dramatic colour combinations for adding impact to gain unique results, this workshop will aim at bringing the best out of you as an artist and have you leaving feeling inspired.

Following Jeans popular DVD “Amazing Ways with Watercolour” this is the perfect opportunity to stretch yourself and try something completely new with what can only be described as the most fascinating of mediums.  A highly in demand artist whose enthusiasm and passion for watercolours is well known, this is an opportunity not to be missed."

Places are strictly limited  so please book early to avoid disappointment!

September 2011 Watercolour Challenge

Bailey waiting to be painted!

WOW! The wonderful challenge paintings of Bailey are flooding in and I am over the moon that he is such a popular subject!

There is still plenty of time to send me your loose and unique  painting of Bailey in watercolour if you want to join in the challenge so please send your painting to me on

I will share my favourites and explain why they work for me at the end of this month!

Thank you to everyone who has joined in  already!

Watercolour Workshops 2012

Whilst my watercolour workshops for 2011 are fully booked my new dates are now available for  sessions and locations in 2012.

Those on my email workshop list will be notified and I will be announcing the  themes and news of each session on my blog soon.

A lot of thought and energy  goes into every workshop  with an aim to make it the very best  day ever and one that is filled with inspirational information in a fabulous  working atmosphere. Each one day and two day workshop will be very special. This is because I know 2012 is going to be the best art year of my life to date for reasons that I will share at a later date. It is all very exciting!

Please can I suggest to all artists who are interested in attending my workshops,could you book as early as possible. They do fill very quickly and spaces are limited to ensure a great day is had by those who come. I don't squeeze as many people into a room as possible for financial gain. All artists have a table each with personal space to move and enjoy painting. There is plenty of room to be close to me when I am demonstrating and everyone can hear exactly what I am saying for each brushstroke.

This means my classes are smaller and personal but on this I won't budge because a quality day is what I aim to give on all counts including the coffee and tea breaks! We have goodies in store!

Please email me on if you wish to hear the workshop dates by email personally and as soon as possible.


It's going to be a year when YOUR dreams come true.Lets work on that together!