Wednesday 31 August 2011

September Watercolour Challenge 2011

September Watercolour Challenge 2011
Everyone is welcome to join in!

I am amazed at how fantastic the shell paintings forwarded to me from my August Watercolour Challenge were and really thrilled it was such a popular subject. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in.

I must admit with so many gorgeous flowers in my garden it would have been very easy to share a photograph of a flower as this months next challenge but I think many artists are already painting them as it is still Summer.  So I decided it would be terrific to paint something fun and also give a few hints of what I would be looking for in the paintings that come my way.

Here it is..........the new challenge is.........


My Bearded Collie.

How do you gain expresson in a pet portrait when you can't even see the eyes?

How can you gain a sense of movement in your result?

If you consider Judiths painting of a shell that was my favourite for the August Challenge sections of her painting were left to the imagination, so will you be painting ALL of Baileys face?

You can't see all of him especially his front legs but does this mean you shouldn't add them if you want to?

Well here is the task

1) Think about all the above questions and work out in your mind  the answers BEFORE you pick up a brush!

2) Next bear in mind I only want you to paint ONE dog, Bailey on his own but in a way that you think will be different to anyone elses painting as everyone will be working from this one photo!
Good Luck!

I will post my two favourite paintings at the end of the month and I am dying to see what you come up with, by the way I will send the winner a collection of my  dog greeting cards, one signed from me as a thank you for joining in.

Have fun!

 Please email your paintings to

Tuesday 30 August 2011

August Challenge 2011 Kevin Donaldson

August Challenge 2011 
Painting No 2.

Shell Painting by Kevin Donaldson

I just had to add this painting by Kevin Donaldson. I have recieved so many shells for the August Challenge that looked similar and amongst them came this incredible composition with other shells on the beach, shadows and so much more than what I had asked for. There is a feeling of light here also.

I think whenever we see a subject or are asked to paint something our brain immediately goes into gear as to thinking how to create what we can actually really see into a painting. But there comes a point in our artistic journey when that isn't enough and we  look into ways of creating what we don't see as well which in turn adds to the individuality of the finished result.

This doesn't by any means make paintings of the shell alone any less important but it does show how far we can go using our imagination.

Because of how I work I would love to see a few soft edges in this piece or maybe sections left to the imagination but wow what a completely different result and one I hadn't expected to see when I first set the challenge.  When we walk around exhibitions certain paintings stand out and we don't know why. Maybe we love the subjects, or possibly we admire the skill and techniques used by the artists. But when we see something completely new and different we often take a double take. I did with Kevins' painting!

As artists we not only need to create but we also need to think about grabbing the viewers attention which is well done  in this challenge by this unique composition!

Thank you very much Kevin for joining in with the challenge!


August Challenge 2011 Judith Farnworth

 August Challenge 2011

Painting  No 1.

 Shell By Judith Farnworth

Over the last few weeks I have enjoyed looking at the August 2011 Challenge paintings forwarded to me from all over the world including  Russia,France,USA and Argentina. It is incredible how many artists of all levels were inspired by a simple shell. But was it a simple challenge?
Not really because apart from adding a photo to my blog and inviting everyone to paint it I gave absolutely no clues as to what I was looking for. Many paintings came my way that were exact copies of the photograph and they were beautifu,some to perfection in colour and shape. Others were  unusual in the choice of colour background and textural effects. In all honesty I didn't recieve a single painting that wasn't fabulous. And I seriously mean that! So a huge thank you to everyone who joined in with this challenge.

I have tried to reply personally to everyone who sent me a painting which has been no mean feat with so much work on but if you were kind enough to join in,even if it was only one line as a reply I just had to  thank you in return with my thoughts on your work.  In my own way I am trying to reach out to as many artists as possible because it is impossible to hold a workshop where everyone can attend and I know my sessions are becoming increasingly difficult to get onto because of the demand due to their popularity.

So here is the first of my favourite paintings. This is by artist Judith Farnworth who is a member of Paint My Photo. I have selected this painting because Judith has chosen the right amount of the painting to leave to the viewers imagination. Not all the information is there but there is enough to tell the story. And look also at the soft use of watercolour. The shell is in an almost 3D effect due to clever handling of colour placement. Judith has also looked at the original photograph but turned it into an original piece of art by not painting what she saw directly but painting what she wanted to instead which is excatly how I work.
These are Judiths own words about the challenge.

"The challenge for me has been trying to find what I wanted to focus on as the whole photo was lovely but didn't give me enough contrast when I was trying to get a feel for the texture on the shell, too much like the bg especially when I tried to add some detail."

Congratulations Judith on a very fine painting that is worthy of being in a frame. 
I absolutely love it and I hope the follower os my blog love it too!


August Watercolour Challenge 2011

Photograph of a Shell against a copper patio background.

I have waited very patiently to share my favourite paintings forwarded to me for my August Watercolour 2011 Challenge.

When I first set the challenge I thought a shell would be perfect as a reminder of Summer, of  walks on the beach, of childhood memories possibly seeking for shells when on holiday in distant locations or at home and nearby.

This particular shell was an unusual shape, the colouring appealed to me and I placed it on a warm background to enhance the stripes on the body of the shell itself. I set the challenge giving no  tips, clues or suggestions really of what I would be looking for. I actually didn't expect many replies or submissions of paintings which is where I completely misinterpreted the  number of readers and watercolours lovers who follow my blog.

I want to wish a huge thank you to everyone who has sent me a painting and if you haven't had a reply by email it is because I didn't want to spoil the sharing of my favourites which will be my next blog posts. I hope by explaining why I like the paintings will be of  value and that you will consider joining in my next challenge for September!

I have loved looking at the fantastic watercolours that have come my way from this and most of all I love getting to know the artists who are in touch with me. I feel a connection with you  from our joint passion for this magical medium.

I will be adding the challenge paintings here next. It is quite exciting isn't it!


Monday 29 August 2011

Lyndhurst Gallery,

Lyndhurst Gallery
 "Sheer Gold"
Lyndhurst gallery
New Forest, U.K.

I am delighted to share the news my painting entitled " Sheer Gold" is  now on display at the Lyndhurs Gallery in the New Forest. It is a very large painting that is full of movement and life and definitely one of the favourite horse racing scenes I have ever worked on. I had to stand to paint this scene and for most of it danced to loud music to get the sensation of thundering hooves.

The gallery and I agree the photographs sadly do not do this watercolour justice so if you are in the New Forest please visit  Lyndhurst Gallery as it has a fabulous collection of art on display by many leading contemporary artists.
"Sheer Gold"
Close Up


Sharing a Moment. New Book 2012

An Exciting Moment.

The first proof of my book has arrived!

It is here,the moment where my heart skips a beat and I can't wait to open an eagerly awaited package The proof of the first sectiosn of my new book has arrived! I can't describe this feeling of anticipation. I have worked so hard trying to share my passion for watercolour in my second book  aiming to include new ideas and approaches to working in my beloved medium.

I have met so many artists and seen so many styles over the years so to me it is vital my own stamp is very much in the pages of my second leap into becoming an author. It is really funny how life can bring momets where you just cannot contain how happy you feel. As a normally cheerful person I find it hard not to enjoy every single day or moment life has to offer but this is surely amongst the most magical.

For those who would like to know what is insed this package,well it is the pages of the first half of my book without images at first. For now blanck spaces lay where the paintings will be added at a later proof session.That will be where my excitemnt hits an all time high and you can be sure I will share that special moment here on my blog.

For now I need to absorb every chapter, study the location of each image and how it fits with the text and decide if the flow is working or not leading the reader  deeply into  each new page and technique demonstrated.

It is a fabulosu feeling.Inside each section I am sharing so much that I am eager for other watercolour lovers to see. Ways I am working that I haven't shared before and new ideas that have evolved since starting to write this new publication.

I told my publishers the wierdest thing happend to me when I wrote my first book. I grew as an artist when writing each new page then. It is happening again and I love it! I hope everyone reading my new book which will be launched next year will feel the same way.Excited,eager to paint and loving every second they hold their brushes.

Roll on 2012.......but not quite yet as I still have a few chapters left to write!


Book Launch 2012

I will be sharing news of my book launch when the time is right and if you are reading my blog please know you will be invited!  It will be a celebration for me in many ways and I would love all watercolour lovers to be with me on that day. 
Especially YOU!

First Signs Of Autumn 2011

Beautiful Berries

Hawthorn Berries in Watercolour
Early stages

There is no better way to paint than when your heart feels light and your mood is happy.This morning we walked through country lanes and the most gorgeous rosehip and hawthorn berries shone in vibrant sunlight. The rich colours were so stunning that I knew I would put everything aside I was supposed to be working today on for my book, galleries and workshops and paint succulent autumn fruits instead. 

As always the very best berries sat on top of the hedgerows so it fell on my fantastic husband to reach high up and pick the branches I wanted for me. I don't know why nature puts the very best fruits out of reach but it seems to happen daily on my walks. The subjects I desserately want to paint are far taller than I am!

With my treasures safely in my hand we made the homeward joruney and I waltzed into my studio looking at the many paintings on display that need to be completed.  Casting all thought sof working seriously I placed a beautiful new blank piece of paper on my easel and  had the most glorious of painting sessions  capturing the light and freedom I felt onm on my shoulders when I first saw their beauty.  This painting of hawthorn berries is amongst the first washes I have enjoyed working on this morning. There are three washes on the go and all are tempting me to leave my computer and work on them! 

So thst exactly what I am going to do!

Please get out in the fresh air and find something that really turns you on to paint. The break will energise your artists soul and when you return to your chosen work you will be amazed at how differently you see it with refreshed eyes!


Watercolour Workshops 2012

I now have dates for my Spring 2012 workshops which look so exciting. I won't share the themes yet but please watch this space for their release , next year will be my best sessions ever as I have so much that is new I will be sharing!  Be warned, if you do come to  my workshops painting in watercolour becomes completely addictive with no subject out of your reach as you will never look at anything in the same way again. 

My programme will include the popular " Beating The Blues " session in February and I honestly can't wait!


Monday 22 August 2011

Fascinated By Nature

Natures Treasure

Blackberries appearing in a Soft Watercolour Wash

My blog has gone quiet and so have I. The last few weeks have been very full but  over the last few days I have been enjoying the simple side of country life. I have walked my fluffy pup Bailey in wonderful countryside and harvested natures' treasure.  I have made Blackberry Jam from a fabulous recipe, delicious Blackbery Crumble and other culinary delights. Next to make is the Blackberry Whiskey which will need to be hidden for six months before it can be sampled. I don't actually drink spirits but it can be used as a terrific base for homemade ice cream although friends have also poured it on top which they say is also delicious!

I have stood quietly and looked at  the fruits as they hang on heavily laden twigs and branches. They are often on top of hedgerows and can be found hiding underneath thick foliage but usually behind tall stems of nettles that seem to protect them from all being picked! I have performed balancing acts to reach the highest and most awkwardly located juicy best berries. All the while realizing the most difficult to reach branches always seemed to hold the best fruit.

Creating in my kitchen rather than my studio gave me a welcome break for my brain giving it time to absorb the information it has been taking in from the sights and thoughts while I was alone. It is amazing how much we can learn from nature. 

Reaching for what is difficult brings rewards.

Striving to be a better artist is more satisfying than accepting what we think we can achieve.

With this in mind I thought of the way I used to paint blackberries and Autumn scenes in the past. I want more this year as my mentality as an artist is changing. I want light, interest, drama and a feeling of life more than ever in my work. As I am writing my next book I want  it to be really exciting and tempting to all who read it. I want to inspire in a way that has everyone believing they can be far better than they already are no matter what level that is.
And so this weeks experiments have started today with wonderful washes zinging with life and mystery.They aren't all blackberries as I have strawberry jam on the go, elderberry cordial and sloe gin.You can imagine what my kitchen and studio looks like.
How I wish I could share the magical aroma from my kitchen!


If you are looking for inspiration please go to the countryside and look at all on offer. Apart from berries there are wonderful hazel nuts, hogweed is now at its' best  with seedheads begging to be painted and have you ever noticed how beautiful nettles can be? Each seaonsbrings new subjects for the creative and imaginative artist. 

Don't miss out,get out there and pick some subjects,paint them and  if they are edible cook them too! I'll be making nettle tea next! Afetr I have painted the nettles of course!


Wednesday 17 August 2011

Watercolour Workshops 2012

"Essence of a Celt"
Watercolour portrait minus the use of a preliminary sketch.

Watercolour Workshops 2012

This year has been incredible. I keep thinking it can't get any better and it does. Continually! My only disappointment is in not being able to fit everyone in who has asked to come on one of my workshops. I open emails and my heart sinks because I know 2011 sessions have been fully booked for so long in advance.

There are several reasons why I am having to turn people away and the main one is that I keep my numbers small in attendance so that everyone who comes can clearly see my demonstrations and hear what I am saying. This is wonderful for the artists who  manage to get a place but not so wonderful for those left on the waiting list!

I also don't take watercolour workshops all year around because I need my own time to develop my style and grow as an artist. I exhibit regularly in galleries and write.  I want to ensure I have something new and exciting to bring to each session rather than paint exactly the same thing over and over again. This is not my personality or style as an artist. I host workshops that I get a buzz out of teaching and love the thrill out of knowing everyone who has come leaves feeling inspired. My workshops aren't repetitive as the programmes change each year although I will admit I may repeat " Beating the Blues" in 2012 because it was so much fun this year!  

I knew I needed to look at how I could  improve my schedule so that I can offer more places here and abroad.  I am thrilled  with my diary of events,demonstrations and workshops for  next year and I am very eager to share the dates and locations.

So I will share my intinery in September/October and hope everyone who has been waiting patiently for the news will be as excited as I am. I am going to have a fabulous 2012 so my aim is to  now focus on ensuring every one I know has a fantastic year next year too! 

That means you as well!

 So all I can say for now this space!


New Book Launch 2012

"How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
Book Cover Painting.

I really have switched off from the outside world at the moment as I am enjoying working on my second book.  I have covered the introductory sections and loved leading to the time where I can share the combination of new techniques that I have been quietly keeping secret until my next book is launched in 2012. At times it's been so hard not racing to my computer to show my latest paintings which will be seen for the first time when my book comes out next year..

On my easel I have a series of  several new subjects which I am hoping will be a complete surprise. The favourites that I have painted for so long like cockerels,portraits and racing scenes have a whole new look. Holding them back it is like looking forward to Christmas waiting for gifts you have carefully selected for friends and family to open, hoping they will love what is inside the wrapping.

It is too early to choose the new cover painting but that time is fast aproaching.With so many subjects to choose from inside the book its going to be very hard deciding what represents my style the most!

This is avery exciting part of my art journey.


Monday 15 August 2011

Wonderful News for 2012

A New Week

"Looking Ahead"
The latest cockerel from my new collection beginning to appear. 
I absolutely love his eye and how he is watching my every move and brushstroke on his feathers!

Well it is Monday morning and my day started with a wonderful phone call regarding workshops next year. I will be sharing my news in September with my new 2012 Watercolour Workshop Programme. If you are  loving working in this medium as much as I am and looking for something to get your adrenalin pumping each time you pick up a brush next year could be the one that really gets you on the highest of highs!

My aim is not only to share new techniques from my next book but bring out the very best in everyone attending my sessions so that they reach their goals as an artist in ways they did not expect. All subjects will be covered so watch my blog for the latest news on spaces available.

I must confess I am so excited I am sure I will be painting in very vibrant colours today!

Thursday 11 August 2011

Will there be Landscapes?

Will there be Landscapes?

Throwing Colour On!
Five minute "unwind" at the end of todays studio session 
which will lead me into a very exciting painting day tomorrow .

Last night we went for a wonderfully informal meal at the vicarage. The company was warm and welcoming and the food was superb. As the evening progressed I was enchanted by our hosts and even more delighted to meet new friends and old. Before we ate we bowed our heads for grace which made me think how thankful I am for so much that is wonderful in my life. Which is why I feel so strongly about giving as much away as possible, no one on earth deserves to be as lucky as I am.

As I left last night I was shown some wonderful watercolours owned by my generous host. Firstly I saw a James Patterson original. Patterson was one of the famous Glasgow Boys, his landscape thrilled me because it was magical in its' simplicty capturing a rural view in a quiet peaceful  traditional manner as watercolorists of days gone by would understand.expect and adore. As we do to this day.
Then I saw the work of an incredible artist who died in her late twenties having recorded many gorgeous watercolours of India from her travels. With no camera to capture memories travellers at that time in history depended on their skill with a brush to create an interpretation of what they had seen.

I also heard of John Ewbank and have looked at his work online. What incredible talent from a watercolour artist I had never heard of before. 

There are so many artists we do not know,we learn from past masters as their work is so inspirational to us as we aim to paint in our own styles today. I set about writing new chapters for my next book  in my studio today and smiled thinking of all the questions I have been asked recently.The most common one is " Will there be landscapes in your book?" Then the remark " Please add some landscapes in your style! "

Well there will be landscapes. And after last nights wonderful nspiration I can't wait to go out and paint some local scenes for my book. 

In my unique way of course!

So the answer is.........


There will be landcsapes!


Wednesday 10 August 2011

Facing Facts

Facing Facts
Wise II

Over the last few days the main focus of the news has been on the riots causing mayhem throughout England. This morning I watched many people join forces to clean up the mess left behind by youths who had selfishly run riot giving no thought to others lives or possesssions. All that mattered seemed to be how they gained their "fun" without a care in the world of the consequences.

At first I was horrified. I have listened while wise people in privileged positions explain how these youngsters need help and support. And I have to ask a question. How old does anyone have to be to understand the difference between right and wrong?

Over the years I have painted many "Wise Men". Faces  with character from my time living in Dubai. My emotions must have flowed into this face this morning as I see worry there mixed with concern and sadness. I am certain many parents and grandparents are feeling thoses emotions at the moment.

I hope the week continues in a much more peaceful manner with no further problems. 

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Finding a Flow

Finding a Flow
On days when you don't feel like painting!

Playful Wash at the end of a working session

Sometimes it is hard to  get going when you have had a break from your studio or when your mood may not be condusive to painting.  Yesterday I went to Wales to visit an elderly relative who is in hospital. Over the weekend my concern grew over her heatlh and I was also completely stunned by the news of riots in London over the last three evenings.

There are times when we won't feel cheerful or as eager to create as we usually would. For the professional artist having a period when you don't want to pick up your brush is not an option. For the amateur the impact of not wishing to paint for a few days can often become more permanant as days and weeks can pass by without that wonderful urge of  yearning to paint disappears.

I hear so many comments from people who normally love working in watercolour but for some reason their enthusiasm has vanished. When I get days like today I forget subjects and close my mind to  the compositions I know I should be working on. Instead I play with colour. Interestingly today I worked in blue. Every single wash has been a combination of blue shades which led me to eventually to subjects I wouldn't normally be painting. As the morning passed I felt a need to introduce some sunshine into my very peaceful blue washes so I added yellow and allowed the pigments to melt together just to see what would happen. I have some white flowers in my room so picked them out in one interesting flow and love what is beginning to happen.

Close Up of Flower Detail

Considering this relaxation piece  is aimed at the bin I have had a very.calming art session. My mind is clear again and I am eager to work tomorrow. I also managed to deliver four new paintings to be framed for an upcoming exhibition and have time to work on email messages in the morning mainly connected with my diary of events for 2012.

I am also going to look through all the wonderful paintings of shells that have headed my way by email for my August Watercolour Challenge.The ones I have seen so far are fantastic but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a few more paintings so please  forward your challenge to me if you haven't already! 

On that note I have a really fun subject ready for the next challenge that should raise more than a few smiles!


Thursday 4 August 2011

Reaching For Gold

Golden Moments

 Goldfish appearing in an exciting colourful wash 

It is happening.

The moment when I begin to switch off from the world as my new book really starts to come to life.The introduction stage was written some time ago and the mid sections are now leading to the most exciting of climaxes. I find I cannot tear myself away from my studio. I have lost all sense of the outisde world as my imagination and creative instincts lead me from one  tempting subject and technique to another. I have discovered so much along the way of writing my second book and on top of this I have met incredible artists over the last twelve months of all levels who have keenly encouraged me to take on this exciting project. I can't thank everyone enough for the enthusiasm and anticipation to the day this new book will be published.  My acknowledgemnt page is certainly going to be very interesting!

I have many emails from Art Societies awaiting replies, I have long lists of contacts asking about my 2012 watercolour workshops and I also have exhibitions I need to focus on for next year.

My life is very rich and  not a day goes by where something new and wonderful doesn't happen. It is far too much for one person to take in alone or possess. Which is why I want to give everything I know away in the chapters of my second book so that other artists may love what they are doing as much as I do and achieve their dreams.

One of the nicest emails I have read this week is from an established professional artist with many years of experience under their belt.They have won many awards and are a legend in thier own art journey. They told me I am like a breath of fresh air as I have renewed their own passion and enthusiasm for working in watercolour,  through new eyes even though they thought hey had seen it all before.. How wonderful is that and what a compliment. I will not reveal their name but I am truly honoured to have recieved such a flattering  message!


I have been watching fish in our pond grow from tiny black small fry, born last year. They have gradually turned into gorgeous gold fish. No one would believe me when I said this would happen and it has! They are now stunning subjects to paint.  So when you lose faith,have a down painting day or don't believe you will be, or indeed are a fantastic artist think of these fish.
They turned into gold and I believe you can too!


Wednesday 3 August 2011

Eagerly Waiting For Tomorrow.

Portrait Demonstration from my book
" How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"

Today has been a day for turning off the computer and working in solitude on my second book which will be released next year. I am finding myself more and more enthralled with the latest chapters and new techniques I am working on and wish to share. Once upon a time I would race to my computer and share every single new idea or way to paint a new subject as soon as I had discovered it. Now I am learning to hold back and keep my latest techniques a complete secret until my newq book is launched in 2012.

I really want everyone to not only love painting in watercolour as I do but feel they are on an adventure themselves into  exploring new approaches to working in a loose style. I am giving absolutely everything I have ever learnt away from tips to techniques given to me over the years from all over the world and more. But I am also learning new fascinating outcomes from my own experiements with watercolour. These I can't wait to give away to be enjoyed.

So if I go quiet or  my emails are few and far between you know why. I am loving what is coming off my keyboard, as in text and my paintbrush, as in paintings for my next book.

I cannot wait to start writing tomorrow!


You can follow me on Twitter where I connect and share with other artists, art magazines,galleries and art manufacturers for the latest updates and news. 
Or communicate with me on Facebook when I am online!

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Come Dipingere LUCE & COLORE ad Acquarello

"Come Dipingere 
ad Acquarello"

My book " Howe to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" is now available in Italian!

This afternoon while working hard on my second book a parcel arrived from my publisher. I wasn't expecting one so wondered what it could be. Since my first book was published one wonderful surpise after another has taken plac to the point that I never really know what to expect next. As I eagerly removed the parcel wrapping I could see copies of my book " How to Paint  Colour and Light in Watercolour" inside but when they finally came into full view they were all in Italian!

How fantastic!

Published by "Il Castello"  my first book is now available in another language and I am thrilled,over the moon and very happy!

I now need to get back to work on my next book which is looking so beautiful. I do hope this one is published in Italian too!


August Watercolour Challenge 2011

August Watercolour Challenge 2011

What better way to celebrate Summer than paint subjects which remind us of holidays,sunshine beaches and relaxtion? I always try to vary my subjects as much as possible.I believe this strectches my artists soul and imagination, as well as my skill with my favourite medium.

I did love seeing all the emails that came my way with wonderful paintings of flowers in July so here is anotherWatercolour Challenge .

Please study the subject and look at how it sits in the composition.You can change this or paint it as you see it. Bear un mind others will be painting this too and they can see what you seew. How can you make your painting very different to everyone elses?

Photograph of a shell taken this morning.

I am amazed at how this  image looks like a painting already. I have only placed a favourite shell against the copper patio in one section of our garden. It acts as a gorgeous backdrop to the subject.

If you would like to send me your results please email me your paintings on

Happy painting and I look forward to seeing hwat you come up with.


Monday 1 August 2011

Summer Days

Making the Most of Natural Summer Light

Painted in this afternoons summer  sunshine.

I couldn't bear to be on my computer today so  I am behind with emails, messages and the August Watercolour challenge. Instead of typing I made the most of every second of sunshine today and worked on paintings for my next book.

With whispery soft touches I began to bring an Echinacea flower to life. As its petals appeared softly with the sun shining on my shoulders I felt an inner happiness that is so hard to explain. Sometimes solitude can be a wonderful thing.

My day started with a family of swans arriving at our cottage.Three young cygnets eagerly fed from me and the proud parent watched with almost a smile on their face. Make that beak! 

Thsi afternoon I took a lovely walk with Bailey through a nearby field that is full of wild flowers which created an incredible riot of colour. What fascinated me is that nature placed every single colour you could imagine together in this field. Forget everything you have ever been taught about choosing colours that harmonise for a painting. Because not one of these colours did in the field.  And yet it looked exciting and fabulous. As soon as I came home I tried to paint the feeling of light and happiness that was in my heart.

Maybe that is another secret to achieving a good painting.Your mood and how you allow it to  flow into your results. Mine is light and carefree,and I hope that will show in my finished piece!


I will add the August challenge soon!