Monday 22 August 2011

Fascinated By Nature

Natures Treasure

Blackberries appearing in a Soft Watercolour Wash

My blog has gone quiet and so have I. The last few weeks have been very full but  over the last few days I have been enjoying the simple side of country life. I have walked my fluffy pup Bailey in wonderful countryside and harvested natures' treasure.  I have made Blackberry Jam from a fabulous recipe, delicious Blackbery Crumble and other culinary delights. Next to make is the Blackberry Whiskey which will need to be hidden for six months before it can be sampled. I don't actually drink spirits but it can be used as a terrific base for homemade ice cream although friends have also poured it on top which they say is also delicious!

I have stood quietly and looked at  the fruits as they hang on heavily laden twigs and branches. They are often on top of hedgerows and can be found hiding underneath thick foliage but usually behind tall stems of nettles that seem to protect them from all being picked! I have performed balancing acts to reach the highest and most awkwardly located juicy best berries. All the while realizing the most difficult to reach branches always seemed to hold the best fruit.

Creating in my kitchen rather than my studio gave me a welcome break for my brain giving it time to absorb the information it has been taking in from the sights and thoughts while I was alone. It is amazing how much we can learn from nature. 

Reaching for what is difficult brings rewards.

Striving to be a better artist is more satisfying than accepting what we think we can achieve.

With this in mind I thought of the way I used to paint blackberries and Autumn scenes in the past. I want more this year as my mentality as an artist is changing. I want light, interest, drama and a feeling of life more than ever in my work. As I am writing my next book I want  it to be really exciting and tempting to all who read it. I want to inspire in a way that has everyone believing they can be far better than they already are no matter what level that is.
And so this weeks experiments have started today with wonderful washes zinging with life and mystery.They aren't all blackberries as I have strawberry jam on the go, elderberry cordial and sloe gin.You can imagine what my kitchen and studio looks like.
How I wish I could share the magical aroma from my kitchen!


If you are looking for inspiration please go to the countryside and look at all on offer. Apart from berries there are wonderful hazel nuts, hogweed is now at its' best  with seedheads begging to be painted and have you ever noticed how beautiful nettles can be? Each seaonsbrings new subjects for the creative and imaginative artist. 

Don't miss out,get out there and pick some subjects,paint them and  if they are edible cook them too! I'll be making nettle tea next! Afetr I have painted the nettles of course!



Yvonne said...

Wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading it. I too am fascinated by nature and in the middle of an art break of sorts. I never tire of seeing things in nature on walks or drives. Have a good day.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hi Yvonne,nature gives us so many beautiful things to paint doesn't it,throughout the year. Every day I see a new subject I can't wait to work on with watercolour!

I wish you a wonderful day too and thank you so much for your message:) Jean