Tuesday 30 August 2011

August Watercolour Challenge 2011

Photograph of a Shell against a copper patio background.

I have waited very patiently to share my favourite paintings forwarded to me for my August Watercolour 2011 Challenge.

When I first set the challenge I thought a shell would be perfect as a reminder of Summer, of  walks on the beach, of childhood memories possibly seeking for shells when on holiday in distant locations or at home and nearby.

This particular shell was an unusual shape, the colouring appealed to me and I placed it on a warm background to enhance the stripes on the body of the shell itself. I set the challenge giving no  tips, clues or suggestions really of what I would be looking for. I actually didn't expect many replies or submissions of paintings which is where I completely misinterpreted the  number of readers and watercolours lovers who follow my blog.

I want to wish a huge thank you to everyone who has sent me a painting and if you haven't had a reply by email it is because I didn't want to spoil the sharing of my favourites which will be my next blog posts. I hope by explaining why I like the paintings will be of  value and that you will consider joining in my next challenge for September!

I have loved looking at the fantastic watercolours that have come my way from this and most of all I love getting to know the artists who are in touch with me. I feel a connection with you  from our joint passion for this magical medium.

I will be adding the challenge paintings here next. It is quite exciting isn't it!


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