Tuesday 30 August 2011

August Challenge 2011 Judith Farnworth

 August Challenge 2011

Painting  No 1.

 Shell By Judith Farnworth

Over the last few weeks I have enjoyed looking at the August 2011 Challenge paintings forwarded to me from all over the world including  Russia,France,USA and Argentina. It is incredible how many artists of all levels were inspired by a simple shell. But was it a simple challenge?
Not really because apart from adding a photo to my blog and inviting everyone to paint it I gave absolutely no clues as to what I was looking for. Many paintings came my way that were exact copies of the photograph and they were beautifu,some to perfection in colour and shape. Others were  unusual in the choice of colour background and textural effects. In all honesty I didn't recieve a single painting that wasn't fabulous. And I seriously mean that! So a huge thank you to everyone who joined in with this challenge.

I have tried to reply personally to everyone who sent me a painting which has been no mean feat with so much work on but if you were kind enough to join in,even if it was only one line as a reply I just had to  thank you in return with my thoughts on your work.  In my own way I am trying to reach out to as many artists as possible because it is impossible to hold a workshop where everyone can attend and I know my sessions are becoming increasingly difficult to get onto because of the demand due to their popularity.

So here is the first of my favourite paintings. This is by artist Judith Farnworth who is a member of Paint My Photo. I have selected this painting because Judith has chosen the right amount of the painting to leave to the viewers imagination. Not all the information is there but there is enough to tell the story. And look also at the soft use of watercolour. The shell is in an almost 3D effect due to clever handling of colour placement. Judith has also looked at the original photograph but turned it into an original piece of art by not painting what she saw directly but painting what she wanted to instead which is excatly how I work.
These are Judiths own words about the challenge.

"The challenge for me has been trying to find what I wanted to focus on as the whole photo was lovely but didn't give me enough contrast when I was trying to get a feel for the texture on the shell, too much like the bg especially when I tried to add some detail."

Congratulations Judith on a very fine painting that is worthy of being in a frame. 
I absolutely love it and I hope the follower os my blog love it too!



Bix said...

Million congratulations Judith...well deserved too! Your road has been long, but oh boy worth it in the end. I can certainly see your face now.....Happy...I should think so!!!! Bx

Roy Simmons said...

I agree 100% Jean, Judith did a remarkable job on this challenge. I have watched her amazing progress, also She is an inspiration to others, running a hugely popular group on PMP 'Loose Watercolor' your readers may find of interest. http://paintmyphoto.ning.com/group/loose-watercolor-painting