Monday 25 November 2013

Australia Watercolour Tour 2014

Australia Watercolour Workshop and Book Signing Tour 2014

I am thrilled to share the news that I will be on tour in Australia next year holding exciting workshops and book signing events. I have had so many requests for places on workshops there so I am over the moon to announce that I will be in Adelaide, Sydney,Tasmania and Brisbane next year!

I will be sharing full details of each location including dates and booking contacts soon.

Once the information is released please book early to avoid disappointment. 

I cannot wait to return to Australia and as I loved the colours there this year I know my next trip is going to be out of this world!

Sunday 24 November 2013

Wey Gallery Christmas Exhibition 2013

"Dramatic Win"
Horse Racing Scene
Original Watercolour
Price on Request

Wey Gallery
Christmas Exhibition 2013

This stunning gallery set in the heart of Godalming is one of my favourites and my solo shows here for the last three years have been highly successful. For this reason I am delighted to be participating in the Wey Gallery 2013 Christmas Show. I have an exciting new horse racing scene "Dramatic Win" that bursts with energy and life included in the exhibition. There is also a gorgeous kingfisher entitled " King of the River" and a selection of  my new waercolours for this galleries' special seasonal show.

Early viewing is advisable especially for the above painting which has created a lot of interest already.

For full details please contact the Julie or Claire at the Wey Gallery via this link 

The Frame Gallery, Christmas Exhibition 2013

"River Fisher"
Original Watercolour

The Frame Gallery
"Christmas Exhibition 2013"

I have a collection of watercolours at the Frame Gallery which is situated in the Odiham High Street, Hampshire. I have exhibited in solo shows at this local gallery for several years and am always included in its cheery Christmas Show.   This year I have watercolours available there of Kingfisher, a beautiful fox in snow, horse racing scenes and hedgehogs.

Early viewing is advisable and if you would like to purchase a painting please contact Jan via this link

Christmas Exhibitions 2013

"River Fisher"
Original Watercolour

It is time for the 2013 Christmas Exhibitions and this year I am showing at several established galleries with new paintings of favourite subjects. I will be sharing details individually in blog posts with links to each gallery. This year has been an incredible year for sales with many subjects selling as fast as they reach the gallery. 

N.B. Please contact the galleries directly for full information of each collection and details of my work  currently avalable if you wish to purchase my watercolours.


Home but Catching up!

The Pyramids in Mexico

This week has flown by. As always my life is a blur of activity with one exciting event taking place after the other. Firstly I returned home at the begining of this week from an incredible tour of USA and Mexico where I met the most wonderful people by holdng watercolour workshops and giving talks at a number of locations.  Since my return home I have been  catching up on email messages and I still have many more to reply to so please bear with me!

I am currently working on my 2014 Watercolour tour and I am also working on Christmas collections for the galleries who show my watercolours. I will be sharing details in my next blog post!

So my blog has been very quiet but it will be getting back to normal now, I hope!

Friday 15 November 2013

Mexico 2013 Watercolour Tour

Annas Cat
Mexico Demonstration 2013

Mexico 2013
Watercolour Workshop

I completed my 2013 USA and Mexico tour this week with my final workshop taking place in Mexico City. I had agreed to visit after accepting an invitation last year. I honestly hadn't known what to expect and I had concerns at the class possibly not being able to understand my English. But with Claudia the organiser translating everything I said all went  very well. So well because everyone enjoyed my sessions so much that I have been eagerly invited to return and as soon as possible!

I always  give an introduction to my style on the first day of my workshops and this is followed by many demonstrations. The beauty of my technique is that I paint every subject with no restrictions. I get excited about colour and how it interacts to form patterns which in turn  create a painting.  I loved all the photographs everyone had brought with them to show me. I explain I prefer to work from life as much as possible but there are certain favourites that obviously you cannot bring to a class and even if you did would not sit still! Such as "Anna" the beautiful kitten owned by Kristina , one of the artists on the class.  Kristina was aiming to make her kitten appear out of a first wash she had created in my workshop. Her colours did not work well as a background which is vital to a successful outcome. I demonstrated how to paint a cats eye and work away from it to make the face appear, doing so without drawing attention away from the beautiful large kitten eye. I loved this demonstration so much and so did Kristina who now owns the completed painting.

My time teaching in Mexico passed far too quickly and as I handed out diplomas to each artist at the close of the final day I was given immensely warm hugs from everyone attending and yet again, I was eagerly invited to return.

This is a country of great hospitality, great warmth and incredible talent. I met artists of all levels and my heart has been touched more than once. I loved it here and to everyone who made this a hugely successful week I thank you with all my heart.

And to Claudia, a very special thank you for your insight and enthusiasm making this magical event occur.


My next workshop destination will be Italy although that course is fully booked. As are my UK 2014 workshops. I will be releasing details of my Australia 2013 tour shortly and I am currently working on the last details of my USA 2015 tour.


This has been a truly exciting year and I have much to share on my blog over the next few weeks when I return to UK. Watch this space!

Monday 11 November 2013

SouthWestern Watercolor Society, Dallas, Texas 2013

Rose from yesterdays demonstrations for the 
SouthWestern Watercolor Society
Dallas, Texas

Yesterday I held a one day workshop for the SouthWestern Watercolor Society. I had been invited to hold workshops here on my 2013 tour but only had one day available which was a Sunday.  I hadn't expected such an overwhelming response to my visit from UK, but over lunch yesterday the society shared their news that as soon as my name and date was announced on their workshop programme my course was immediately sold out, with a closed waiting list for places. And it was a very full day.

My hosts  generously took me out for a meal the night before my art event and collected me from my hotel to drive the short distance to the venue. Here I set up and met  eighteen terrific artists who were all enthusiastic and looking forward to the day. For artists who have never attended my workshops before , I am sure my crazy way of introducing how I work and think can be baffling to witness at first.  But I love looking at the sea of faces while I paint in these demonstrations and I also love watching how subjects magically appear on paper during the creative process. Everyone was so delightful that I ran over in teaching time,minaly because no one seemed to wish to leave. To close my workshop I painted my, now, signature rose in a loose style. This has been a favourite subject of mine for more years than I can remember and, as a subject in my style, never ceases to please people watching it come to life.

This really was a flying visit to the SouthWestern Watercolor Society who have eagerly invited me back for a future booking when possible. I loved how artists yesterday were eager to sign up as soon as the possibility was mentioned. I  will be looking at my diary to see what can be done about this!

For now I owe a huge thank you to Pam and Mickey for constantly being in touch and making this unexpected day happen and a very huge thank you to every artist who not only attended yesterday but also made me feel so warmly welcomed. I loved y'all!


West Texas Watercolor Society Demonstration 2013

"Flamingo Blush"

Last week I enjoyed taking workshops for the West Texas Watercolor Society. The courses  took place in Lubbock and local artists attended as well as visiting guests from other states in USA. These sessions have been fully booked since the last year when the dates were first announced.The first advanced course was for artists who had attended my previous workshop for the society. The second workshop was for artists new to my style of teaching and courses. 

During the second course, I demonstrated how to paint a flamingo using simple brushwork and vibrant colour. I have to confess the vibrant Daniel Smith Opera Pink is perfect for this subject and leaves other pinks in the shade. I had quietly demonstrated this subject for one artist but the group loved the result so much that I did a second painting so that everyone could enjoy how this magnificent bird was captured in watercolor. I never know what any one artist may ask me to paint on my workshops, as my style leads to all subjects rather than just one. The fun in my workshops is often the exploration into painting something completely new and this was my first ever flamingo painting. I am now certain there will be many more!

The week flew by but listening to all the enthusiastic feedback from the artists I know this visit was a huge success and as I left the familiar question arose.

"When will you be back?"

My answer is "As soon as I can be!"

I love Texas, and I obviously love Texans too!


Thank you to everyone who attended my workshops in Lubbock and a huge thank you to Karla who organises my art events there. And a huge hug to all my Texan friends too, you are wonderful!

Friday 8 November 2013

Jean Haines Watercolor Workshops in in Texas 2013

 Prairie Dog Town 
Texas 2013

Today is the final  session of my two workshops in Lubbock ,Texas for the West Texas Watercolor Society. It has been a superb week starting with a talk for the society last Sunday followed by two fully booked workshops. The first workshop was an advanced session for artists who had attended my  previous course here in 2012. It was incredible walking into a room full of familar faces that welcomed me as an old friend. I loved it.The warmth and hospitality was  just out of this world. The excitement built up during the first day leading to the following where paintings just became even more vibrant and alive.  I had a break mid week and had a terrific time looking around the local area. I started my final workshop here yesterday. It shouldn't, but it does, surprise me how far artists travel to come to one of my sessions. There has been a great atmosphere  every single day, with the Art Centre overflowing with enthusiasm, energy and excitement for every new demonstration. Today I take the last of my workshops here before I head for Dallas where I meet the SouthWestern Watercolor Society in Dallas, for my next workshop there.

This tour is hard work as I am constantly packing and unpacking ,moving from hotel to hotel  and setting up in new venues. But I love it. I wouldn't miss this "adventure" for the world and am thrilled to be eagerly invited back to each 2013 venue, to hear that artists  have been enthusiastically trying to book in advance for my future trips and I really love the wonderful invitations that keep flooding in by email from Art Societies all over USA. Each wanting me to visit and hold workshops and give talks.

For now I msut head out to teach my last day here but I do so look forward to a return trip.

I will be in Mexico next week for the final stage of my 2013 USA and Mexico Tour.

Happy Painting!

What'yall looking at?


I will be replying to all the very kind and wonderful emails from artists who have attended my tour workshops as soon as i am home because I don't want to race each response!

Sunday 3 November 2013

West Texas Watercolor Society : Driving Through Texas 2013

Rather than just share blog posts on my art, I thought  it might be of interest to share what I am seeing on my travels while I am on my 2013 book signing and watercolour workshop tour  in USA. I feel so fortunate to not only meet artists from all over the world but also see sights that  fascinate me which also in turn have effects on my imagination leading to new work in the future.

I left Long Island ,New York  this weekend after successful and fully booked workshops there to head for my next destination which was Dallas. I stayed overnight there before the drive to Lubbock where my next talk will be held.My talk to the West Texas Watercolor Society takes place today and I have a full week of workshops ahead.

I taught workshops in Lubbock for the first time last year and thats' when I first saw cotton fields. Miles and miles of "white blankets" against a clear blue skies which make for a wonderful painting. For me this is another wonderful advanatage to travelling. I gain new subject material for future watercolours. I see new colour combinations and fabulous texture ideas. My mind is constantly enriched and excited as to the thought of how I can utilise what I have seen when I next create.

 Cotton Fields,Texas 2013

I had never seen cotton fields before last year and had always imagined people picking the cotton arduously by hand years ago. Now the cotton is harvested by machine. These "snowy" looking cotton fields also often sit with a backdrop of wind turbines. Each time I have visited Texas the weather is hot and the sky is a bright,clear  blue.

 Cotton Harvest
Texas 2013

On the drive from Dallas I saw reddish mountains in the distance, gold corn coloured fields in the foreground  and even the traffic caught my eye.  Because even that is very different from the familar views I see on roads in UK. I even sat wondering how I would paint the silver and red from this scene ( image below )  in front of me on part of my journey.

 Traffic, Texas style
 Texas 2013

Everywhere I look I see new paintings constantly and my mind is working whether a brush is in my hand or not. Everyone who has already attended my workshops should know exactly what I am thinking when I look at this photo below. Artists from my Long Island workshop, what did you all say when I showed you an animal photo?

And a few questions for my blog  followers whether you have been to my workshop sessions or not. Look at the image below and think of "Jean Haines"  answers to the following questions.

What do you think when you look at the photo below?
Where is the "white paper"  in your composition?
What colours would you use to paint this fabulous dog?
Which techniques?

He met me when I reaced the Art Centre in Lubbock and as he was smiling too I just had to take his photo. He posed for my camera and seconds after this shot he rolled onto his back so that I could tickle his tummy.

Warm welcome in Lubbock
This beautiful dog raises some nteresting questions as a subject to paint.

I am going to have a wonderful time in Texas and look forward to giving my talk this afternoon.

I will add to my blog later this week to update my tour details and share what is happening whilst I am here in USA

I leave for Mexico next weekend to teach there as the last part of this tour. With a workshop in Dallas next Sunday.


Saturday 2 November 2013

West Texas Watercolor Society, Texas 2013

Tomorrow I will be giving a talk to the 

West Texas Watercolor Society 
at 2.30p.m  in Lubbock, Texas.
Everyone is welcome

"The West Texas Watercolor Society was organized in 1962 and granted a charter by the State of Texas on November 13, 1979, for the purpose of promoting the highest esthetic standards in the art of watercolor."

My talk will be followed by two, two day workshops which have been fully booked for some time. My visit last year was incredible and I am thrilled to have been invited back. I will share updates on my blog very soon!

For full details of my talk and workshops please see this link

Art League of Long Island Workshops 2013

Autumn Reds on Long Island 2013

Last week I took two watercolour workshops at the Art League of Long Island, New York.  This was following an opening talk during an evening art event. I have looked forward all year to returning to this wonderful art location and time has flown because I have already left Long Island and am now in Texas for the second part of my 2013 USA Watercolour and Book Signing Tour.

I met wonderful people in Long Island. I loved all the artists who raised fascinating questions and told me they left feeling totally inspired from each of my sessions. The joy in meeting people from all over the world with an interest in watercolour is  for me a beautiful gift. One to be shared and treasured.

I am so lucky to  live the life I do, travelling and constantly connecting via a love of colour and this incredible medium which is more fascinating every single time I work with it.

Thank you so much to the Art league of Long Ilsnad for inviting me back after last years successful visit, and for inviting me back as soon as I have time to return. A huge thank you to everyone who attended my Long Island workshops. I hope you continue to feel inspired and motivated for months to come. I have my list of new colours to experiment with when I return home and I will be sharing any exciting "finds" on my blog and in my new book.

I especially  loved the comment from one of the artists this week during my last workshop.

"Jean, if you could bottle your enthusiasm and passion for watercolour it would be wonderful !"

Well, I can't bottle it but I promise I will keep sharing it in workshops, demonstrations and my next book which is looking really exciting at the moment. I cannot wait for the day it is finished and launched. And of course there will be a huge celebrations at that time with all my new friends.

I will work on  my diary and share updates as soon as possible of any new USA  dates available.

Now it is time to give talks and workshops in Texas!

Montpelier Gallery, Cheltenham Solo Exhibition Autumn 2013

"I Love You"

Today was the last day of my solo exhibition at the Montpelier Gallery in Cheltenham, UK . From the first weekend that my solo show opened there has been  a constant stream of visitors to the gallery. It has been wonderful hearing from the gallery owner who has kept me updated with sales and visits from art groups and societies. I am genuinely thrilled that my work has been enjoyed so much and I have loved hearing about where each purchased painting from the collection is heading.

Thank you to everyone who has visited the gallery, purchased a painting or  has left comments with the gllery owner for me. 

I will be showing again  at the Montpelier Gallery during their Christmas Show.


Full details of all my exhibitions can be found on my web site