Monday 28 September 2015

WASCO Watercolor Artists of Sonoma County Book Signing Event 8th October 2015

Please can my blog followers be aware that my talk at WASCO Watercolor Artists of Sonoma County is on 8th october 2015.

There was an error in a previous blog post which has now been corrected! 

WASCO Watercolor Artists Of Sonoma County
8th October 2015  1.00 pm - 4.00 pm  Admission Free

Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center
2050 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

Sunday 27 September 2015

New Book 2016: Busy Times


I know my blog has fallen quiet yet again but there is so much going on  that I simply haven't had time to spare to write here and update posts.
I leave for USA this week coming, beginning my tour of USA starting in California and ending in New York. Places were booked at least twelve months ago for this trip and behind the scenes I am working on 2016 USA locations, with most of the courses next year already fully booked also. At this time of writing Seattle, Vancouver and Oregon in March are full and the courses in Dallas and California next Autumn have just opened for booking. I have also accepted invitations from Arizona and Utah for 2017 and 2018.

My 2016 UK workshop dates went out finally this week so everyone on my email contact list should have now received information regarding next years courses. Confirmation of bookings will take place hopefully next week. So if you haven't heard anything yet please bear with Christine who handles this side of my administration as I know she was overwhelmed with requests for places and it isn't an easy task replying to everyone.But she will, so please be patient if you have yet to receive a reply. 

Contact me now on if you havent received UK workshop details please.

I have shut myself away in my studio  recently because I am working on my next book and came to a point where I couldn't surface for air. It absorbed my every waking moment and I can honestly say it is very different to anything I have ever written before but I feel it needed to be. I have shared as much as I can on tips giving away everything I have been told over the years or have learnt from masters I admire. Every single piece of advise I have been given is now shared in my previous three books. So it is time for me to move on to something completely new and  this next book has been a dream to work on. Lifting my spirits in ways I cannot describe.  It is almost complete and when Ed, the editor on the team at my publishers arrives at his office tomorrow morning he will get a surprise as my final chapters will be waiting for him in email form. And from what he has already told me, he is thrilled with this new exciting publication that will not be released until next year.

My new DVD is about to be released and I haven't even seen it yet! A copy came in the post yesterday so there is a strong possibility you may see it before I do. A frightening thought but that is how this film worked out.

I remember some time ago a well known professional artist telling me that if I had time to write regularly on my blog I wasn't working hard enough on my own art or career. I finally think I know what they mean. I don't have time to post on Facebook regularly and when I do I feel awful because I don't have time to leave a comment in reply to those who post to me or have time to leave comments on my friends or followers pages. Which tears me in two. Sometimes I think the only way to be fair is to not post at all. But from messages I get by email I know my blog posts are loved and so are my Facebook posts.

So I will keep sharing but please bear with me when I go quiet.Like now!

I will be away now for a few weeks, and I am eager to meet everyone in USA. 
And it isn't long before I leave.

But for now, have a wonderful time painting. Always find ways to be inspired and share the happy feeling you gain when you paint!

Happy Painting!


USA Demonstrations and Book Signing Events Autumn 2015

 USA Autumn Tour 2015

Its' almost time for me to leave UK and head to USA for my workshop and book signing tour.
I leave this week and will be heading to California, West Virginia, St Louis and New York for fully booked workshops. However I will also be giving talks at the following locations that include demonstrations and book signing.

If you would like to attend here are the dates, locations and contact details.
Everyone welcome.

WASCO Watercolor Artists Of Sonoma County
8th October 2015  1.00 pm - 4.00 pm  Admission Free

 St Louis
Saint Louis Watercolor Society
27th October 2015  7.00 p.m
 Contact :

 New York
Art League of Long Island
30th October 2015  7.00pm - 9.00pm 
 Contact :


Tuesday 22 September 2015

New Watercolour DVD 2015 : Watercolour Inspiration

 Watercolour Inspiration

 NEW DVD 2015


I can now share the cover of my new DVD which will be available later this year. Watercolour Inspiration was filmed in my cottage and some scenes in it are also filmed in our garden. I have to admit this was the most unusual DVD I have ever created as every aeroplane flew over during filming, the ducks in my garden decided to have a party creating quite a lot of noise and then a pigeon decided to lay its eggs very noisily whilst I was painting.

So all in all it should be very interesting!

I haven't seen the film yet so I have no idea how I come across. And I have a sneaky feeling Bailey, my Bearded Collie,  will be appearing in it whether he was invited to or not.

But we now have the first sneak preview of the cover.

And the title?

Townhouse Films felt there was only one possible title for this new film. Because it is full of inspirational tip son how to paint in watercolour and enjoy it!

I will share more details once it is available to pre order.


Tuesday 15 September 2015

UK Watercolour Workshops 2016

UK Watercolour Workshops 2016

Usually at this time of year there is great excitement as the email contacts on my workshop list receive details of the exciting programme for the year ahead.  This year that has not happened as I have been so busy it has been impossible to organise the programme at the usual time of year.

So please do NOT panic if you still haven't heard any news about next years programme.

In truth I wanted to make next years events  really special and I am going to find it very hard to explain why. But the artists who attend each years workshops at my Hampshire location in UK have become so dear to me  in a way that each course, each event becomes so highly charged with enthusiastic emotion and I needed to take time out to think about what I wanted to achieve for them in 2016.

I am reading fabulous emails from artists reaching their goals from attending my courses no matter how big or small those goals are. That to me is what teaching workshops is all about. What happens when artists leave your sessions. And now all these artists wish to return next year and new contacts who have never been to me before wish to attend at least one of my courses for the first time too. The contact list has grown and so have the requests for two day workshops which I have especially allowed for next year.

But I want time for me to paint too. To disciver new ideas to bring to my courses.  And I also want to only hold watercolour workshops that are fantastic. Not repetitive or boring as that would kill me artistically.

And so after much thought and planning next years programme is almost set to go. Not quite, as the payment details have changed and this is also adding to the set back and delay in releasing dates.

What I will ask is that everyone, if you have not already done so please email me  right now so your name can be added to my workshop contact list. You do NOT need to contact me if you have already done so. I am just requesting for newcomers wishing to get a foot in the door now is the time to have your name added to my contact list as I do not advertise my workshops, I simply take bookings from those who have contacted me for information. And my courses sell out almost as soon as the information is released.

I am sadly quickly gaining a reputation as one of the hardest artists to get on a workshop with. But I can't take any more workshops than I do otherwise I would have nothing new to offer. And I refuse to consistently teach the same thing over and over because that way, I find,is not how to grow and keep enthusiastic in your work. As I wish to be.

So please bear with me while you wait for workshop news.

Please book as soon as you receive information.

And please contact me on if you wish to be on my workshop list!


On a final note I am so envious because I would love to be on any one of next years courses because they are all so exciting. Far too good to be teaching when you could be in the room painting !!!

I would say this is going to be my very best workshop year ever!

So do get on a course as quickly as you can!


World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015 : Hampshire UK

 The Frame Gallery

The Frame Gallery, Odiham, Hampshire 
September  11th - 27th September 2015

It has been an incredible few days. My solo exhibition "World of Watercolour" opened at The Frame Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire last Friday evening.   I think we can easily call the weekend a red dot event as paintings were asked after repeatedly.

I loved meeting everyone who came on the opening night and the next day, as I was signing books at the gallery on Saturday. And we sold out. More books have now been signed by me and are at the gallery. Having been delivered yesterday.

Yesterday I also dealt with more enquiries about art in my show and I must admit I love the questions I am being asked. It really is  wonderful to hear from people all over the world who are interested in my watercolours, my style and my art journey. I feel so very humbled.

" World of Watercolour" Cover Kingfisher painting

 Guests on the opening night were wonderful. There were visitors who had driven from North Wales and Worcester just for the occasion.  Guests at my book signing event in Moreton -On-The -Marsh earlier this year were also there ( and I would love you to email me please if you are reading my blog!)

It was one of those nights as an artist that you almost dread arriving as you know the buzz and excitement around the show is so magical that you never want it to end.

 "Am I Safe Yet"

Buyers bought paintings they loved and meeting them in person is always a very special moment. Like the lady who fell in love with "Once Upon A Time" the badger painting.  It was fabulous hearing how this painting will be enjoyed by someone who adores wildlife as much as I do. The fox paintings sold immediately also, with many enquiries asking if I intend to paint any more foxes in future. I am afraid I paint from my heart when I want to, and not purely because a subject sells so we will see.

 "Once Upon a Time" . My badger painting with its' beautiful new owner.

I'm afraid this is one of those events when I didn't take photos . I was far too busy but I can honestly say that it was an amazing opening. Mainly thanks to the fantastic gallery owner Jan who displayed my work so beautifully and hosted the event.  Jan knows how to throw a superb preview and the bubbles flowed with delicious canapes all night.

Jan, the owner of The Frame Gallery, and myself at the preview of
"World of Watercolour" Exhibition 2015

It is rather special to know your art is enjoyed. But even more wonderful to want to race for my brushes each day and create knowing that I can look forward to meeting amazing people at openings and shows like this. I'm not sure I will ever hold an exhibition that carries a part of my heart as much as this one as each painting from my latest book means so much to me emotionally.

If you haven't had time to visit the exhibition it will run until 27th September so please try to get there before the original paintings from my book make their way to their new owners. And of course there are still a few gorgeous paintings for sale.

In fact  now I am having to take a few more paintings in that were not initially the exhibition catalogue due to the number of sales. How exciting is that!


A huge thank you to everyone who came to the Preview and on Saturday to see me at the gallery. 
I really loved seeing you! This is where I will make a special mention to the fabulous lady who always brings Italian cakes when she comes to my art events. Always home made and always delicious! Thank you!!!!!

Full details about my exhibition can be found via this link


Wednesday 9 September 2015

Pure Watercolour Society Exhibition 2015

"About to Win"
Size 63 x 74 cms

Pure Watercolour Society Exhibition 2015
Windrush Gallery
Windrush House
Nr Burford
OX18 1TU
27th September  - 4th October

I am delighted to share the news that I have been invited to exhibit with the Pure Watercolour Society in their annual exhibition.

Great watercolourists including David Curtis, David Howell and Trevor Chamberlain will  be in this  incredible annual event that highlights the beauty of working in pure watercolour. To show alongside my own personal heroes in the art of watercolour is a huge honour and I am thrilled to be taking part for the second year running.

I have several paintings in the 2015 show including the two horse racing scenes in this blog post. There is also a sweet pea watercolour and a beautiful cockerel. Plus a selection of unframed paintings in mounts. Signed copies of my latest book "Jean Haines World of Watercolour " will also be available.

"Photo Finish"
Size 63 x 79 cms

If you are thinking of visiting what promises to be a stunning show this link gives full information on location and opening times.

If you do attend, make sure you look for the original by James Fletcher -Watson.  The founder of the society whose watercolours are absolutely stunning.



World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015

"Night Owl"

This week is really exciting as the interest in my "World of Watercolour" exhibition has been incredible. The gallery are already receiving enquiries about favourite pieces in the show and there are new paintings being added to the collection  which will be unframed but still part of the show.

Like the above owl in watercolour.  

This piece is called " Night Owl" and is very apt as I seem to be working later and later these days writing my new book and painting quietly at the end of day to meet deadlines, and also simply for my own pleasure.

I have had numerous requests for owl paintings and this is the first ,for some time, released for sale.

It is very atmospheric and as much as eyes are usually my favourite part to paint in wildlife  compositions, its' actually the beak that I enjoyed creating most here.  The owl sits in wait eagerly watching, waiting. In a natural woodlan setting.

And I am quietly waiting for my solo exhibition to open on Friday night!


Tuesday 8 September 2015

Life Isn't Always Perfect

"Life Isn't Always Perfect"
 Size 38 x 46 cms   

 "Life Isn't Always Perfect"

In my latest book jean Haines World of Watercolour is the above painting of tomatoes. It celebrates all the wonder of watercolour as a medium as in the space of each tomato are wonderful run backs of colour. Patterns that only watercolour can create. This to me highlights how wonderful watercolour is.

 I love the way the unexpecetd happens when working in this incredible medium. Watercolour is never boring and neither is life if we live it to the full and take the blips that head our way head on, facing them and overcoming them. Or even enjoying them for how they enrich our lives in the most unusual of ways.

Life is not always perfect and neither is art.

Embrace the problems, faults and hiccups. Especially when working in watercolour.

This little painting says so much to me so I have included it in my show. To remind me that every obstacle, and bump in an otherwise smooth road is worth overcoming.

Life isnt always perfect, but its' pretty wonderful even so! 



World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015 : Parrot in Watercolour

"African Grey"
 From my new book Jean Haines World of Watercolour 

Things are now getting really exciting for the opening of the "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" exhibition which opens this Friday at the Frame Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire.

My collection of paintings left this morning to be delivered to the gallery. All framed and ready to be hung for the show. I now have wonderful space where the collection waited to be collected.

It is a strange feeling seeing the body of work for this show leave as the majority of paintings are from my  latest book. They have felt a part of me for so long and I never did get around to choosing a piece to keep. I like everything in the book so much that selecting a personal memento seemed an impossible task. Each painting tells a story of my art life. 

Even the above African Grey which  is at the close of my book on the quotes page. This seemed such an apt page for a parrot that talks to be placed!

It reminds me of a parrot that a landlady who owned a flat I shared years ago had. I left my key at home  on one of the first weeks I had moved in and rang the landlady to explain my predicament.

"Hello?" came the reply .

"I am locked out, I have left my key at home. I am so sorry but can you let me in when I get back this evening?"

"Hello?" came the reply again.

I thought I had a faulty line so again I explained that I hadn't my key with me.

"Hello, hello, hello!" came the response.

Of course it dawned on me that I was talking to the parrot not the landlady. The perfect mimic of her accent was incredible and I laugh about it now, years later.

As I walked into my now "framed painting free" studio to work on my next book I realised I had missed this painting from the collection. How I don't know but it will be there in the browser now.

In fact there will be a few surprise paintings in the browser because unless there is an element of surprise in a show I feel the excitement is lost. So whilst I have shared most of my collection on my blog the actual opening is when all the paintings will be on display.

Please can I remind everyone if you have seen anything you particularly like in this collection and wish to purchase now is the time to contact the gallery. 

Now I am working on new paintings and my next book but I will be sharing updates on my blog continually and  can I say  here quietly. Thank you so much for reading my blog posts and following my blog. It is so lovely to know when I'm working in my solitary studio I can escape here and feel you with me!


Monday 7 September 2015

World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015 : Unframed Paintings

 Robin from my new book "Colour and Light in Watercolour" 


Its' almost time for my exhibition to open on Friday  evening this week.

I have a collection of unframed paintings that will be in the browser at the gallery. I am always aware that not everyone wishes to purchase a framed piece so there is a  limited collection  of original paintings that have been mounted only, for buyers to frame to their personal taste.

These include the robin above and the  colourful elephant below. There are cockerels, koala, sheep and florals in this section of the show so please arrive early if you wish to purchase one as the favourite subjjects tend to disappear quickly!

 Elephant from my World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015


All art can be reserved via contacting the Frame Gallery.

The Grey Gatsby : Leopardstown Racecourse : Dublin, Ireland

 "The Battle" 
Leaving our home in Hampshire last week to be framed before arriving in Dublin

  The Horse I fell in Love With

A while ago I received a request to accept a commission for a painting which would be part of a major horse racing event. I read the message and at first the sensible side of my brain knew I had to decline the offer. With a thrilling new book  to be completed and two fabulous exhibitions in September my time was already taken up. I also have my USA 2015 Fall tour to organise and prepare for so taking on any new projects was completely out of the question. Apart from that, I rarely accept commissions these days as I have so much work on that I cannot often spare the time.

However. I made the fatal mistake of of looking at the subject and as an artist my heart flipped. This was no ordinary horse. In the past collectors of my horse racing watercolours have seen my  specialized work covering subjects such as "Frankel" and "Black Caviar". Two very special horses who I have painted on numerous occasions and they have sold privately or via exhibitions. I adore them. A horse has to make me want to paint it before I take it on as a challenge. It has to hold something special that is indefinable for me to be able to bring it to life.

"The Grey Gatsby" demanded my attention. 

"The Grey Gatsby" demanded to be painted

 Before I knew it I had agreed to take on the project. My heart had spoken. That was the first step. 

The second stage was  finding the right resource image to work from that showed me the strength of the horse and the excitement of the race. I am delighted to say I was spoilt for choice by the organiser of my commission.  I fell in love with a scene that I have titled " The Battle".

 Then I locked myself away in my studio and the race began. The race against time for completing the painting and the race to ensure when finished the piece could be in Ireland for the major event which opens this weekend. I have been invited to attend but the dates sadly clashed with my own solo exhibition in UK this week.

I painted the " The Grey Gatsby" with my emotions totally on show. We became one. When I slept I kept thinking about the next brushstrokes which would be added to the large exciting composition. I loved the silks of the jockey so they became important. Green is my lucky colour and here I was faced with painting my favourite colours and bringing the race to life.

It was a heady time. I felt as though I was on the horse, I was leading it to the finishing line. This was about both of us  making it to that win. It was a journey I will never forget nor do I want to.

Some painting sgrab you like that and you have no idea why. You breath,eat sleep and feel what is happning via your brushstrokes and it is an addiction you cant give up. You don't want to leave the studio at night and you race back to it each morning.  I did while working on this. Nothing else mattered.

At one point the horse in the lead felt as though it would trample me down as I was obviously standing directly in front of it as it hurtled towards me.

I dreamt of using turquoise and violet for the muzzle area of The Grey Gatsby and soon I felt I could reach out and simply touch the horse. They were now very much alive in my studio.

 The Grey Gatsby heading straight towards me.
A Star.

 While I worked the two main horses behind the star seemed to become really unimportant to the story. They were racing to catch up with "The Grey Gatsby" who had taken the lead in the race, But he was heading to win so amazingly that the heat of this moment and excitement took over my brush strokes.

 Grey Gatsby in the lead.
There is no  mistake on who is winning this battle

 When my soul goes into a painting something wonderful happens. The whole world disappears and it is just me and the scene in front of me and who is in it.

The horse below is a favourite of  mine in the finished painting now. It literally leapt off  the paper and came alive. It wanted so badly to win but I knew it wasn't going to. The jockey seems to be trying so hard and so does the horse. So much so this beautiful section within the large painting gained my attention during the creative process because of the energy it held for me as the artist.

Section of the large painting

Once the painting was completed it had to make its' way to Ireland. This was to be via my framer so that the piece could be framed, protected and shipped to Leopardstown where the Longines event will be taking place.

As I said goodbye and " The Grey Gatsby" left my studio my heart sank a little.   Sometimes as artists more than colour flows from our brushstrokes. Our heart and soul does too.

Farewell and good luck to a truly magnificent horse.
One I had the pleasure to be connected with for a short time. And how magical that was.

Me, with The Grey Gatbsy" as it leaves to be framed and shipped to Ireland for the Longine Event in Leopardstown this weekend.

You can read about the event and where my painting will be displayed via this link


World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015 : Wildlife Collection

 "Am I Safe Yet "
Copyright strictly Jean Haines
(Please note. Work painted specifically for exhibitions is not expected to be copied in any form)

  Following on from previous blog posts sharing paintings from my " World of Watercolour" Exhibition which opens this week here are the wildlife paintings from my show that haven't been included in the exhibition blog post news to date.

As I adore painting wildlife the fox paintings  were sheer joy to create. I painted " Am I Safe Yet "  and it very quickly gained popularity out of all my posts at the time. It was created with emotion as the fox hunting debate was in the news in UK at the time. I find it hard to believe that with so much going on in the world any Prime Minister would even consider wasting valuable parliament time on such an outdated and cruel pastime.   And so  the title " Am I Safe Yet " carried a meaning.

I live in rural countryside and observe foxes. I love the colour of their coats , their bright eyes and often their bushy tails grab my attention. And so "Colours of a Fox" my latest fox painting came to life. As soon as it did I had requests to buy the painting. In fact I had so many requests to buy " Am I Safe Yet " too and they all arrived almost at the same time. Which made it so hard to decide what to do with both paintings.

My choice was to be fair and place both fox paintings in my solo exhibition. I am allowing anyone who wises to reserve either of these paintings to do so as I know they have been seen before the show started. 

" Colours of a Fox" has been sold to a buyer who instantly fell in love with the painting but will be in the show so that it can be seen in the collection.

"Colours of a Fox"
Copyright strictly Jean Haines
(Please note. Work painted specifically for exhibitions is not expected to be copied in any form)

 I have been asked if there will be any elephant paintings in my show as they are a firm favourite subject in my collections and I am happy to say yes there will be.  In the form of  "African Illusion" which can be found on Page 13 of my book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour"

"African Illusion "
56 x 50 cms.


With only days to go now before the show opens I must admit I am getting really excited as I can't wait to see the collection hanging for the first time and on show in one setting.  This is the very first exhibition  showcasing paintings from my new book. It will be a very emotional evening this Friday. and everyone is welcome to join me at the gallery to celebrate. Do please let the gallery know if you are planning to attend so that they will have enough  canapes and bubbles available on the night!

All art can be reserved via contacting the Frame Gallery.

Friday 4 September 2015

World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015 : Floral Paintings

 "Summer Blessing"
Size 74 x 62 cms.

World of Watercolour Exhibition
Frame Gallery, Odiham , Hampshire UK

Opening September 11th, 2015

Continuing to share paintings from my book "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" that form part of my watercolour collection in my World of Watercolour exhibition that opens next week. 
Here are the floral paintings from the solo show.

Last year I sat in my garden painting hydrangea and a swan who often follows me , seen below, came to watch as I worked.  The day was so beautiful and the sunshine literally flowed into my painting which can be found on pages 158-159 of my new book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour".

 One of my art critics, a swan in my garden.

The painting is a favourite of mine and looks wonderful in my own cottage. Which is where it may stay if it isn't sold as my heart fell in love when painting and I am hoping if it does sell someone who adores flowers will become the new owner. It is very hard letting favourite paintings go.  But I do only have so much wall space, sadly.

Heavenly Hydrangea
Framed size : 63  x 75 cms

The close up detail of this  painting is magical in that it almost has a 3D effect. I worked it a little further after I completed writing my book with the intention of keeping it. But I have had so many requests from people who adore floral paintings which is why I decided to place it in my exhibition. As floral work goes, I think this is one of my best as the mood of summer is captured within the piece. 

  Heavenly Hydrangea close up.
 Gorgeous colours flowing into each section, mingling and producing stunning patterns and petal shapes.

 Next to the real hydrangea flowers as I painted in my garden in summer.

 The painting process. 
Finding the outer shape then adding detail as I gradually built up the painting.


On pages 40 - 41 of Jean Haines World of Watercolour I demonstrate how to paint sweet pea. The stunning painting below is on page 15  and it shows my favourite flowers in soft glowing pinks hit by sunshine. This painting is also in my exhibition. The frame is  wonderful and the flowers are floating forward within it looking splendid, attractive and desirable. You can almost smell the sweet perfume when you look at this piece which is what I intended when painting it.

Sweet Pea Sensation
Size 55 x 31 cms


 "Summer Blessing"
Size 74 x 62 cms.
 (Also available as a print )

I adore painting roses. Everyone knows that I do. I started years ago when I lived in France, inspired by the incredible watercolours of Blanche Odin.  But this painting is a combination of Asian brushwork, composition and also my western style of painting florals. It is light as a Summer day and flows  across the paper carrying with it a sense of beauty and love.

I am a romantic. Ideally I would love this painting to be purchased by someone to be given to someone they love. I know as artists we can't choose buyers. But that would be my greatest wish.

"Summer Blessing" is on page 17  Of my new book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour".


 To close my floral collection in the show is the geranium which can be found in the opening contents page. Titled " Red is for Love" . And my heart is full of love because I love and I am loved. This painting reminds me of my time living in France. I used to visit local markets regularly and loved seeing all the bright red geraniums adorning French homes. Such beautiful flowers, rich in colour and so wonderful to enjoy just sat looking at them.

"Red is For Love"
 Size 58 x 50 cms.
Price £595 

This time next week my exhibition will be  all ready for viewing at the gallery. And the preview will take place on the Friday evening of 11th September. I will have a mixed reaction in this show because  months of hard work and writing will be on display as the art work is so  integral to how "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" the book came about. In this publication are favourite subjects and stories of my art life that are so very personal.

 I will be feeling very emotional seeing all these paintings on display for the very first time and in one gallery. I already know that after this event paintings will disappear as two have already been reserved so it is my only chance to see the collection in one setting. And yours!  So please join me if you are free because instead of a Private Preview this  opening is genuinely open to all. So you are welcome to join me with or without an invitation. Do come and say hello to me as well if you come. Often I am told after events that visitors didn't like to come up and speak to the exhibiting artist in case they were too busy. I never am and I want to meet everyone who takes time to attend. And answer any questions on my work or queries about my paintings. Or simply just enjoy the show with you.

More to follow as I close these blog posts about next weeks show but do contact the gallery if you like any of the paintings shown so far. By the way the prices are deliberately reasonable. This show is about paintings going to owners who really want them which is the most important thing for me about letting them go. I have been advised that some of the larger paintings should be on sale at well over a £1000 because they are original and from a best selling book. But I want my art to be enjoyed so I am taking the opportunity to share my passion for painting and my art in a way that I feel is right. Writing and painting has given me so much pleasure over the years. I want to share that joy even further. This will definitely be a one off and unique show.


All art can be reserved via contacting the Frame Gallery.