Wednesday 2 September 2015

Portraits : One , Two , Three . Take Two!

 " In The Shade"

 Portraits are as easy as one, two three?

Not really but oh boy are they fun.

 Following on from yesterdays blog post showing how I created a face from a simple wash I thought it would be fun to show you how much more fun I can have with the very same painting. Making small changes and adding details to change the painting further. Remember this piece is headed for the bin so it doesn't matter if anything goes wrong. I am just having fun. 

If you remember I finished yesterdays portrait "one, two, three" demonstration at this stage. 

If I am not selling a painting I will push the boundaries and work on it until I cannot add more either in colour or detail. There is no learning value in just painting for something to do. I need to keep working to discover how I can change or improve a painting and at the same time improve my own skills.

Look what I did next and after that too! I had so much fun.

I added a cap. And a dark background. And a red scarf. My gentleman looks younger here.


Adding a cap and scarf and taking away the years.

 Next with the simple use of gouache I added a beard and a twinkle in the eyes!


 Adding a beard and ageing my subject

 I built up the beard gradually and added a hint of a pair of spectacles next


 " In The Shade"

Just simple changes from my imagination created several different results in my painting. 
Experimenting is valuable when learning to paint. As is having fun. And this is why I love writing and sharing my tips on working in watercolour.

So now my portrait looks very different from here, where I stopped working yesterday.

 Even more different from this stage below

 And just look where it all started. A colour " blob"

I absolutely adored writing my chapter on how to paint faces in my latest book "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" The professional photographer had the opportunity to record my brushstrokes and show how I built up a painting in a way that I cant on a blog post. And I am so  thrilled to be working with such a great publisher who has the best team to hep me share my techniques in my publications.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

You can buy a copy of "Jean Haines World of Watercolour "via this link

Portraits are on pages 130 - 142. With the challenge of growing as an artist included.


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