Monday 7 September 2015

World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015 : Wildlife Collection

 "Am I Safe Yet "
Copyright strictly Jean Haines
(Please note. Work painted specifically for exhibitions is not expected to be copied in any form)

  Following on from previous blog posts sharing paintings from my " World of Watercolour" Exhibition which opens this week here are the wildlife paintings from my show that haven't been included in the exhibition blog post news to date.

As I adore painting wildlife the fox paintings  were sheer joy to create. I painted " Am I Safe Yet "  and it very quickly gained popularity out of all my posts at the time. It was created with emotion as the fox hunting debate was in the news in UK at the time. I find it hard to believe that with so much going on in the world any Prime Minister would even consider wasting valuable parliament time on such an outdated and cruel pastime.   And so  the title " Am I Safe Yet " carried a meaning.

I live in rural countryside and observe foxes. I love the colour of their coats , their bright eyes and often their bushy tails grab my attention. And so "Colours of a Fox" my latest fox painting came to life. As soon as it did I had requests to buy the painting. In fact I had so many requests to buy " Am I Safe Yet " too and they all arrived almost at the same time. Which made it so hard to decide what to do with both paintings.

My choice was to be fair and place both fox paintings in my solo exhibition. I am allowing anyone who wises to reserve either of these paintings to do so as I know they have been seen before the show started. 

" Colours of a Fox" has been sold to a buyer who instantly fell in love with the painting but will be in the show so that it can be seen in the collection.

"Colours of a Fox"
Copyright strictly Jean Haines
(Please note. Work painted specifically for exhibitions is not expected to be copied in any form)

 I have been asked if there will be any elephant paintings in my show as they are a firm favourite subject in my collections and I am happy to say yes there will be.  In the form of  "African Illusion" which can be found on Page 13 of my book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour"

"African Illusion "
56 x 50 cms.


With only days to go now before the show opens I must admit I am getting really excited as I can't wait to see the collection hanging for the first time and on show in one setting.  This is the very first exhibition  showcasing paintings from my new book. It will be a very emotional evening this Friday. and everyone is welcome to join me at the gallery to celebrate. Do please let the gallery know if you are planning to attend so that they will have enough  canapes and bubbles available on the night!

All art can be reserved via contacting the Frame Gallery.

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