Sunday 26 August 2018

Just do it! Autumn Scene in Watercolour

"Autumn Walk"

Years ago when I first started learning how to paint in watercolour I was trained in how to paint landscapes. The problem was, everyone in the courses I attended were too. Painting exactly the same scene and in exactly the same way. After a while I realised that perhaps I didn't want to be an artist after all. Not if it meant doing what everyone else did. And so for a while I stopped painting. That is until I discovered that art is about being different. Being you. Creating in a way that makes you happy.

But every now and then I return to painting landscapes and at the close of my studio day it is rather nice to throw colour on paper at random. I often choose colours that have been used that day on other subjects. Right now Autumn is approaching so I am drawn to golds and copper shades.  With the scene above I did  a wash first allowing colours to merge. I created a foggy effect by leaving water to do its " thing". Separating pigment and moving it out of the way so beautifully.

I added a few trees by looking at the trees outside my studio window. Then adding fence seemed like a good idea.  Splattering some gold leaves to hint at the Autumn foliage worked well for a distant look. In fact the composition was working really well at this point. I could see an old stone wall in the mid ground area. 

From my classical training I knew something was needed in the foreground to finish the painting. And outside my window I have hog weed going to seed so I added that in white gouache.

Before I knew it the landscape was done and I had relaxed while creating it.

I probably paint so many of these scenes, changing sections or colours but basically they are all the same. Background, mid ground, foreground.  And they are beautifully simple to pull together.

Perhaps you have a scene you could try  in this way? Add a building, mountains.trees in the distance, hedges, branches from above.

But make your work simple.

Most importantly. 

Have fun creating!



Taking Flight : Hummingbrid in Watercolour

A Touch of Green
Hummingbird work in progress 

I have so much I could share on my blog and so little time ! Firstly I have exciting news that the filming for my next new book which will be launched next year has begun. The film crew arrived at my cottage this week and we worked non stop with what has to be the most beautiful photography ever. I have future filming sessions scheduled so I will be busy writing and preparing for them.

This weekend I took time out to judge a watercolour competition connected with my book "Atmospheric Watercolours" which has been published in Russian, so the competition was set there and there were over 700 entries! Which means judging was a task. The submitted work was so beautiful but I have now selected five winning paintings.

Today my husband and I raced to the venue where my UK workshops take place and we have set up for what promises to be such an exciting week. I have two new "two day" courses to close this UK teaching year and the first begins tomorrow. The second two day course begins on Wednesday and I know there is a long waiting list for any cancellations but no cancellations occurred. Which brings me to the end of my 2018 courses in UK and they have been fantastic. Thank you so much to everyone who attended them and made each so memorable. I have loved every single session so very much. I am looking ahead and as my work is evolving it is only natural my workshops do too. My ideas for next year include experimental, stretching yourselfcourses and having fun looking at new ways to work in my favourite medium. Watercolour.

My USA tour begins  in October 2018 and I am really looking forward to it. If anyone has booked in Seattle please be prepared as I am going nuts with products at the moment, having a lot of fun which I am dying to show everyone in my workshop sessions.

So you would imagine I am being good and working on my list of things that must be done before tomorrow arrives? Well I should be but I fell in love with a photo of a hummingbird  taken by one of my friends on Twitter and he gave me permission to paint it. Hence the " Touch of Green" painting that I am showing in this blog post. I just want to add a touch more and then it is done.

What a great weekend, life and time. 

Roll on tomorrow!

Whatever you are doing do follow your heart as much as possible. If it screams at you to paint something do just that while the energy is positive, strong and your enthusiasm is high. Your results will show how you feel. I felt great today! Glowing!

Happy painting and thank you so much for following my blog. It is wonderful to escape here when life gets so busy that I can't breath and feel a need for artistic company!

Cropped version of the hummingbird painting. 
To be finished!


Tuesday 14 August 2018

Autumn Riches 2018 Hips and Haws

"Hips and Haws"
Original watercolour by Jean Haines 2018

Where the time is going I have no idea. How often I have heard that said and yet I am saying the same words too now. I remember a professional artist of some standing telling me years ago that if I had time to write an art blog I wasn't working hard enough. They meant I should be painting not writing on line. At the time I dismissed their comment and happily continued to share regularly here but recently I now fully understand what they meant. 

I now have tours to organise. Galleries to paint for. My own workshops in UK to think about. And my next new book to complete. We actually start filming the demonstrations next week and I have been adamant that everything in it is absolutely new, as I am with all of my books.  So yes, I am busy. But I love my blog and when I paint something or discover something that makes me feel happy I want to share it with the world. And I am so very happy.

The countryside is laden with gorgeous Autumn subjects to paint so I have been naughty this past few days totally ignoring all emails and correspondence. Totally ignoring my workshop plans and tours and I have put my book on hold to paint and enjoy painting, and oh boy have I painted.

I have a fabulous new collection of autumnal scenes that are full of berries of every kind, glowing beautifully and each time I complete one I immediately want to start the next. Like eating the last delicious nutty chocolate in a box I want more! 

So please forgive my silence on line. I needed time to create just for me. However if you wish to purchase the above painting or paintings like it please contact me as they are going in a gallery very soon.

For now, happy painting.

Oh and Artist tip for the day?

Get OUT!
Go and see what is outside that could tempt your brushes to keep moving and find a treasure to paint when you do. Something beautiful!


Thursday 2 August 2018

Among the Fields of Gold 2018

 "Fields of Gold "

I am singing as I paint and perhaps how lucky there isn't sound. Although I adore singing especially my favourite songs. On my workshops I often play Celtic music  and " Fields of Gold" is on my play list. And it is perfect as background music for this new piece I am working on.

This morning I have sent two new chapters for my next book to my publisherwho is collating my work to be published in a new very exciting publication next year. My latest book " Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour" seems to have turned on an inspirational button in my artists soul that cannot be turned off! As I wrote my last book it was literally like writing a music score with the performance building up to a huge wonderful finale of abstracts and techniques using products new to me. And now I am using them non stop which is leading me into yet another book. 

At the moment this painting seen above is all pure watercolour although I have used Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground to create texture. I am loving how this piece is coming to life although detail is yet to be added.

I feel as though I have come alive finding a completely new direction in my art that is so exciting. I am veering away from what I know into the unknown more and more each day and it is so fantastic to be able to share my journey on line. You may think you don't know what I am going to do or create next but neither do I. All I do know is that the book I have just written and the book I am currently writing are changing my life and I love it!

Have a fabulous day and my  "Artist Tip for the Day"  is:-

Try something new, if you have painted what you know for years leap into a new creative zone. The break may be the start of something wonderful for you.

Good luck and happy adventures!

Field of Gold, full composition, as a work in progress.