Sunday 26 August 2018

Taking Flight : Hummingbrid in Watercolour

A Touch of Green
Hummingbird work in progress 

I have so much I could share on my blog and so little time ! Firstly I have exciting news that the filming for my next new book which will be launched next year has begun. The film crew arrived at my cottage this week and we worked non stop with what has to be the most beautiful photography ever. I have future filming sessions scheduled so I will be busy writing and preparing for them.

This weekend I took time out to judge a watercolour competition connected with my book "Atmospheric Watercolours" which has been published in Russian, so the competition was set there and there were over 700 entries! Which means judging was a task. The submitted work was so beautiful but I have now selected five winning paintings.

Today my husband and I raced to the venue where my UK workshops take place and we have set up for what promises to be such an exciting week. I have two new "two day" courses to close this UK teaching year and the first begins tomorrow. The second two day course begins on Wednesday and I know there is a long waiting list for any cancellations but no cancellations occurred. Which brings me to the end of my 2018 courses in UK and they have been fantastic. Thank you so much to everyone who attended them and made each so memorable. I have loved every single session so very much. I am looking ahead and as my work is evolving it is only natural my workshops do too. My ideas for next year include experimental, stretching yourselfcourses and having fun looking at new ways to work in my favourite medium. Watercolour.

My USA tour begins  in October 2018 and I am really looking forward to it. If anyone has booked in Seattle please be prepared as I am going nuts with products at the moment, having a lot of fun which I am dying to show everyone in my workshop sessions.

So you would imagine I am being good and working on my list of things that must be done before tomorrow arrives? Well I should be but I fell in love with a photo of a hummingbird  taken by one of my friends on Twitter and he gave me permission to paint it. Hence the " Touch of Green" painting that I am showing in this blog post. I just want to add a touch more and then it is done.

What a great weekend, life and time. 

Roll on tomorrow!

Whatever you are doing do follow your heart as much as possible. If it screams at you to paint something do just that while the energy is positive, strong and your enthusiasm is high. Your results will show how you feel. I felt great today! Glowing!

Happy painting and thank you so much for following my blog. It is wonderful to escape here when life gets so busy that I can't breath and feel a need for artistic company!

Cropped version of the hummingbird painting. 
To be finished!


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