Monday 22 November 2010

"How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" Update

It is wonderful to  know that my first book " How to Paint Colour and Light " has already had to go into reprint. As a new author this has to be the best news I could possibly receive. At this time of year with Christmas approaching the news feels like a beautiful early Christmas gift.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me see this dream of writing come true and thank you so much to everyone who has sent me wonderful messages letting me know how much you have enjoyed my book.

My  next wish?

That all your own dreams come true.

Happy painting!


November / December 2010 Exhibition Update

"Catching Up"
Albany Gallery, Cardiff Christmas EXhibition

 I have  watercolour collections in the following galleries over the November and December period in Christmas Exhibitions. 

The Frame, Odiham, Hampshire U.K.
Christmas Exhibition  2010

 "Watching the World Go By"
From my book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
A new collection of watercolours can be seen in this delightful gallery in Odiham High Street.
Artists include Pip McGarry, Paul Banning and Nigel Moore.


The Wey Gallery, Godalming, Surrey
Christmas Exhibition 2010

"Starting Line "
A new gallery in the heart of Godlaming  showcasing work by leading contemporary artists such as Craigie Aitchison CBE, RA, Sir Peter Blake RA, Sir Terry Frost and John Hoyland RA.


The Albany Gallery, Cardiff, South Wales
Christmas Exhibition 2010
"Catching Up"
 The Albany Gallery was established in 1965 and is recognised as one of Wales' most successful and long-established privately owned commercial art galleries.


Bell Fine Art Gallery,Winchester, Hampshire
Animal Exhibition 2010

 "Morning Light"
A fabulous exhibition including art and sculpture,all with animals as subjects.


Dogs in Art Gallery. Stockbridge, Hampshire
Christmas Exhibition 2010

 " Mans Best Friend "
A wonderful collection of Jeans favourite subjects can be seen at the amazing gallery that only showcaese art relating to dogs. Sculpture is included in the exhibition and the location of the beautiful village of Stockbridge makes this a gallery not to be missed.


Market Street Gallery,Alton, Hampshire
Christmas Exhibition 2010

 " Beauty of Venice" 
Cover of " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
This is my third Christmas at Market Street Gallery and paintings from my first book " How to Paint Colour and Light are on display. 


Peter Hedley Gallery, Wareham, Dorset.

I was invited to exhibit at  this wonderful gallery following the SWA Society for Women Artists in 2009. Watercolours here include cockerels and other favourite subjects.


Sunday 21 November 2010

Time to Reflect

What will be, will be 
Unfinished watercolour, work in progress

The amount of work on my shoulders seems to increase daily.  As fast as I meet one deadline a new one approaches. I continually accept new projects and exciting opportunties that come my way.

This morning I look back at a week where I have prioritised the deadlines. A magazine feature was important and needed to be completed to a level where I could look forward to seeing it in print. I have been in touch with galleries who have sold my work and discussed new collections that will be available  in 2011. I have been amazed at how fast my workshops have filled for next year to the point I know I will be yet again turning down requests for places until the Autumn dates become available.

My career seems to be moving faster than I ever expected but behind the scenes quietly I am using my art in a way that I feel enriches my life most of all. 
By giving.

I have been working on one event that will be an evening to remember,where the prizes are all original art but placed in an auction that will raise funds for a very special charity. The event is taking a lot of  my time but one particular phone call from a sponsor left me with no doubt that this is time very well spent.

Not a day goes by where I am not thankful for my life, my health, my sight, my ability to use both hands, my family, my friends,the love constantly surrounding me from so many sources, my home,the beauty of nature and the wonderful people I meet. I could go on for hours on all the ways I am blessed.

If I could have one wish this Sunday it would be that every single person in the world could feel as happy and loved as I do.  I wish that everyone from the elderly to the tiniest child could have security, homes and support from all who know them. I hate to think of anyone being lonely, poor, starving, ill or with no help when they need it.

Sunday is a day to take time out and realise how lucky we are. 

"What will be, will be"

Friday 19 November 2010

Snowdrop Challenge

Simple Snowdrops

I have a feature in the recent issue of Paint magazine by the SAA,Society for All Artists. The simple demonstration is a step by step on how to paint snowdrops in a very easy way by painting the background first using negative space to form flower heads. An interesting background in a vibrant or soft mix of  blue or violet sets the scene for a col atmosphere.

Soft and hard edges throughout the piece gain a sense of the flowers moving.

It is such a simple challenge that can easily be adapted to many subjects with a variety of colour and technique.

Readers of the SAA Paint Magazine are invited to forward their own paintings of snowdrops following the demonstration to be included in a future issue of the magazine. I am really looking forward to seeing the interpretations of my demonstration.
Water being sprinkled over salt  application for a greater pattern effect when dry.
Whilst many artists sprinkle salt on wet sections of pigment I also enhance the effects by water application techniques which have evolved since writing my second book.


Thursday 18 November 2010

Diary of an Artist

"Morning Light"
Original Watercolour to be exhibited at the Bell Fine Art Gallery
"Animal Exhibition "
20th November- 11th December 

 If I typed all I have achieved this week I may just believe it because at times it hasn't seemed real. Last Saturday I was the guest artist for Guildford Art Society and the demonstration was followed by a wonderful evening event where one of my paintings was successfuly auctioned to raise funds for our local church. When the auctioneer mentioned the donation was from a famous artist I felt like looking around to see who it was.

Workshops 2011

Monday. Administration meeting for 2011. My workshops for the beginning of next year from February through to June are now almost fully booked. In fact there are only a few places left for certain sessions which is amazing considering they have only recently been advertised.  I will be putting the Autumn programme together which will be launched in Spring 2011 and this will include the now  favourite Africa session. How to paint dogs in a loose style will be repeated for those who couldn't get a place on the Spring session. I am also looking at new colour combinations so an exciting experimental workshop will be also taking place covering a number of subjects but in unusual  techniques. This I am really looking forward to as I will be sharing  ideas from my second book for the very first time. I know this  will sell out  because it covers techniques I haven't used previously or seen as they have evolved during the creative process of being an author.

Tuesday :  I completed a four page feature for an art magazine which will be issued  in 2011. This has been such a great project as I have been able to pull ideas into one article and share openly how I see colour  and it's placement for unique techniques and results. Putting it together has meant I have taken time out from my gallery work but it is so exciting looking forward to seeing how it will be recieved. I will share more news on this in another post later on. I had a photography shoot in my studio  by a photograher using a vintage camera.  I painted and worked whilst they took the images they needed for their book. It was such a terrific experience to see the black cape over the photographers head but holding the pose for so long made me fully appreciate how wonderful digital cameras are in modern times with their instant shots! I am very eager to see the results.

Wednesday:   I organised delivery of  a new collection to the Bell Fine Art Gallery for their exhibition which opens this weekend. Cards are available of certain pieces and I am so looking forward to seeing the show. I then forwarded the completed four page feature liasing with the editor on its content and final proof.  Next, discussing a wonderful new project  beginning in February 2011 will see me driving a long way again but I am so looking forward to sharing this news.

Behind the Scenes.

I have had an amazing week which I know has not come to an end yet. I have talked to galleries who are eager for more paintings as mine have  been selling so well. I have been working on a new card collection and a  four part series of paintings of local churches which will be released  before Christmas. I am not quite sure how I am fitting everything in. Starting each day with a long dog walk with Bailey seems to clear my mind on how to prioritise. The weather has been very cold  and the scenes so misty in the mornings that my landscapes are now forming with fascinating results from how I see the countryside outside my window. I have so much work on that when I do get out I so appreciate what I see!


I receive such wonderful messages by email about my blog and I do read each one even though it is taking me a little time to get through them. To the wonderful person who wrote a very special message letting me know how much my blog means to them, I want you to know how much your words meant to me.

In this busy life quite often  my blog is the last thing I find time for.  At times I can't help but wonder if anyone really reads it or maybe simply skips through the paintings.  At times I consider is it really  a good idea to  leave my brushes for the computer at all apart from writing my book. 

Your email made me fully understand the value of sharing and why it is important. I truly thank you so much. 

We don't always know how we affect others. 

You kindly affected me and I bless you.



Monday 15 November 2010

Bell Fine Art Gallery Invitation

Bell Fine Art Gallery Invitation
"Animals in Art" Exhibition
20th November- 11th December 2010


"Morning Light" 
 Original watercolour of my favourite cockerel features

Sunday 14 November 2010

Bell Fine Art Gallery,. Winchester

"Morning Light"
Original Watercolour 
Included in the Animal Exhibition at  
Bell Fine Art Gallery
20th November -11th December 2010

The Animal Exhibition opens at the Bell Fine Art Gallery in Winchester on 20th November which means I will be delivering my collection next week. " Morning Light" has gained so much interest over recent months due to being a favourite of mine. So much so it is now a new card design which will also be available at the gallery  during the exhibition. 

Not so long ago one of my cockerel paintings was auctioned at the Raymond Blancs Brasserie in Winchester to raise funds for the Lady Taverners. Raymond  made the winning bid and it was a magical evening enjoyed by all who attended.

I am  looking forward to returning to Winchester with another favourite cockerel and again visit the Brasserie.

It is  going to be another wonderful week!


Birth of a Christmas Card

Winchfield Church 2010
Beginning of a Christmas Card Design

 Last night I went to a charity event which was held to raise funds for our local church at Winchfield. The evening was well attended by the local community and dancing went on until late. I looked around the room  at people who had been friends for years, recognising friendly faces who I have known ever since returning to UK from abroad. It is a wonderful feeling knowing you belong somewhere, have roots and neighbours who share lifes ups and downs. Having moved so many times over the years from country to country I imagine this is more important to me as a picture I observe more than most.

In history a church in every village creates stability, a centre where the  community gather to worship, celebrate births, loss and unions. A congregation is to me almost like a watercolour. You will find the quiet people who silently go about their day whilst others maybe are more colourful characters. Just like the variety of pigments I use each having their own quality but when they interact they form a beauty which isn't there when they stand alone.

Last year I painted a Christmas Card design to raise funds for Winchfield Church and I was delighted to hear the cards sold out in the lead up to a special time of year for all christians. This years card is about to be released and launched.  At the charity auction last night I was very touched to witness my painting raise a wonderful bid in the list of prizes. I also know this painting will bring happy memories to the owner who now lives abroad.

Sunday is always  a good day  for reflection. I have been asked many times why I choose to donate to certain charities. More often I am asked specificially why donate to smaller non publicised ones. The attitude often seems to be that there is nothing in it for the donating artist. I must admit these kinds of comments appall me.

Life isn't about what we get every time we do something. Nor is it always about recognition as gained from the more well known and larger prestigious charities who feature prominently online or in the press. It is about giving,quietly and from the heart.  About achieving good in any way possible and making others around you feel happier. Rather than  look at what we get personally by an action we should look at how others benefit by it. I did last night and will do on many more occasions in my life.

So I won't be in the press for donating this painting nor will it be a hugely known fact or celebrated. But when I laid my head on my pillow last night the feeling I had in my heart was priceless.

At the end of the day this is what counts.

My soul,my spirit and my heart which beats to wonderful music.

The music of love.


Saturday 13 November 2010

Guildford Art Society : Watercolour Demonstration

Autumn Colours
Experimental Wash

Watercolour Demonstration 
13th October 2010

It is always a privilege to be invited to demonstrate for art societies. During these events I meet such wonderful members of each one. Artists who share a common passion for painting and creating. I hear news of exhibitions and galleries that others have had experience in. One demonstration often leads to another and I find I am receiving many requests leading into 2012 to share my enthusiasm and techniques.

Last month I was followed in one art society programme by the amazing Pip McGarry whose wildlife art has to be seen to be believed. Today I will be a guest at Guildford Art Society and will be followed next month by Roger Dellar RI whose paintings are absolutely out of this world. Both artists have long been favourites of mine since showing at the RI, Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour where I first saw Rogers work. Pip McGarry I exhibit with in a local gallery.

The fact that I am now demonstrating in the same programmes with artists such as these seems very unreal. I still feel very much like a new artist,thrilled with colour each time I use it. I simply share what I love. So when I see each invitation I am honestly always quietly overwhelmed.  Last year a wonderful president in the art world told me "My head needs to catch up with my art and quickly" . They probably spoke the wisest words I will ever hear. My career is moving faster than I had ever expected and I am having  to take time out to think about how to keep up with it!

 You can tell so much about an Art Society by the artists they invite as guest speakers. The subject and medium they cover and the expertise and experience of the artists they invite.

Joining an Art Society
The best advise I can give anyone wishing to improve as an artist is join your local art society. If that one isn't as active as you would wish travel to the nearest one that fulfils your needs. Go to each monthly demonstration. Even to watch the mediums you don't use as technique and colour choices are still so vital to  every successful composition. Attend every society exhibition and aim to be in one. Accept rejection from societies who judge your work as they will be the very ones who help you gain acceptance. And when you recieve it, only then will you appreciate what you had to learn. Grow in mind and master your chosen form of art. And on every step of the way smile, enjoy what you are doing and love the journey. Realise it has no end because just when you get to  where you think you want to be something else will appeal to you strongly.


I must now pack my car and prepare for the demonstration but first a walk with Bailey to pick colours for the examples of Autumn colours and texture this afternoon.

Happy painting and if you are going to Guildford this afternoon, see you there!


Friday 12 November 2010

The Albany Gallery,Cardiff. Christmas Exhibition 2010

"Catching Up"   Sold
Original Watercolour exhibited at the 
45th Anniversary and Christmas Show
Albany Gallery,Cardiff  
12th November-31st December

The 45th Anniversary and Christmas Show of the Albany Gallery in Cardiff opens today and runs until the end of December.  I was born  in Wales and this is the very first time I am exhibiting in my birthplace which is quite an emotional feeling. I have  a selection of paintings in the show and the above racing scene has already sold as have other artists beautiful paintings from the exhibition.

The gallery is on two floors and revolves around a number of rooms displaying a large collection of varied and incredible art. Considering so many galleries have disappeared over the years the Albany Gallery has very good reason to celebrate not only its' continued success but also its 45th Anniversary. What an achievement.

Meeting the owner and the team who run this gallery is a privilege as they are all without doubt very  wonderful people. Knowledgeable in their field and a pleasure to work with as an artist. From the number of sales and red dots already evident I would highly recommend an early visit.

Full details and paintings from the exhibition can be viewed on this link.


Birth of a New Book: The First Meeting

"How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
My first book launched with a book signing at the Mall Galleries, London  in July 2010
during the S.W.A., Society for Women Artists Annual Exhibition

An Amazing Week!
This was an amazing week. Having said that every day of my life seems to be amazing at the moment with  terrific opportunities and new projects coming my way. Often completely unexpected and without a doubt always wonderful. My workshops have become so popular that I have needed to take on an assistant to cover bookings to leave me with time to paint and exhibit. This means I also have time now to work on my second book. The one from my dreams that has been on my mind for such a long time.

When I teach the feedback I recieve is that I often inspire on so many levels. Mainly due to my passion for the medium which I love so much.Watercolour holds magic for me in a way that no other medium can. I revel in its' qualities and celebrate how pigments interact often creating  effects one can only sit back and enjoy often with a feeling of astonishment.

Writing my First Book
 Only a short time ago my dream of writing at all had not been realized. I was initially put in touch with a terrific publisher by the SAA Society for All Artists having written a few features for their "Paint" magazine.  I was offered a commission to write a book for a series which is how "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" was born. I eagerly agreed and shared my technique,paintings and happily writing the book enjoying the whole creative process. It was a wonderful experience. From driving to the publishers for meetings, photography shoots for live demonstrations to record step by steps and the final touches in how it looked before being  forwarded for printing. There is a whole team behind the scenes who have years of experience.When the project was complete I felt really sad because I was enjoying the journey so much. That is until nerves hit me at its impending release!

Growing As an Artist
At the very last meeting at my publishers head office the tiny seed of an idea for another book emerged. I remember the moment so well. There was so much unsaid in this first book which feels like a door to so much more to come. I have new techniques to share that I have discovered since writing it. From studying so closely how I work my own art has improved. I am growing in every sense of the word and my workshops are actually a revelation in themselves as they too are now far more exciting. They have evolved with me.

The Birth of a New Book
This week was the first meeting of my second book,the title of which will remain a secret until it is launched. The team met here. Roz my publsiher and Katie the senior Editor who will work with me in achieving what I am aiming for.  A book that holds magic within, that cannot be put down and creates addiction in racing for brushes to try new ideas. It will say so much about how I  feel when I paint, about my artistic journey and influences from many countries. In it I give away everything related to watercolour given to me over the years. Within the first hour of the meeting we all became really excited. My ideas  have been flowing and now they can be collated in one beautiful book that will give so much to artists of all levels. I will be locking myself away in my studio for hours on end while I create it. But when I am not writing  I will be happy in the knowledge this is a  beautiful dream coming true that was worth waiting for.

This is it!

The Excitement Builds!
When the meeting finished there was a fabulous feeling of excitement,enthusiasm and anticipation in the air. I could hardly sleep for thinking about what I am about to pull together with the best publsiher any artist could possibly wish to work with. It is time to write and paint like I have never before, to  tempt and to motivate every single reader.What a challenge!

Sharing my Journey
Unlike my last book I am able to share every step of the way with this one. The ups, downs ,worries, fears and  joy as each step  is taken. I hope you join me in the journey whether you too wish to write, have written or are keen to see how I get on. 

Thank You.
 For whatever reason thank you for reading my blog and keeping me company over the next twelve months.As  the last six months have seen so much  happen  behind the scenes by simply painting and throwing ideas together in my studio. Now they become a book and you are at the birth of the idea. You were here when the very first meeting took place, felt my excitement and now together we can move forward with its stages.

Thank you for being a very special part of my journey.


Watercolour Workshops 2011 : Update

 Primroses Emerging from a Wash.

Watercolour Workshops 2011

I am never sure whether to be taken aback by the number of enthusiastic bookings for my watercolour workshops or thrilled. I think it's happily a mixture of both as the response to next years sessions has been overwhelming. So much so that the February themes are already fully booked with only a few places remaining for certain sessions in Spring and Summer. The aim is to inspire and motivate on a high level throughout each  day.

Spring Flowers, Cats, Animals, Summer Flowers and of course the favourite  of all "Watercolours With Life" currently still have limited places available. Then I will take a break from teaching until the Autumn 2011. I am working on my second book which is filled with exciting new ideas so will thoroughly enjoy meeting everyone in 2011 to eagerly share new colour combinations, techniques and subject matter.

New two day seminars will be announced shortly in a wonderful location.

If you are interested  in any of the subjects or themes mentioned please contact me directly on


Thursday 11 November 2010

The Glasgow Boys Exhibition, RA, London 2010

The White Drake
Joseph Crawhall
Around 1895
Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit The Glasgow Boys Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. I had a very personal reason for wishing to go as not so long ago I had been presented with  an Art Critic Award by Anthony J Lester. After the presentation I was told my work reminded him of watercolours by the artist and Glasgow Boy, Joseph Crawhall. At that time I had never heard of this artist  but immediately looked into his life and paintings. Since then I have become obssessed with seeing an original by this inspirational artist .

Walking into the rooms that held the exhibition was a moment I will never forget.The heady feeling of  anticipation, understanding immediately that you were surrounded by incredible art, masterpieces that held links to life in days  long ago were evident. A never ending amount of technique, colour and composition providing lessons which could take a lifetime to fully take in met my eyes. Having the mind of an artist to absorb information and the ability to  appreciate the talent is a gift I never take for granted. I will need to return as I will see something new each time I visit.

The amazing brushwork, use of colour to portray each scene such as the funeral where only men would have attended holding their caps in their hands paying respects contrasting with the expressive children playing five stones. A game probably long forgotten by many. Will we paint our grandchildren playing on computers? Will that be as  interesting to  observe in the future? I doubt it. A romantic period has long gone to the artist. A period where beauty was in culture,clothing and simple pastimes. I loved a beautiful coastal scene where the glowing sunset had turned one cottage wall pink in the distance. A woman was gathering in her washing and you could make out subtle smoke drifting into the sky from the chimney pots. Tumble dryers were not in existence then and the attractive scene again held my  fascination. A tennis court painting was out of this world where costumes and old rackets were so beautifully and masterfully caught taking the viewer back to yesteryear so effortlessly. A horse in a forge again reminded me of the days seen in films where cars were never in sight, roads often were country lanes and villages were communities where people knew each other. The painting titled "Ropewalk"   gave an insight into life as a woman made rope with her bare hands. How hard times were but  there is a sense of love in many of these scenes. Emotions evident in what the artist was trying to portray. I wonder if they realized how much they were giving via their art.

I quietly looked around the room and realized there wasn't one person in it I would wish to capture in watercolour.The clothes of today don't seem to lend themselves as readily to scenes like these.

This is not just an exhibition of beautiful art by masters. This is a record of history. Of  periods changing, costumes, how women were hindered at times in the clothing they wore, how men worked, how children played  without the use of computers, how poverty effected lives, how modern industry changed art  by subject matter, how Asian influences came into play, how strong colour created atmosphere from the times people lived in, from travelling to Europe and combining not only scenery but  technique.

I could write for hours but I would prefer everyone could witness for themeselves this incredible  exhibition.

My reason for going was to see Jospeh Crawhalls work and I wasn't disappointed. But what I have learned is  really incredible in that Anthony J Lester when he first saw my watercolours had no idea that I had lived in Asia. He awarded me the Art Critic Award in 2009 for a collection of my cockerel paintings and later explained why I had been chosen. At the time I was thrilled. But only now after seeing Crawhalls work do I fully understand what he may have seen and why he felt there was a connection.

I base my work from observations from life, I study  all my subjects carefully on location. I have lived in ASia, studied art for a brief period in Japan but mainly studied Chinese Brushwork from a Shanghainese master whilst living in China. This period did influence my technique strongly. I feel a connection in how I use my brush but the play of light and  use of space by Crawhall actually is very close to what I aim for when I paint.

I read this description from The National Galleries of Scotland and felt even closer to  this artist. Considering I have never seen his work before there really is strong similarities in how we both work and I so wish I could have met him.

"The white drake combines Crawhall's detailed observation with his strong sense of formal design. He captured the play of dappled light across the bird's feathers and used the meadow grass to help define the space. The daisies and dandelions contribute both to the sense of recession and to the composition's decorative character, creating a rich surface pattern. Crawhall tended to work from memory and imagination, but based his work on his intense observations from life. His interest in Japanese prints and Chinese wash drawings on silk inspired watercolours like this one, which is painted on linen."
There is one watercolour in the show that will always stay in my mind but now I am sure you wish to look at his work and see for yourself how wonderful he was. Please take time to look up the Glasgow Boys and see their paintings.They are inspirational on so many levels. Think about life when they were alive and look at how that time fell into their subject matter and  technique. It is thought provoking in that I wonder how in years to come viewers will look at paintings from today and feel a connection with history and art at our time. This is serious food for thought.

We can only aim to be as good as the artists we admire. I am a firm fan of the Glasgow Boys and I am inspired on so many levels to create paintings that speak as theirs did to me.

It is time to paint.

Sunday 7 November 2010

November/December Exhibitions 2010.

This month has been hectic with deliveries for Christmas Exhibitons in leading galleries that will be representing me over the November/December period. The last few weeks have seen me driving to new locations for  art society demonstrations and of course holding my own Autumn workshops. I have met incredible artists,gallery owners and editors of art magazines. My 2010 diary will come to a close as I start travelling for new art material for 2011 from South Africa,Asia and Europe. My new year will open with a very special exhibition and incredible workshops in February as the programme for next year is already so exciting. I can hardly wait for New Years Eve to arrive!

If you wish to see my original watercolours please visit the following galleries during November/December 2010

 The Albany Gallery Christmas Exhibition  
Cardiff, South Wales. 
 12th November – 31st December 2010. 

Animals in Art’Exhibition  
Bell Fine Art Gallery 
Winchester, Hants.  
20th November – 11th December 2010

Stockbridge ‘Dogs in Art’ Gallery  Christmas Exhibition
Stockbridge, Hants. 
December 2010

The Wey Gallery Christmas Exhibition
Godalming, Surrey 
December 2010

Collections can also be viewed at:-
The Frame, Odiham, Hampshire
Peter Hedley Gallery, Wareham,Dorset
Market Street Gallery.Alton, Hampshire


If you wish to book a place on my 2011 Watercolour Workshops  please contact me as soon as possible on


Wednesday 3 November 2010

Stockbridge Gallery, Dogs in Art , Hampshire

"Beardies Three"
Original Watercolour as a work in progress.

Stockbridge Gallery
Dogs in Art
Hampshire, U.K.

I am delighted to share the news to all dog lovers that my watercolours on this favourite of subjects can now be viewed and purchased at the incredible Stockbridge Gallery "Dogs in Art" in Hampshire, U.K.

Since writing the series on " How to Paint Dogs in a Loose Style" and holding " Painting Dogs in Watercolour Workshop"s  my paintings covering so many breeds have become really popular.  My passion for painting mans' best friend began when I was a child. I was never allowed to own a pet at that time so escaped into owning one by creating many with colour instead. Eventually I had my first pet, a wire haired fox terrier who really was a cute little character full of life and determination. Since then I have owned all kinds of breeds including rescues from China and fallen in love with the Bearded Collie who is constantly by my side while I work in my studio. 

I always aim to capture the essence of all subjects but with dogs I want more than that. I want to capture their personality and features in a way that really does create a sense of emotion from the viewer of my finished pieces.

To walk into the " Dogs in Art" Gallery in Stockbridge is really heaven for all dog lovers.The art is  breathtakingly fantastic with all mediums and styles on show from realistic in oil to exciting pastel. Many pieces immediately touch your heart, many make you wonder at the talent of such masterful artists to have such perfect detail in each breed they portray.

I adore dogs and this is a gallery I will be visiting often.  My own dog Bailey will  be delighted when each new collection is ready to be shown as here is one location he can travel with me to and have a delightful walk in gorgeous countryside when my meetings are completed. 

Don't miss the gallery Christmas show !


Please look out for news and more dog related events in 2011 including

" How to Paint Dogs in a Loose Style" 
Watercolour Workshop, February 2011


Tuesday 2 November 2010

The Excitement builds! Workshop Mania!

"Beating the Blues"
February 2011

The excitement really is mounting as a terrific number of messages are coming through by email requesting workshop places for 2011. The thrill of something special to look forward to has begun. It is so fantastic to know everyone is eager to hear about next years sessions and even more thrilling to know it feels like Christmas with many gifts to give away in the form of new techniques for each session on a number of subjects.

If I repeatedly taught the same  thing over and over again I too would fall asleep so each year brings new workshops, new subjects and  on top of that new ways to paint familiar subjects . The exciting  "Beating the Blues" workshop in February is a must  for all who love exploration. A full material list will be given beforehand to ensure a fabulous day.

The programme  for 2011 will be sent out this week so please don't worry if you haven't heard anything yet.  Please don't forget to book early as with many of my workshops they are always  full well in advance.


I am very tied up with my gallery and exhibition schedule at the moment so please look forward to receiving information and  further details from Christine who is managing next years courses.

For full information  if you wish to be added to my workshop/ mailing list please contact


Thank you so much  for all the lovely email messages regarding last weeks sessions. I have been so  touched to read and hear how much they were enjoyed. This makes me determined to make next years even more fantastic. See you then!


Monday 1 November 2010

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2011

 "African Gold"
Finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2010
Mall Galleries

This time last year I was asked to  submit work to the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010 Exhibition. I would like to share my reaction because initially I  thought "Absolutely not!". I have always been an ardent admiere of Davids' work. I adore his masterful techique which not only captures the subject but seems to draw the viewer directly into the scene taking in the atmosphere and surroudings as if they are really there. David knows  each subject so well that the detail is perfectly brilliant. And here am I an artist who paints with so few brushstrokes to capture my subject often in a technique that is almost abstract. I didn't believe my work  would be suitable for the exhibition. How wrong I was!

However I was aware that every single submission fee would go towards helping animals in crisis. 

This is no ordinary exhibition and David is no ordinary artist or human being for that matter. He is passionate about wildlife and in his lifetime has achieved so much way beyond the realms of moving a brush. I am in awe and quite rightly so. 

I paint with passion and I adore animals. I decided to submit. For all the  doubting and nervous artists, take heart! This is done quietly behind the scenes via a simple jpeg so no one even knows you have entered. Yes the wait to hear if your work has been accepted is nerve wracking but part of any terrific show.  I carried on with my hectic art life and began to forget the submission.

But then came the news I had been accepted and  my painting " African Gold" was part of the hundred on show during the exhibition. I was in! Out of hundreds of submissions this piece made it through and I am still thrilled. The judges showed they liked my style, accepted it and included it in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010 exhibition. The event and preview was one I will remember for a lifetime as the art was stunning and I was so honoured to be amongst leading and established artists in this field.

What is more important is that I felt as though in a tiny way I was supporting a great mans' mission and goal in life.To help where help is needed for those who cannot ask for help themselves.

How many artists make their living from painting beautiful creatures? How may exhibit and sell because their chosen subject is so appealing galleries accept their paintings and clients buy them? What better way to thank all of these incredible life forms by supporting an exhibition that does more than showcase talent. We owe these animals in so many ways.

I  will be promoting the David Shepherd Wildife Artist of the Year 2011 exhibition by telling everyone I know about how to submit and I will be encouraging all artists to join in.

The WAY exhibition is open for submissions right now and you can read more about the event via this link.

Please help me by telling every artist you know or art organisation about this exhibition. Let's make  2011 a record year for helping those in the animal kingdom who can't ask us to help them. Wildlife that helps us as artists on so many occasions.This is one exhibition and submission date we shouldn't ignore. If this isn't our area for painting we do know others who could be interested. Let's spread the word so that everyone is aware.

Thank you and good luck with your submission!