Monday, 1 November 2010

Wake Up!

"Morning Light"
For an upcoming exhibition

I can't believe how time is flying or how much I seem to be taking on these days. I have accepted invitations to show in Christmas Exhibitions in several galleries. Over the last few weeks pieces have carefully been selected as a body of work that will show well together. Each  collection as always holds favourites. The cockerel above seems to shine with a glowing morning light and will be part of a show in Winchester later this year. Since winning the Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award  for  a body of cockerels mine seem to be  in demand and sought after. I still only paint them as my heart  dictates, never picking up a brush purely to paint something in case it may be a best seller.

Each subject has to call to me emotively for it to be a success. I believe this positivity is  why certain pieces have a glow about them. I adored painting this piece. As the eye began to appear I felt as though this wonderful creature was watching me work, at one point he seemed to literally jump off the paper. It was such a memorable experience that I had kept the painting to enjoy the flow of pigment and sections that excite in the composition.

I recently recieved an invitation to show in an animal exhibition and as my cockerels were mentioned I  decided it was time to part with my friend. So he is going to be shown for the first time this month.

This is a very busy time of year as galleries often have pre Christmas shows where their stable of artists are asked to particpate to create a stunning exhibition. It is a wonderful time to be inspired and  take time to think about where you are heading the following year. For me 2011 is already  full of exciting new projects and opportunities. My studio time will be valuable to  my new  techniques, subjects and collections as well as  working on my second book which is already packed with gorgeous colour and watercolours that I hope will have everyone who reads it  from all levels as artists racing for their brushes.

Talking of which mine are calling!


During my workshops last week I mentioned how busy I am and how difficult it is finding time to regularly update my blog. I quietly mentioned I may let it go but  quick responses eagerly asking me to keep it changed my mind. I will continue to share but please bear with me when life gets so hectic my posts are a little erratic!


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