Thursday 18 November 2010

Diary of an Artist

"Morning Light"
Original Watercolour to be exhibited at the Bell Fine Art Gallery
"Animal Exhibition "
20th November- 11th December 

 If I typed all I have achieved this week I may just believe it because at times it hasn't seemed real. Last Saturday I was the guest artist for Guildford Art Society and the demonstration was followed by a wonderful evening event where one of my paintings was successfuly auctioned to raise funds for our local church. When the auctioneer mentioned the donation was from a famous artist I felt like looking around to see who it was.

Workshops 2011

Monday. Administration meeting for 2011. My workshops for the beginning of next year from February through to June are now almost fully booked. In fact there are only a few places left for certain sessions which is amazing considering they have only recently been advertised.  I will be putting the Autumn programme together which will be launched in Spring 2011 and this will include the now  favourite Africa session. How to paint dogs in a loose style will be repeated for those who couldn't get a place on the Spring session. I am also looking at new colour combinations so an exciting experimental workshop will be also taking place covering a number of subjects but in unusual  techniques. This I am really looking forward to as I will be sharing  ideas from my second book for the very first time. I know this  will sell out  because it covers techniques I haven't used previously or seen as they have evolved during the creative process of being an author.

Tuesday :  I completed a four page feature for an art magazine which will be issued  in 2011. This has been such a great project as I have been able to pull ideas into one article and share openly how I see colour  and it's placement for unique techniques and results. Putting it together has meant I have taken time out from my gallery work but it is so exciting looking forward to seeing how it will be recieved. I will share more news on this in another post later on. I had a photography shoot in my studio  by a photograher using a vintage camera.  I painted and worked whilst they took the images they needed for their book. It was such a terrific experience to see the black cape over the photographers head but holding the pose for so long made me fully appreciate how wonderful digital cameras are in modern times with their instant shots! I am very eager to see the results.

Wednesday:   I organised delivery of  a new collection to the Bell Fine Art Gallery for their exhibition which opens this weekend. Cards are available of certain pieces and I am so looking forward to seeing the show. I then forwarded the completed four page feature liasing with the editor on its content and final proof.  Next, discussing a wonderful new project  beginning in February 2011 will see me driving a long way again but I am so looking forward to sharing this news.

Behind the Scenes.

I have had an amazing week which I know has not come to an end yet. I have talked to galleries who are eager for more paintings as mine have  been selling so well. I have been working on a new card collection and a  four part series of paintings of local churches which will be released  before Christmas. I am not quite sure how I am fitting everything in. Starting each day with a long dog walk with Bailey seems to clear my mind on how to prioritise. The weather has been very cold  and the scenes so misty in the mornings that my landscapes are now forming with fascinating results from how I see the countryside outside my window. I have so much work on that when I do get out I so appreciate what I see!


I receive such wonderful messages by email about my blog and I do read each one even though it is taking me a little time to get through them. To the wonderful person who wrote a very special message letting me know how much my blog means to them, I want you to know how much your words meant to me.

In this busy life quite often  my blog is the last thing I find time for.  At times I can't help but wonder if anyone really reads it or maybe simply skips through the paintings.  At times I consider is it really  a good idea to  leave my brushes for the computer at all apart from writing my book. 

Your email made me fully understand the value of sharing and why it is important. I truly thank you so much. 

We don't always know how we affect others. 

You kindly affected me and I bless you.



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