Friday, 12 November 2010

Birth of a New Book: The First Meeting

"How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
My first book launched with a book signing at the Mall Galleries, London  in July 2010
during the S.W.A., Society for Women Artists Annual Exhibition

An Amazing Week!
This was an amazing week. Having said that every day of my life seems to be amazing at the moment with  terrific opportunities and new projects coming my way. Often completely unexpected and without a doubt always wonderful. My workshops have become so popular that I have needed to take on an assistant to cover bookings to leave me with time to paint and exhibit. This means I also have time now to work on my second book. The one from my dreams that has been on my mind for such a long time.

When I teach the feedback I recieve is that I often inspire on so many levels. Mainly due to my passion for the medium which I love so much.Watercolour holds magic for me in a way that no other medium can. I revel in its' qualities and celebrate how pigments interact often creating  effects one can only sit back and enjoy often with a feeling of astonishment.

Writing my First Book
 Only a short time ago my dream of writing at all had not been realized. I was initially put in touch with a terrific publisher by the SAA Society for All Artists having written a few features for their "Paint" magazine.  I was offered a commission to write a book for a series which is how "How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" was born. I eagerly agreed and shared my technique,paintings and happily writing the book enjoying the whole creative process. It was a wonderful experience. From driving to the publishers for meetings, photography shoots for live demonstrations to record step by steps and the final touches in how it looked before being  forwarded for printing. There is a whole team behind the scenes who have years of experience.When the project was complete I felt really sad because I was enjoying the journey so much. That is until nerves hit me at its impending release!

Growing As an Artist
At the very last meeting at my publishers head office the tiny seed of an idea for another book emerged. I remember the moment so well. There was so much unsaid in this first book which feels like a door to so much more to come. I have new techniques to share that I have discovered since writing it. From studying so closely how I work my own art has improved. I am growing in every sense of the word and my workshops are actually a revelation in themselves as they too are now far more exciting. They have evolved with me.

The Birth of a New Book
This week was the first meeting of my second book,the title of which will remain a secret until it is launched. The team met here. Roz my publsiher and Katie the senior Editor who will work with me in achieving what I am aiming for.  A book that holds magic within, that cannot be put down and creates addiction in racing for brushes to try new ideas. It will say so much about how I  feel when I paint, about my artistic journey and influences from many countries. In it I give away everything related to watercolour given to me over the years. Within the first hour of the meeting we all became really excited. My ideas  have been flowing and now they can be collated in one beautiful book that will give so much to artists of all levels. I will be locking myself away in my studio for hours on end while I create it. But when I am not writing  I will be happy in the knowledge this is a  beautiful dream coming true that was worth waiting for.

This is it!

The Excitement Builds!
When the meeting finished there was a fabulous feeling of excitement,enthusiasm and anticipation in the air. I could hardly sleep for thinking about what I am about to pull together with the best publsiher any artist could possibly wish to work with. It is time to write and paint like I have never before, to  tempt and to motivate every single reader.What a challenge!

Sharing my Journey
Unlike my last book I am able to share every step of the way with this one. The ups, downs ,worries, fears and  joy as each step  is taken. I hope you join me in the journey whether you too wish to write, have written or are keen to see how I get on. 

Thank You.
 For whatever reason thank you for reading my blog and keeping me company over the next twelve months.As  the last six months have seen so much  happen  behind the scenes by simply painting and throwing ideas together in my studio. Now they become a book and you are at the birth of the idea. You were here when the very first meeting took place, felt my excitement and now together we can move forward with its stages.

Thank you for being a very special part of my journey.


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Bert said...

Good luck for the new book Jean but don't overwork yourself, pace things and enjoy life as well. So looking forward to seeing it and all the wonderful things I can imagine you are going to put in it. Such an exciting thing to look forward to.
Lindsay. XX