Tuesday 31 July 2012

Meerkat Mania Continues

Meerkat " Sergei"

In UK there are TV adverts which have made meerkats even more popular. The entertatining series has seen one of the main characters " Sergei"   in many comical situations and these were discussed with much laughter during one of my workshops last week.

I love to have paintings on the go that are purely fun to work on as a distraction from my main exhibition pieces.These often lead to other new series of watercolours in their own right as ideas come to fruition,especially in compositions that work well.

My own main meerkat character, seen above, seems  to be eagerly looking at something and smiling in one of my  paintings. So I thought I would share him on my blog. When you paint subjects that make you smile it certainly helps set your mood for the day ahead of you.

Meerkats could be my next addiction as subjects to paint,time will tell!

Monday 30 July 2012

Meerkat Mania

Meerkats coming to life from last weeks workshops.

I loved last week. I met incredible people every day on my watercoour workshops and I am still reading  lovely messages by email from artists who attended, who loved each day too.

So for the group who watched and laughed as meerkats started forming in a first wash without any hints of detail here is " Sergei" with his friends in Meerkat Manor. The party has definitely just started as these three meerkats are the first to arrive. How many will make an appearance I have no idea! 

I promised to share a few pieces to keep your brushes moving and to keep you inspired long after the workshop sessions were finished.

I hope you are keeping those exercises at the top of your to do list  and I will continue to share my "inspirations" here!

And to the lovely artist who let me know they missed me when I was away teaching,

I'm back!


Adding Strength to a Watercolour

Building up a painting of Athletes.
Nearest shoulder is now added and bolder colour in places.
Work in Progress

 I shared a study of an athlete on my blog recently. This study of a new subject has tempted me as an artist to continue with just a few touches of colour to the main figure who will be the focal point.  I am aiming for a sense  of movement but my reaction to this character to be fascinated by her  strength and  stamina. So I have opted to add bold colour for detail.

While painting her I couldn't help but think of all the long hours of practise to get to her level of expertise. Not disimilar to an artists journey because hardly anyone just picks up a brush and paints!

This is the original painting I shared a few days ago. Much softer and sections of this study I quite enjoy so the main painting will be a combination of both.

I find I learn far more by not worrying, simply painting these small pieces as experimental exercises. And this really is fun!


Book Signing: A New Week

Book signing  this morning, to start my week.

I have always loved Mondays. I see them as a piece of white paper representing the week ahead and they are mine to add colour to as I wish. I choose vibrant positive shades as much as possible and always have.

Following my workshops last week I am now catching up on so much administration that quietly takes place behind the scenes and is often never mentioned. I have had to order a new supply of my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" as I had sold out. These needed to be signed for my web site online shop as well as copies of my previous book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" which is also selling very well.

So I took time out to sit quietly in my cottage, listen to very relaxing music and sign my new stock ready to be sent out for new orders.

If you would like to buy a copy you can via Amazon.com

If you live in USA and want an order  quickly you can also buy from this link


Thank you again to everyone who has already bought a copy and for the terrific emails letting me know how much you have enjoyed my work!

Sunday 29 July 2012

Cat in Watercolour: Three Stages

From a soft wash,buildng up detail to the final painting,this watercolour of my cat was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon!

More step by steps and demonstrations can be found in my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" which leads from how I hold my brush, to techniques I prefer for a variety of subjects.

Watercolour Animals

 Buster, my ginger cat as a WIP

I met some  wonderful people on my workshops last week. During the afternoon sessions I usually give one on one tuition to guide artists on a more personal level. I love this part of each teaching day because I then get to know  people attending my classes individually.

One of the favourite topics this week was painting animals especially their eyes. Working from a starting point I created Buster,my cat, using the right eye as my main area to work away from. If you were in the class you will have witnessed soft initial washes which have developed into stronger colours in further layering.

In this particular pose Buster was about to pounce on a toy so he was in a position prior to taking action. Here I am  aiming at keeping his face more detailed with his body as a blur in the background to hint at that being further away from the viewer of my finished piece. His expression needs to look as though he is concentrating on his "prey"!

If you study the first image of the progress,then the one seen below you can see how the second eye started and finally came to life with the addition of detail as seen in the above WIP.

Buster, WIP in an earlier stage before more detail was added for the nose,second eye and mouth section.

I have decisions to make to complete this painting. I can hint at the second ear. Add to the second eye. Even add the bells on his collar if I wish!  This is where the painting will become very personal to me as the artist; and I will allow my brushes to be guided freely by how I feel with each placement of colour!


I have had lovely emails letting me know I am missed when I take workshops because my watercolour blog goes so quiet while I am away. So if you missed me this week this post is for you! And if you were on my workshop when I started Buster I hope you will follow how this post with a smile!

Atmospheric Watercolours: Book Update 2012

"Atmospheric Watercolours"
My latest book which is selling all over the world.

Yesterday I finally started to catch up with my emails after a weeks teaching of workshops here in UK. I read message after message from readers all over the world who have bought copies of my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours". It was wonderful but  I must confess I am relieved that my face was not filmed because there were moments of sheer joy leading me to huge smiles. And then there were moments where tears ran down may face because of the emotional responses to my book. I would love to share some on my blog but they are far too personal.

I heard I have opened doors to creativity, built confidence in working with a medium some readers had found really difficult to use before, inspired and motivated. I loved hearing from the lady who had not painted for ten years even though they loved creating in the past.There are people who cannot attend workshops because of financial reasons. Several readers have disabilities so cannot leave their homes and say I have  brought a whole new colourful world into their lives. I have had professional artists saying their work was becoming less of a pleasure but now they love painting again. I adored the email from an artist who has recently won a prize and considers my book helped them reach that dream.

I have also been told my book should be in a self help section because of its philosopy,

Messages are flooding in from all over the world and my heart is so touched. I feel overwhelmed because I have genuinely poured my love for watercolour into each page thinking I could give every tip I know away. To be enjoyed, so that should anything ever happen to me my teaching can continue in a book form.

Now I feel I need to say the biggest thank you to everyone who has not only bought a copy but left me a glowing review or taken the time to get in touch. I had shut myself away for quite some time writing this publication as I wanted it to inspire, in ways that I have been over the many years I have been travelling and living abroad.

So a huge thank you to every reader! I owe you so much!


If you would like a copy of my book you can buy a signed copy from my web site or via this link to Amazon.com

Saturday 28 July 2012

Olympic Fever 2012

Quick fun study!

After a wonderful week of taking workshops I am finally back in my studio after enjoying the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games .  The spirit of the event seems to have affected so many people who were in awe of the spectacle we witnessed last night.

I am sure many  superb paintings will appear inspired by the athletes in action.

I know my brushes certainly will be!


Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me such fabulous emails about this weeks workshops. I am over the moon they were enjoyed so much .I can't wait for next week to arrive so I can begin working on my own new watercolours following all the brilliant ideas that flowed last week during the sessions. I will be replying soon and hope you all remember the " homework" and exercises you were given to continue with at home!

Friday 27 July 2012

Watercolour Workshops July 2012

Taj Mahal Inspiration
A demonstration from this weeks workshops

I never know where my workshops will lead me because each day is always full of surprises. Artists attending are invited to bring their favourite subjects to paint and work from.  As everyone loves different things my classes see in a huge variety of paintings within the room every day with very different results. Each unique.

Over the last few days I have met the most amazing people who have come to be inspired and yet left me wishing the week could have continued endlessly. At the end of every session we went over the original timing of the day feeding on the gorgeous enthusiasm and fabulous atmosphere.Yesterday was exactly the same because after we should have put brushes down I was still demonstrating and discussing ideas with a fabulous group of people who I would love to meet up with again and soon!

I have painted dogs,sheep,flowers,people,cockerels,landscapes and so many more terrific subjects either as group demonstrations or as one on one tuition showing how I would approach each new subject shown to me. It has been amazing and if I could turn back time I would happily start this week all over again.

I closed yesterdays workshop with an example of layering colour for a landscape,shown above which was inspired by the Taj Mahal. I loved all the questions during each day and  I owe a huge thank you to everyone who attended.

Ines from Portugal ,thank you so much for my wonderful wine which both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Lori,please keep up the fabulous work,you blew me away yesterday!

Sharon,don't forget those additional punches,only you will understand that comment!

Sally have fun painting your adorable Grandchildren

Lynda,I loved talking to you about my music and how great to meet someone who has seen my favourite singer!

Cath,thank you for all the  suggestions on galleries to visit in London

Maureen,I hope you really do keep painting as well as you did this week!

I could go on as everyone was so terrific, I feel as though I have made a million new friends and its been a pleasure sharing magical moments with you all!

Happy painting until next time.


As I am now working on gallery exhibitions, I am sorry to say that will be my last workshops in UK until next year as my Autumn sessions will be taking place in USA this October. Dates for my exciting new 2013 sessions will be shared on my blog and web site later this year so please look out for details!

Monday 23 July 2012

Racing as Always

My new horse racing scene with the horses racing straight towards me at full speed!

My workshops start tomorrow and I have three fabulous days with artists working on a variety of subjects  for each new day. I have been looking forward to them and my car will be packed tonight ready for setting up at the venue.

I have had some  wonderful emails inviting me to be in shows this year and next. I have also had some rather unsual requests. One was to pose for a photography group who are working on models in careers, if you are reading this I will be in touch soon but life has been very hectic  recently. I have also had an unusual email asking if I would give my persmission for my face to be used on an advertising billboard. I have declined this invitation.

Over the last few months I have been working on  exhibition collections and the above painting is part of a body of work for a show coming up later in the year.

For now if you would like to see my watercolours you can visit one of the following galleries.

The Wey Gallery in Godalming,Surrey. Here you will find my largest of horse racing scenes and a new collection of sheep paintings.

The Frame Gallery in Odiham, carries a selection of my paintings including the Spanish Dancer from my new book.

July 2012
Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge, Hampshire is currently hosting an exhibiton of my paintings called " Fur,Feathers and Florals" which runs throughout July until 3rd August. This showcases my dogs,cockerels,hare,sheep and beautiful flowers from my new book.

August 2012
 The Lyndhurst Gallery in the New Forest,Hampshire  will be exhibiting exciting new horse racing scenes during their Summer Show which opens in August.

September 2012
In September I will be part of an SWA Exhibition at the Albany Gallery  in Cardiff. This is the second time I have shown at this  brilliant gallery so I look forward to visiting Wales again at this time.

October will see me fly to USA for my watercolour workshops and book signing tour there which willlead me back to UK in November ready for the Christmas Shows.

Life is very busy but that is the way it should be!

I will be sharing on my blog as much as possible so please bear with me if I fall a little quiet at times,

Happy painting


Friday 20 July 2012

Five Minute Study : Portrait

Portrait on my easel from a five minute exercise

The market scene figures have led me back to a favourite subject of mine as portraits seem to have taken over my studio this week.

Each evening before I close my my painting session I take a piece of paper or two and paint faces. Sometimes I have photographs to work from. Sometimes I paint merely from my imagination as with this study. So if this looks like anyone you know it is purely accidental!

Painting exercises such as this each day is a brilliant way to have fun moving brushes but also increases awareness of colour placement for effects. Here I worked with a very limited palette and the outcome is quite pleasing.

After painting so many female faces this week I thought a good looking guy would be nice to add to the collection. Just for a change!


Thursday 19 July 2012

Facing Faces

Faces from my Market Scene Characters

Whilst working on my colourful market scenes some of my characters are quickly becoming firm favourites to paint. Each time I add a new figure to a composition their head dress or clothing may change as does their facial expressions.

These are reminding me of my time living in Dubai when I used to paint faces regularly for local galleries. These small studies became really popular at the time.

Taking time out at the end of my painting session today I worked on a few small pieces of paper to bring each market scene character to life  via a few simple brushstrokes and placement of colour.

Tomorrow is going to be a day for faces and even more market scenes.

How wonderful to always have something new to look forward to. Although in this case I am going back to my old friends of yesteryear!


Never Complain!

Carrying The Load
Watercolour Figure Study

I have been lucky enough to live in many countries and one thing that never escapes me is the human ability to constantly complain. 

" Its' too cold" , "its' too hot"  and "its' too wet" are common phrases used all over the world.

I must admit right now as I look out of my studio window at heavy rain, yet again, I remember not so long ago living in Dubai and yearning to see wet weather!

Where ever we are and what ever we are dealing with, one thing we can be sure of.
Someone, somewhere in the world would readily jump into our shoes and change places.

I am working on my figure scenes and market places.Feeling the heat and bustle of people working in sunshine, carrying heavy loads of produce and others elsewhere smiling whilst walking with bare feet on sand. Not always  from choice but because they have no shoes.

Looking at the rain right now, after that thought, it doesn't seem so bad!


Wednesday 18 July 2012

Atmospheric Watercolours: New Book Sales

This week is gradually growing in excitement from invitations for exhibitions in 2013, news from galleries regarding recent exhibitions and interviews for magazine features.

Just when I thought life could not get any better I heard from my publishers and it looks as though my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" is headed for a reprint as its' sales have been incredible!

I truly am thrilled, humbled and overwhelmed because all I have done is pour my passion for working in watercolour into the pages of my new publication. I just want everyone to love this medium as much as I do and I honestly  wish for everyone who has dreams to be able to reach them.

I am having such a wonderful journey in my art career and I want to make sure others  do too. Because to me, life without sharing joy and happiness is a complete waste of time!

Thank you so much to everyone who has bought a copy of my new book.

You can purchase my book from several sources including Amazon.com  via this link

Elephants Can Fly!

From my book
"Atmospheric Watercolours"

I had a wonderful message from the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge this morning letting me know that the elephant painting from my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" is making its way to its' new home in Australia and I am thrilled.This is one of my favourite paintings which sadly is not shown well on screen. The colours sing when it is seen in real life. Also the light on the head of my subject seems to glow as if this majestic creature is truly walking in sunlight.

Part of me wishes I was  travelling with my painting because I adore Australia!

This piece is part of my watercolour collection on show at the Dogs in Art Gallery during my "Fur, Feathers and Florals " Exhibition which runs until August 3rd,2012.

The gallery are wonderful in that they are happy to send  my work all over the world to international clients.

You can see the selection of work available via this link.



Cadmium Yellow Day

Cadmium Yellow
Adding sunshine on a rainy Day

The rain is  continuing in England. The skies are grey and gloomy and even my dog, Bailey, is less than enthusiastic about going out for a walk.

Today I have opted for painting vibrantly sunny scenes from warmer climates. Figures in bright clothes walking in bustling market scenes have caught my imagination. I have almost heard the music from drums and witnessed dancing ladies swaying with swirling skirts. I have even managed to include ladies balancing baskets on their  heads to larger compositions

In my mind I have been anywhere other than this cool,wet country of mine!

The small face study above was created with W&N Peryelene Maroon,Cadmium Orange and then literally drenched in Cadmium Yellow to one side of the face to draw the head dress into my subject completely.

My studio is  full of energy,life and bright colours.
 In fact Ihave successfuly chased all rain and gloom from my mind via my brushes!

This has to be one of the best advantages of being an artist.You can go where you like,when you want to and how you wish!


Tuesday 17 July 2012

Dramatic Watercolour Winners: The Artist Magazine and Painters Online

The Artist Magazine 
Art Feature and Watercolour Competition
June 2012 Issue.

Dark, light, texture and interest in a floral composition.

Earlier this year I wrote a feature for the June 2012 issue of the Artist Magazine. With this feature a competition ran where the winners would each recieve a signed copy of my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" as well as a copy of my latest DVD "Watercolour Passion ".  I loved writing the feature but then the time came when I was asked to judge the  submitted paintings. This was no easy task.

Every single painting in the entry collection caught my eye so to dismiss any of them seemed impossible.  Finally I  chose the six winning paintings and gave a full critique on each which you can see and read via this link.

Congratulations to the lucky winners and thank you so much to everyone who took part!


Painters Online

"Jean Haines chose the following six paintings to receive a copy of her latest book (Atmospheric Watercolours from Search Press) and DVD (Watercolour Passion from Townhouse Films) as well as the critiques which you can read below.

Jean says 'I loved all of the entries for my recent watercolour competition and found choosing just six winners really difficult because each painting was so unique and original. That really is the whole aim of my new book 'Atmospheric Watercolours'. To create paintings highlighting the magical qualities that watercolour as a medium holds. My challenge was to create atmospheric colour with exciting texture effects in each result. These paintings by the following winners met the request and caught my eye by their individuality'. "

Monday 16 July 2012

Colour Me Happy

Old English Sheepdog Puppy

This is probably the wettest summer I can ever remember. The rain has been relentless. Day after day the skies have been grey here in England. Sunshine at times has seemed like a distant memory.

At times like these I work with my warmest of pigments like Cadmium Yellow or  my yummy Schmincke Transparent Orange. I place my focus on their glow and work towards allowing them to be the main accent colour in each of my paintings. Bringing  both strength and warmth to every new composition.

Or I will choose a subject that makes me smile like the lovable Old English Sheepdog puppy that sold in an exhibition a while ago.

These are my " Colour Me Happy" projects and they work. They do bring a smile to my face and leave me loving each brushstroke. From here I can move to more serious work easily  so that the emotions contained in each result are always positive.

Whatever is happening in your life whether its the weather or chaos from one of lifes storms I hope you too can find comfort in using the most beautiful of colours on subjects that can raise a smile.

Happy Painting!


Magazine Interview : July 2012

Bearded Collies,as discussed in my new book and from one of my DVD's
There is a trailer to the demonstration via this link

It seems like ages since I had time to add to my blog!

There is always so much to do it seems. I have just finished an interview with a wonderful journalist for a feature in a magazine that specialises in dogs.This contact came from my current exhibition  "Fur,Feathers and Florals" at the fabulous "Dogs in Art" Gallery in Stockbridge, Hampshire. 

It never ceases to amaze me how diverse this art world is, in how many people we reach worldwide with possibly a single painting. My "Five in a Row" Bearded Collie paintings seems to have touched hearts of dog lovers all over the world. Each time it is discussed my lovely dogs Taffy and Bailey are mentioned.

It will be really interesting to read the completed feature and how nice it is that this time I don't have to do the writing! Usually it is me meeting deadlines by putting a feature together for a magazine. So to talk to someone else who is going to write the piece seemed like a holiday.

This is the week for meetings as I am out again tomorrow to discuss a new watercolour collection.

There is so much I would love to share on my blog but time seems to be running away from me lately.

In fact this post is to prove I am still here and that I haven't forgotten to post here!


Huge waves to the wonderful atists I have met recently at demonstrations,thank you so much for coming to see me!

Tuesday 10 July 2012


Mariner from my new book "Atmospheric watercolours"

People never cease to amaze me!

Usually I am so upbeat when I write as this is my natural personality. I love seeing the good in life I am never happier than when I am surrounded by friends and loved ones. When I meet other artists of all levels I see the positives in their work. If  my friends and colleagues succeed I am so happy for them.

But I couldn't help seeing a comparison over recent sporting events and the art world.

This weekend saw Andy Murray lose at Wimbledon. He had worked so hard to gain his  worthy place in the finals So much so that when he was beaten his speech to the crowd was made in tears due to the intense emotion he could not hide. This is a man who has been criticized in the past for never showing his emotions. And now the public are criticizing him because he has. Instead of the focus being on how much he has achieved and how brilliant he is as a player to even make the finals, talk has been mainly about his reaction to losing.

Before that we witnessed one of my favourite racehorses win in England. Black Caviar flew from Australia and won on unfamilar ground but was there excited feedback at her incredible number of wins and the fact that she did win?  No, the focus has been on how she won with so many negative comments on her performance.

Maybe it is people in general but why when someone does so well is it easy to knock them down? It is as if  people simply have to find the negative in others to make themselves feel happy.

Why do I compare this to the art world? I know several artists who have won prizes recently or who have had fantastic success in galleries or exhibitions. Instead of giving positive feedback the  "grumpies" in life have to find something to grumble about. They can't possibly celebrate someone elses' success no matter how small or well deserved it is.

If we were all colours from our palettes I would be a bright shiny yellow or vibrantly glowing orange. The grumpies would be shades of miserable grey .

So this is a very different post from me,

Please be a bright pigment and leave the negative shades to others!

Dull shades kill the life and spark in a painting and similarly dull attitudes don't exactly encourage success around you either!


Busy Week!

Foxgloves appearing from colourful washes using clingfilm to form the leaves at the base of the painting

It seems ages since I added to my blog.  In fact I haven't had much free time since my return from London where I demonstrated at the fabulous Mall Galleries during the SWA,Society for Women Artists' Annual Exhibition. I hope to write about my demonstration on a seperate post as it was such a great day. Thank you so much to everyone who came to meet me especially the two ladies who came over from Ireland and Belgium. I so wish I had more time on the day to spend with you as I thought you were wonderful!

It is strange how my life is changing and how my views on being an artist are too. This incredible journey that we start out on when we pick up our brushes leads us to so many interesting destinations and to meeting new friends from all over the world.

I have been touched by so many emails and comments on my new book and art. I now start my day by replying to messages from all over the world and today I recieved my very first from Mexico.  We live in a time when we can connect via the internet and it is such a privilege to be able to do so.

My book is continuing to sell well and I have signed so many copies over the last few weeks and I keep recieving new invitations to further events which is wonderful.

The only negative comment I have recieved so far has been from someone who completely misinterpreted my chapters including salt and clingfilm. The use of which has been around for such a long time so they are not my invention and have never been claimed as such. However what has fascinated viewers of my demonstrations is my own interpretation of  their placement to gain flow and directional texture effects. I also build up subjects with textural layers as witnessed in my carnation painting demonstrations. This creates realistic patterns appropriate to each subject.

Since writing my book I have discovered yet another new way to apply salt which I hope to share soon. I honestly believe if we share our excitement in what works for us we further the joy in moving our brushes which of course is the sole aim of my writing. To encourage everyone to feel as passionate about watercolour as I do.

And to the excited architect who has experimented with my "Venetian" technique to paint buildings in landscapes. How lovely to hear I have changed your life forever and long may your successful run of sales continue! You are welcome, and thank you so much for letting me know how well you are using the technique from my new book. I am absolutely thrilled!

Painting and sharing ideas for me has never been about my own success. But more importantly it is about the success achieved by others.

So to close,Christine, congratulations on gaining your first sale in an exhibition, winning your first prize and getting into a gallery. But remember one thing.

This all happened because of YOUR talent!

Not my input,workshops or book.

I am over the moon for you.

Happy painting!



Wednesday 4 July 2012

Market Scene with Figures.

Figures growing in the background on my market scene.
Stage 4.

I thought I would share the next stage of my market scene.Here figures are mysteriously appearing in the background. Hints of people here will make the more detailed figures stand out in the foreground.

It is looking atmospheric as it is and there is just a little to add to complete the scene.

Please read the section on making connections throughout a painting if you have a copy of my new book "Atmospheric watercolours" because this is exactly how this is developed.

I hope you like it!

With my technique you really can paint any subject once you have mastered the starting points and flow!


One,Two, Three: Figures in Watercolour

Capturing Sunlight and Movement in Figures.

For a complete change I returned to a really old favourite subject of mine from years ago. I used to paint dancing figures when I lived in Dubai and from there became really excited about painting figures in sunlight from beaches and market places in wonderful hot climates.

This scene of local women will grow as more figures are added but I thought it would be fun and possibly inspiring to share the process.

Stage 1.
I start each figure with the face,head dress and then work downwards to the clothing and body. I always connect my second figure or third so they work together in harmony at this stage.

Stage 2.
In this second stage I am introducing the third figure by hints of the face and arm.

Stage 3
Next I strengthen colour in the first figures and gain a sense of movement in the skirts.

At the moment I have no idea how many figures are going to be in the scene. I am just enjoying it far too much to worry about the outcome!

There could be palm trees,market stalls,baskets on their heads,children by their sides.

The choice is mine!

Whatever happens  you can be sure vibrant colour will play a huge part in this painting.


If you have a copy of my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" you may find the section on connections really interesting as this is how I create this kind of painting.

Atmospheric Watercolours: A Best Selling Watercolour Book!

I am thrilled to hear that my new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" is quickly becoming a best selling watercolour publication. As much as I loved writing this book and  aiming to make it special for everyone whether they are new or not to watercolour I am  constantly overwhelmed by the glowing feedback I continually receive  from readers who have bought a copy and are enjoying my ideas and techniques.

Thank you so much to everyon who has got in touch with me, who has bought a copy, reviewed my new book or expressed how much they like it via various sources.

You have absolutely no idea how happy you have made me

Thank you so much!


Copies of my book are available in various locations including the Mall Galleries in London and Waterstones Stores. You can also buy my book online from Amazon .com via this link.

Mall Galleries Demonstration Thursday 5th July 2012

SWA Exhibition Painting 2012

 Time really does fly!  

I cannot believe it is a year ago that I was demonstrating at the Mall Galleries during the 150th Annual Exhibition of the SWA, Society for Women Artists show. Tomorrow I will be a the Mall Galleries sharing my watercolour techniques and enjoying the exhibition again.

This will be my last public demonstration in UK this year and I am really looking forward to it. As soon as I finish todays painting session I will be loading my car with my equipment ready for  my journey to London in the morning.

I am going to start at 11.0a.m with one demonstration,take a short break for lunch and then continue with a new demonstration at 2.0 pm. I intend to be at the gallery for most of the day so please come and say hello if you would like to meet me. I have met some incredible new friends at the Mall Galleries through my demonstrations there and I do love meeting people who love watercolour as much as I do.

My new book "Atmospheric Watercolours" is available in the Mall Gallery Book Shop so be sure to have a peep at it or even buy a copy while you are there!

Roll on tomorrow!


SWA Society of Women Artists Exhibition 2012

 SWA Society for Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2012

I am currently showing at the Mall Galleries in London during the SWA,Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition 2012. I was really delighted to see my painting sold within the Private preview opening of the show. Anyone who visited my solo exhibition at the Wey Gallery in Godalming this year may have recognised the horse racing paintings from this series which are also sold.

I have horse racing paintings currently on show at the Wey Gallery in Godalming including new work.

My next collection of Horse Racing scenes will be in the Summer Show of the Lyndhurst Gallery in the New Forest in August 2012.

And I am looking forward to demonstrating at the Mall Galleries tomorrow. 
I am beginning to believe my horse racing paintings depict my life.
Always full of excitement!


New Owl Collection with new techniques.

Baby Owl from a new collection of owl watercolours

It is incredible how popular my watercolours of owls have now become. Increasingly at exhibitions they are amongst the first of subjects to sell and in doing so are becoming collectible. At the moment my only available owl paintings are in my "Fur, Feathers and Florals" Exhibition which is running at the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge, Hampshire,UK until 3rd August 2012.

My new collection won't be available until later this year.

I have a friend who has invited me to see baby owls on their land but I have been so busy that I haven't had time to  enjoy their beautiful little faces this year . 
If you are reading this Bridget you can see I am still inspired by one of my favourite bird subjects!

From writing "Atmospheric Watercolours" I have learned that I adore learning. I adore exploring and experimenting aiming to bring more than just a finished image onto paper. I want to capture emotion as well as the personality of the animals or birds that I work on. And I want each piece to be 100% unique. I cannot understand or relish the idea of painting the same subject in exactly the same way repetitively as that would kill my artistic soul.

This little owl is curious and their instinct to hunt is evident in their eyes. But they possess a vulnerability at this young age making them almost seem like prey also.

Life as an artist takes me from one amazing  day to the next. My brushes lead me to new joy and colour lightens my life regardless of the rain outside.

In my mind I have a million ideas to progress with this composotion or begin a new series of owls,all from one painting.

Life is great and I continually look forward to my tomorrows because they are all, always new and exciting!

Dog in Art Gallery,Stockbridge,Hampshire,Exhibition 2012

The Stockbridge Gallery
Dogs in Art
Fur, Feathers and Florals Exhibition 2012

Yesterday I visited the Dogs in Art Gallery in Stockbridge,Hampshire,UK to see my latest exhibition "Fur,Feathers and Florals" which runs until 3rd August 2012.

I love this gallery. It is on the High Street of Stockbridge which boasts wonderful shops and restaurants plus a gorgeous tea room which is almost opposite in location. I used to visit Stockbridge regularly to walk my two Bearded Collies along the fabulous river there. The walks in this area are fantastic as the rural setting is peacefully beautiful.

The gallery itself has a wonderfully tempting window dsplay of dog sculptures and I immediately fell in love with this one!

I was over the moon to see my collection perfectly displayed bringing a completely new look with a feel of summer florals, vibrantly glowing cockerels and of course my latest dogs in watercolour.

Everywhere you turn in this gallery there is something unique to catch your attention. It is so well worth a visit so if you are in Hamsphire,UK, please call in to see one of the most amazing of collections of art I have ever witnessed.

I will add to my blog soon sharing more news of the event.

Details and gallery location information can be found on my web site


Tuesday 3 July 2012

Henry Malt Book Review : SAA,Society for All Artists 2012

Atmospheric Watercolours
Launched 2012

I think I am supposed to be cool, calm and collected when I read book reviews.  If so, I failed miserably when I read Henry Malts  glowing review of my new book in the Artists Library section of the SAA, Society for All Artists "Paint" magazine yesterday.

Please put yourself in my shoes, imagine you are the author of my book and read the following extract  of the review as if you were me.


Atmospheric Watercolours by Jean Haines
Book review extract by Henry Malt

"Gosh,this is a fantastic book! In her introduction, Jean credits Jean-Louis Morelle whose very technical book of a few years ago was one of the first to explore what is one of watercolours best tricks, but here she looks at its creative possibilities. If you love the wet-in-wet techniques prepare to be amazed, humbled even.

It's also a very difficult book to describe in words and in a way, that is a further indicator of its greatness. I don't want to go overboard on this but usually, I can tell you what's in a book,what the paintings look like, and give you at least a hint of the flavour of it. Jeans work however is so intensely visual that there aren't the words to describe it. the only way I could go about it would be to write a tone poem and hope that you could make the leap for yourselves."


I am so thrilled to receive such wonderful credibility as a writer and artist from Henry who always gives such informative feedback on books he reviews. I started writing features for the SAA magazine some time ago and I am thrilled to see so many artists that I know following in my footsteps by joining the society, sharing their art there and writing to encourage others to learn,grow and reach for their  dreams.

It is just what it says it is.

A society for ALL artists of ALL levels.

Thank you to the SAA and Henry Malt for making this particular artist so very happy, humbled and overwhelmed.

Also a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to add their own book review on Amazon.com.
Your words have encouraged artists from all over the world to get in touch with me,many who have never heard of me before so I do really apprecaite your kindness in feedback and time. You can read everyones reviews on amazon via this link and please feel free to add your own.

Thank you!