Tuesday 17 March 2020

ONLINE ART SCHOOL NEWS! ** Register Open**

Lamb coming to life in watercolour


I am so excited! Actually I am excited and disappointed but I will explain why in this blog post. I have just made the toughest decision to cancel all of my upcoming art events including my demonstration and workshop at Broadway Arts Festival 2020 and I was attending Patchings Art Festival  in summer. However governments all over the world are offering advise on the Corona Virus and self isolation along with social distancing seems to be a common theme. So I am really sorry for anyone that was hoping to see me in action personally this year.


Here is the good news! You may not be able to attend a workshop with me but you can now see me painting live online! My new online art school is almost ready to open and in preparation there is a special offer for the opening two weeks. Please see the link below for details and add your email address where requested, if you are interested in joining my regular tutorials . You will recieve notifcation every month on two new exciting tutorials to follow and paint. Just imagine, you will be in my home with me on a regular basis and given inspiration of things to paint, techniques to try and projects to complete.

Self isolation can be a good thing enabling us to create without interruption but there will be also be an online community in my new online art school where you can show your art work and meet your freinds or make new ones!

Its' actually almost party time for us all!

So here is the link...

Add your email address and join the watercolour party!



Wednesday 11 March 2020

Exciting Online Tutorials and New Art School Coming soon!

 Mothers Day Bouquet
Daffodils and Pussy Willow in Watercolour

Jean Haines Online Art School

I have been quiet. Very quiet. And it has made me think of a time when my Step Mother always used to say " What is Jean up to ?" because she knew if I went really quiet for some time I was coming up with something new. And I have been working on just that. Something incredibly new and exciting.

It hit me during the time I was unable to travel how difficult it is keeping up with the demand for my workshops internationally. I have tried lengthening my tours, expanded the number of workshops I have held in each location and often added one more to take on the waiting list for cancellations. Only to discover a new waiting list grows then which is often twice as long. How wonderful to be so popular you may think but actually it hurts me to not be able to allow everyone who wants to attend one of my classes or see me to do so. 

There had to be ansnwer and this is my solution. I have started filming tutorials for an online art school which will be open for everyone. It involves a membership to join that can be either annual or monthly. There is even a free preview  so you can make your mind up before committing.  The fee is reasonable, in fact a really good offer especially at the launch. I would strongly advise joining as a full member while the art school is new and then you can grow with me in this adventure.

What does a member recieve?

 Two tutorials each month, a community where you can share your art from my demonstrations. Once a member you can watch the tutorials as often as you like. I will be sharing my favourite colours, subjects, discoveries and new techniques as they evolve.

I have been filming frequently in preparation for the launch and I have considered that some members may never have been on a workshop with me. So some really simple subjects will be included too and my plan is to have art in mind that can grow as your skill level improves. From easy to more complex.

It will be an inspirational, motivational and energising site. Having said that it is a natural teaching site in that you will be welcomed into my home where each demonstration ( so far) has taken place. My two young puppies have created a few comical headaches for us and these are included, You will see me serious at times and laughing when I am interrupted by them. As my puppies are now turning into adult dogs the chaotic fun is less frequent but still fascinating.

Basically, as a member you have access to me twice a month in demonstrations and I will visit the online gallery as time allows but here you will be mixing with and meeting other watercolour enthusiasts.

I have a wonderful vision for this new online art school. It will be launching soon and you will be able to register your interest and recieve notification by email on how to join.

Watch out for competitions, challenges to push yourself  and give aways too. A surprise around many corners just as in life. Like Spring when everything is new, fresh and fantastic.

I will still be travelling and demonstrating so I will share news about that very soon.

Oh, and one more very important thing, my blog will be moving to my new web site so once it is open I will share a link here and a link to my watercolour school.

Are you ready for a new adventure?

Oh boy, am I!

Join me soon!

Jean Haines Online Art School is coming soon!

Spring time first wash