Saturday 13 November 2010

Guildford Art Society : Watercolour Demonstration

Autumn Colours
Experimental Wash

Watercolour Demonstration 
13th October 2010

It is always a privilege to be invited to demonstrate for art societies. During these events I meet such wonderful members of each one. Artists who share a common passion for painting and creating. I hear news of exhibitions and galleries that others have had experience in. One demonstration often leads to another and I find I am receiving many requests leading into 2012 to share my enthusiasm and techniques.

Last month I was followed in one art society programme by the amazing Pip McGarry whose wildlife art has to be seen to be believed. Today I will be a guest at Guildford Art Society and will be followed next month by Roger Dellar RI whose paintings are absolutely out of this world. Both artists have long been favourites of mine since showing at the RI, Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour where I first saw Rogers work. Pip McGarry I exhibit with in a local gallery.

The fact that I am now demonstrating in the same programmes with artists such as these seems very unreal. I still feel very much like a new artist,thrilled with colour each time I use it. I simply share what I love. So when I see each invitation I am honestly always quietly overwhelmed.  Last year a wonderful president in the art world told me "My head needs to catch up with my art and quickly" . They probably spoke the wisest words I will ever hear. My career is moving faster than I had ever expected and I am having  to take time out to think about how to keep up with it!

 You can tell so much about an Art Society by the artists they invite as guest speakers. The subject and medium they cover and the expertise and experience of the artists they invite.

Joining an Art Society
The best advise I can give anyone wishing to improve as an artist is join your local art society. If that one isn't as active as you would wish travel to the nearest one that fulfils your needs. Go to each monthly demonstration. Even to watch the mediums you don't use as technique and colour choices are still so vital to  every successful composition. Attend every society exhibition and aim to be in one. Accept rejection from societies who judge your work as they will be the very ones who help you gain acceptance. And when you recieve it, only then will you appreciate what you had to learn. Grow in mind and master your chosen form of art. And on every step of the way smile, enjoy what you are doing and love the journey. Realise it has no end because just when you get to  where you think you want to be something else will appeal to you strongly.


I must now pack my car and prepare for the demonstration but first a walk with Bailey to pick colours for the examples of Autumn colours and texture this afternoon.

Happy painting and if you are going to Guildford this afternoon, see you there!



Sandra Busby said...

Wowee! This painting looks so exciting! I LOVE the colours!!!

devotedmomof7 said...

All the success is well deserved! We so enjoy our Haines masterpiece of pouting Kylie! I am forever grateful.