Saturday 17 January 2015

Making it Snow : Snowdrops


It is so good to be back in my studio after such a long break.  I started the day by painting wonderful yellow washes for daffodil watercolours. But as the day wore on the temperature outside dropped and the colour of the sky changed dramatically. It feels cold enough to snow and the earlier warm sunshine has disappeared.

I left the warm golden shades and returned to a mix of violets, blues and turquoise to capture snowdrops in soft falling snow. Initially I worked around negative shapes for the white of the flowers,selecting interesting, cool colour combinations for the backgrounds.

Before I knew it my easel was completely changed from a yellow to a blue collection of florals.

Easel collection of snowdrop paintings

I honestly cannot wait until tomorrow morning when I can race into my studio and make final touches to these paintings, if any/. I had a ball and this is just my first day painting in 2015. I don't intend to wish my life away but tomorrow cannot come quick enough!