Sunday 25 January 2015

Don't take a Day For Granted

"Spring Sunshine"

Last night I went to the movies for the second time this week. There were two films I had desperately wanted to watch. One was "Mr Turner" which I felt would see me leaving the cinema with a strong urge to paint. I believed it would give me an insight into the masters life and the genius that he was, a glimpse into the soul behind the masterpieces. I left that night feeling deeply disappointed and I cannot define why. The scenery and costumes were superb as was the acting. But something was so badly missing. As an artist my life revolves around how I see subjects I wish to paint and the emotions that are with me while I bring them to life. I expected more.

How different my reaction last night. I went to see " The Theory of Everything".  I am not ashamed to admit I cried during the film on several occasions. I felt my heart seized with emotions throughout the storyline. The lead character was played by Eddie Redmayne and towards the end of this movie he had to work solely with facial expression to act. How one can say so much without uttering a word is incredible. It was during these scenes that I felt moved the most.

When I paint I say so much through my art and I know at times I evoke emotions, this happens sometimes when I am teaching and not saying a word. I feel the people around me and the room is often charged with words that have not been said. I can't explain this well. But artists from my workshops will know what I am trying to get across.

In life there are times when the unspoken words speak louder than when thoughts are given a voice. Maybe it is true that actions speak louder than words.

This morning I came into my studio to quietly paint and again I find myself emotional, thinking about the life portrayed last night. A man whose life changed due to a debilitating disease. How brave and how inspirational.

I realise fully how fortunate I am to have my health. I have the use of my hands to paint, the gift of sight to see. My ability to talk isn't as important to me.  I can paint to show what I am feeling but it is a gift I don't take for granted. And I love singing. I love listening to music too.

For those of us with all these senses we shouldn't take a single day for granted. We have no idea what our tomorrows will bring.

So today, and every day, enjoy the gifts that you possess. Don't take them for granted and don't waste them.

You are blessed.


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Unknown said...

Jean,we once shared a train journey from Winchfield to London and our conversation gave me the urge to use the medium of water colour,so I bought your book and it is now my handbook.

I too waited impatiently for the film Mr Turner and was also disappointed by it. Turners love of light or his passion for painting didn't come through and left me feeling there was something missing.