Saturday 17 January 2015

Beautiful and Free

 Beautiful and Free
Spring flowers coming to life on my easel

Its' started. That wonderful feeling of absolutely nothing being more important than holding a brush in my hand. In a new year that is full of promise with high expectations from my world where watercolour is my passion. Thrilling me with  brilliant new subjects and old favourites to return to, like seasonal florals.

I have already purchased my first spring bouquet of 2015 and it has been on display in my cottage.the scent from the blue hyacinth is heavenly filling our home with sweet perfume. I have daffodils blooming in my own garden but I am loathe to pick them as they brighten each grey day with their stunning golden yellow hues. They have,  however made me yearn to paint florals and my easel is now displaying the beauty of Spring in a variety of loose, free, expressive paintings.

 A display of beautiful spring flowers coming to life as works in progress, on my easel. Making me want to race to paint daily.

I had taken a break from picking up my brushes. Mainly due to the hectic Christmas period and then I was hit by an annoying burst ear drum which really set me back. There is nothing worse than those days when, as an artist,  you desperately want to paint but can't. Now, however I am almost back to normal ,and having a ball.

My New Years resolution is to paint for me, to keep my joyous freedom in painting subjects I love when I want to, and ensure I have the free studio time to do so.

I also have a gorgeous new project that I will be working on so I'm researching quite a bit at the moment for a future new book. I loved writing my previous three but this is a move in a whole new direction for me. Its' a thrilling offer that I couldn't resist. I feel the start of a whole new adventure to share!

Whatever you are doing have fun, and enjoy moving those paintbrushes or observing the beauty around us. Most of the beauty I see is free, provided by nature. 

Nature being the most fascinating of teachers for any artist.



Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

LOVE to see YOUR work!

laura said...

I hope your eardrum is better soon; that sounds very painful.
I am a big fan of your books and paintings--and especially of your paintings of daffodils!
They are one of my favorite flowers to paint, and I aspire to make mine so free and colorful as yours!

Craig Weir said...

Thank you for sharing you always inspire me so needed it today 😊