Tuesday 27 January 2015

Glorious Spring : Feeling Alive

 Watercolour florals adorning my easel as works in progress

It feels so good to paint. I feel alive when there is a brush in my hand. Its' a feeling that I have grown to accept as part of my daily life. With the start of a new year I have taken time out to organise my studio, catch up on admin and planning plus paint.  But at the moment, I am painting just for me. These pieces are not intended to be in an exhibition or book. They are purely "me", me walking into my studio and painting for the sheer joy of painting and I am expressing the pleasure of doing so by leaping from one Spring floral to the next. Heaven!

I started this year with various experimental washes, then moved to small studies as a warm up to my larger work.  Today was a terrific feeling as I know I have finally caught up on some future tour management and emails. Leaving me some fabulous time to just move my brushes freely.

A friend is poorly so this  small bouquet is a " Get Well Soon" painting carrying a hopeful message for a speedy recovery. This was inspired by a small spring bouquet I created recently from a tiny bouquet of narcissus and hyacinth. This painting started life as a soft wash and the flowers were encouraged to "appear" in it.


  But I find working on small size paintings really restricting. It is only when I am stood at my easel, almost dancing to music that my paintings really take on a sense of life. In the lovely large painting  below daffodil heads are literally dancing in the breeze, which should be the painting title. I  am discovering where to put each new brush stroke by listening to what the painting tells me. Rather than racing to complete the composition in one go. I usually have a range of paintings from three to ten on the go at any one time. I have written about this way of working and why in my new book which will be launched later this year.

"Dancing in the Breeze"
 Free and Expressive, working on large paintings allows me to bring a sense of life into my work. Life that can be lost on smaller paintings.

So I am closing my studio today with that fabulous sense of " I can't wait to start painting tomorrow"

And what could be better than that. Having a whole new day of painting to look forward to!


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Bianca Botes said...

Che meravigliosi colori bellissimi acquerelli ,complimenti ,molto molto belli ...
Greething from Switzerland ...Ciao