Thursday 22 January 2015

Glowing with Life

Life And Times
Daffodils from my garden, coming to life in an almost abstract watercolour
WIP. Work in Progress

Its' cold. The temperature outside has dropped and frost covers the fields nearby each morning. I quite enjoy taking my Bearded Collie, Bailey, for a walk in this weather as it certainly awakens my senses. I always come back to my studio with a face glowing from the wintry wind. It is a time when using yellow or golds to welcome me as I enter my painting "haven" is a sheer delight.

Along the driveway to our cottage the first of the Spring daffodils are bravely making an appearance and, as always, I wish to paint them. But my style is changing each year. I find I much prefer the more loose interpretation I am leaning towards these days than the more botanical approach I have used in the past.

 A contrast of style on my easel. Daffodils painted with more precise detail on the left compared to my abstract way of working on the right, where flowers are discovered in a loose abstract background wash.

I love that there isn't a right or wrong way to paint. There is just " your" way. Whatever makes you happy when you are creating.

I am definitely very much still on an adventurous journey. Learning from my previous paintings and leaping ahead into the new. Yearning to discover new ways to paint, new colours and new subjects at every opportunity.

A host of golden daffodils
Paintings I will look forward to walking in to see in my studio tomorrow morning.

Life is good and I look forward to so many painting tomorrows! 


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