Tuesday 22 September 2015

New Watercolour DVD 2015 : Watercolour Inspiration

 Watercolour Inspiration

 NEW DVD 2015


I can now share the cover of my new DVD which will be available later this year. Watercolour Inspiration was filmed in my cottage and some scenes in it are also filmed in our garden. I have to admit this was the most unusual DVD I have ever created as every aeroplane flew over during filming, the ducks in my garden decided to have a party creating quite a lot of noise and then a pigeon decided to lay its eggs very noisily whilst I was painting.

So all in all it should be very interesting!

I haven't seen the film yet so I have no idea how I come across. And I have a sneaky feeling Bailey, my Bearded Collie,  will be appearing in it whether he was invited to or not.

But we now have the first sneak preview of the cover.

And the title?

Townhouse Films felt there was only one possible title for this new film. Because it is full of inspirational tip son how to paint in watercolour and enjoy it!

I will share more details once it is available to pre order.



Lovejoy Bears said...

How exciting Jean, I'm really looking forward to it!! It sounds like it's going to be wonderful, inspirational and fun too :) Hugs ♥ ♥

Unknown said...

Oooohhhh I cant wait! :-)