Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Life Isn't Always Perfect

"Life Isn't Always Perfect"
 Size 38 x 46 cms   

 "Life Isn't Always Perfect"

In my latest book jean Haines World of Watercolour is the above painting of tomatoes. It celebrates all the wonder of watercolour as a medium as in the space of each tomato are wonderful run backs of colour. Patterns that only watercolour can create. This to me highlights how wonderful watercolour is.

 I love the way the unexpecetd happens when working in this incredible medium. Watercolour is never boring and neither is life if we live it to the full and take the blips that head our way head on, facing them and overcoming them. Or even enjoying them for how they enrich our lives in the most unusual of ways.

Life is not always perfect and neither is art.

Embrace the problems, faults and hiccups. Especially when working in watercolour.

This little painting says so much to me so I have included it in my show. To remind me that every obstacle, and bump in an otherwise smooth road is worth overcoming.

Life isnt always perfect, but its' pretty wonderful even so! 



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