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World of Wildlife Exhibition 2015 : Wildlife Collection

 World of Wildlife Exhibition 2015

Continuing with my blog posts sharing paintings from my upcoming exhibition at the Frame Gallery in Odiham.
Opening September 11th, 2015

I am happy to share this next collection of original wildlife paintings from my World of Watercolour exhibition which includes original paintings from my book of the same name.

 In every one of my shows I have always exhibited a hare painting. Why? Because they are my good luck charm. I have always loved hares and enjoyed painting them. Ever since I was a child. The long ears and soft fur enthralled me then and they were often in stories I read in my childhood. I would imagine them in moonlight and found them to be totally magical as wildlife creatures.

But then came the joy of seeing them in real life. My fascination grew. I have laughed at their antics, watched mesmerised and as is obvious, I have fallen completely in love with painting them. In this exhibition there will not be one hare. There will be three! And here they are.

 Twitching my Whiskers
Size 58 x 74 cms
Price £675

You can find this hare in the new version of my first book "Colour and Light in Watercolour" which will be out this November. There is a demonstration on how to paint a hare in this new version starting with a gorgeous glowing eye.

This particular painting plays heavily on my Chinese brushwork techniques and use of white paper to tell the story. It shines in reality and looks so beautiful off screen. There is a sense of life and magical energy about the painting. In that it feels spiritual which sounds crazy but when I worked on this piece the silence and calm in my studio was so special. And that feeling remains in the composition. The hare is very still, waiting, resting and absorbing the nature around it.

This is in a stunning white frame to show off the brushwork.

A favourite.

As is this next piece.

Hare Brained
Size Approx 60 x 58 cms
Price £675 

I love this painting so very much.  This is the style that I was told off for painting years ago by a well known and pretty famous artist. He told me I would never get anywhere in my art career if I kept painting one eyed , one eared subjects. Well years later I am writing books, exhibiting and travelling all over the world to teach watercolour workshops invited by wonderful art societies. Who wait when my schedule is full for future bookings. And I am so grateful for their patience. I always try to keep everyone happy but this piece is about me. I kept to my own true way of painting without taking criticism or advise on board that led me away from my path. A path that has led me to where I am today.

This hare is more than just a painting. 

Its' a statement. 
If you want something it will come to you if you believe in yourself. 

Its is a statement 
That nothing is impossible. 

It is a statement 
That dreams do come true. 

And it is a statement
In following your heart.

Please note: The size is approximate as it has returned from the framers yet.

It is a stunning piece with a superb eye. I know when a painting is magical. This one is and holds  magic in it  which I hope will fall on the new owners shoulders.

Humble Hare
Size 70 x 76 cms
Price £750

Humble? Yes! Because this  beautiful animal in real life was created minus glowing colours but how it is loved worldwide. Doesn't the hare as an animal prove that even the dullest of appearances can be decievingly stunning Yes, hares are beautiful in glowing brown shades. And with this piece it is all about the eye, that soft long ear and of course the whiskers around the twitching nose.

Even the framer was taken aback when this piece was taken out of the folder to be framed. They were right as they selected a gorgeous  special frame to show off the piece. I unwrapped it this morning and my heart knew this was another piece I want to keep.

But to be honest. I want my paintings in home of collectors who enjoy my work and feel the energy in each piece.

So these three hares are in my upcoming exhibition.

As is the sweet harvest mouse from my latest book Jean Haines World of Watercolours.

 Harvest Mouse
 Size 70 x 76cms.
Price £620 
(Prints available at  £100 each. To be ordered from the gallery)

This little mouse can be found on Page 100 of my new book  in the chapter that covers how to paint a harvest mouse on an ear of corn in a simple step by step demonstration.The demonstration goes from page 100- 109 .

The chapter is called " Starting Small" . A great place to start .


All art can be reserved via contacting the Frame Gallery.

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