Wednesday, 9 September 2015

World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015

"Night Owl"

This week is really exciting as the interest in my "World of Watercolour" exhibition has been incredible. The gallery are already receiving enquiries about favourite pieces in the show and there are new paintings being added to the collection  which will be unframed but still part of the show.

Like the above owl in watercolour.  

This piece is called " Night Owl" and is very apt as I seem to be working later and later these days writing my new book and painting quietly at the end of day to meet deadlines, and also simply for my own pleasure.

I have had numerous requests for owl paintings and this is the first ,for some time, released for sale.

It is very atmospheric and as much as eyes are usually my favourite part to paint in wildlife  compositions, its' actually the beak that I enjoyed creating most here.  The owl sits in wait eagerly watching, waiting. In a natural woodlan setting.

And I am quietly waiting for my solo exhibition to open on Friday night!


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