Tuesday 1 September 2015

World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015 : Landscape Collection.

World of Watercolour Exhibition 2015

This is the landscape collection from my upcoming solo exhibition at The Frame Gallery in Odiham.
The three paintings below each have a story to tell which I am really happy to share in this blog post.

Size 60 x 52 cms.
Price £625

My husband and I stayed in Valencia a while ago and as we walked out of our hotel, we turned to look towards the square at the top of the street we were staying in and saw this  beautiful sight. In strong sunlight it was magical. I loved the glow on the buildings. I enjoyed painting this landscape so much that I decided to include a demonstration in my latest book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour". The demonstration can be found on pages 152 - 155 as a step by step. Sharing tips on how to create a cityscape. This painting is shown on page 145.

"Valencia" asa  painting has caught the eye of everyone who has seen it including the gallery which is hosting my solo exhibition in September. Which is why it is also on the invitation and gallery web site and can be seen via this link giving details about my show.

It looks stunning in its' frame and captures the beauty of Spain.


An exhibition wouldn't be complete without a painting of Venice.  
This piece, also from my latest book, will also be in the collection on show.

Size 56 x 63 cms
Price £625

Venice will always be the most romantic of places for me. I had always wanted to go and my wonderful husband surprised me with an unexpected trip there on a special wedding anniversary. At first he told me he was taking me to the opera. I laughed ou tloud  and replied " But you hate the Opera!" . That's when he told me we were going to the opera but in Venice. My jaw dropped and I sat speechless for the longest time. I can remember feeling close to tears as he was making a long time dream of mine come true. And he knew how happy he was making me. I love him so much. I always have and always will.

I know many artists have painted this scene. But when I paint it my heart pours into each brush stroke.

I am hoping whoever owns this painting in the future will have a connection to Venice in some way because it really is the most special of places in the world . And so romantic.

This painting can be found on pages 156/157 in my book "Jean Haines World of Watercolour".


And now for a surprise painting as it is from the relaunch of my first book. Which hasn't even been seen yet as it isnt available until later this year. It can be pre ordered and there is a limited edition of a Special Collectors version. In thsi new version are wonderful new sections and chapters  plus a whole new collection of paintings. Including " In the Bleak Mid Winter shown below. This is an English Church in English countryside, speckled with softly falling snow.

In The Bleak Mid Winter
Size 50 x 60 cms.
Price £595

This scene reminds me of Christmas as I enjoy midnight mass on Christmas Eve. I love the spirit of the community coming together to celebrate a special time of the year. This is a time when families come together. There is a sense of giving, hope and happiness shared.

Very magical which is why I aimed to keep a sense of magical atmosphere in the piece.


I will keep sharing paintings  from my upcoming exhibition on my blog. I have already had wonderful requests from people interested in buying work from this collection. Paintings can be reserved before the show and two paintings have already been sold because the buyers were so keen to own their favourite paintings. These two paintings will be on display but with a red dot to indicate they are "sold".

I really wish for these special paintings from my books to be owned by someone who really loves them and wants to enjoy them. One email this morning really touched me and that was why I agreed to the early sale. This is an exhibition with a difference. All new work is on display. Being seen for the first time in a gallery and I really can't emphasise enough. If you like something please contact the gallery early to let them know of your interest.

I will share more paintings this week. There are florals and more wildlife to come in future blog posts.

Its' fun looking through my exhibition collection and seeing how it was a huge part of my new book and its' creation. A book that I loved writing and is making me so happy by the feedback I am receiving about it. So I want my paintings from this book to make others happy too.

More soon!


The link for the gallery regarding paintings is

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The link to buy my next new book,"Colour and Light" the Collectors Special Edition is

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