Wednesday 10 August 2011

Facing Facts

Facing Facts
Wise II

Over the last few days the main focus of the news has been on the riots causing mayhem throughout England. This morning I watched many people join forces to clean up the mess left behind by youths who had selfishly run riot giving no thought to others lives or possesssions. All that mattered seemed to be how they gained their "fun" without a care in the world of the consequences.

At first I was horrified. I have listened while wise people in privileged positions explain how these youngsters need help and support. And I have to ask a question. How old does anyone have to be to understand the difference between right and wrong?

Over the years I have painted many "Wise Men". Faces  with character from my time living in Dubai. My emotions must have flowed into this face this morning as I see worry there mixed with concern and sadness. I am certain many parents and grandparents are feeling thoses emotions at the moment.

I hope the week continues in a much more peaceful manner with no further problems. 


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Marie Theron said...

A very potent image, Jean! And it reflects what we all feel. Sometimes one does not want to express many WORDS on a situation and you said it all in superb brushwork!