Tuesday 9 August 2011

Finding a Flow

Finding a Flow
On days when you don't feel like painting!

Playful Wash at the end of a working session

Sometimes it is hard to  get going when you have had a break from your studio or when your mood may not be condusive to painting.  Yesterday I went to Wales to visit an elderly relative who is in hospital. Over the weekend my concern grew over her heatlh and I was also completely stunned by the news of riots in London over the last three evenings.

There are times when we won't feel cheerful or as eager to create as we usually would. For the professional artist having a period when you don't want to pick up your brush is not an option. For the amateur the impact of not wishing to paint for a few days can often become more permanant as days and weeks can pass by without that wonderful urge of  yearning to paint disappears.

I hear so many comments from people who normally love working in watercolour but for some reason their enthusiasm has vanished. When I get days like today I forget subjects and close my mind to  the compositions I know I should be working on. Instead I play with colour. Interestingly today I worked in blue. Every single wash has been a combination of blue shades which led me to eventually to subjects I wouldn't normally be painting. As the morning passed I felt a need to introduce some sunshine into my very peaceful blue washes so I added yellow and allowed the pigments to melt together just to see what would happen. I have some white flowers in my room so picked them out in one interesting flow and love what is beginning to happen.

Close Up of Flower Detail

Considering this relaxation piece  is aimed at the bin I have had a very.calming art session. My mind is clear again and I am eager to work tomorrow. I also managed to deliver four new paintings to be framed for an upcoming exhibition and have time to work on email messages in the morning mainly connected with my diary of events for 2012.

I am also going to look through all the wonderful paintings of shells that have headed my way by email for my August Watercolour Challenge.The ones I have seen so far are fantastic but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a few more paintings so please  forward your challenge to me if you haven't already! 

On that note I have a really fun subject ready for the next challenge that should raise more than a few smiles!


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Sharon Whitley said...

Jean thank you so much for this post - I've been going through a time exactly how you've described where I'm struggling to find the inspiration to paint - a few dry days has turned into weeks and your shell assignment was the first thing I had done for a month, just playing with colour sounds like a really good idea with no end product aimed for, just enjoying what happens so that's what I'm going to do today - thank you again for your inspiration