Thursday 11 August 2011

Will there be Landscapes?

Will there be Landscapes?

Throwing Colour On!
Five minute "unwind" at the end of todays studio session 
which will lead me into a very exciting painting day tomorrow .

Last night we went for a wonderfully informal meal at the vicarage. The company was warm and welcoming and the food was superb. As the evening progressed I was enchanted by our hosts and even more delighted to meet new friends and old. Before we ate we bowed our heads for grace which made me think how thankful I am for so much that is wonderful in my life. Which is why I feel so strongly about giving as much away as possible, no one on earth deserves to be as lucky as I am.

As I left last night I was shown some wonderful watercolours owned by my generous host. Firstly I saw a James Patterson original. Patterson was one of the famous Glasgow Boys, his landscape thrilled me because it was magical in its' simplicty capturing a rural view in a quiet peaceful  traditional manner as watercolorists of days gone by would understand.expect and adore. As we do to this day.
Then I saw the work of an incredible artist who died in her late twenties having recorded many gorgeous watercolours of India from her travels. With no camera to capture memories travellers at that time in history depended on their skill with a brush to create an interpretation of what they had seen.

I also heard of John Ewbank and have looked at his work online. What incredible talent from a watercolour artist I had never heard of before. 

There are so many artists we do not know,we learn from past masters as their work is so inspirational to us as we aim to paint in our own styles today. I set about writing new chapters for my next book  in my studio today and smiled thinking of all the questions I have been asked recently.The most common one is " Will there be landscapes in your book?" Then the remark " Please add some landscapes in your style! "

Well there will be landscapes. And after last nights wonderful nspiration I can't wait to go out and paint some local scenes for my book. 

In my unique way of course!

So the answer is.........


There will be landcsapes!



Charlotte Evans said...

Love your paintings Jean--Love your posts as well. Thanks for sharing! God Bless

Cloudier said...

Hi Jean, Glad to hear you are going to include landscapes, as this is one of my weakest points when it comes to painting a picture. Hence the avoidance of anything that represents a scene!!
Regards Sandie Turner - Yorkshire