Sunday, 7 April 2013

Kingfisher Blues

My latest Kingfisher, work in progress

I have enjoyed painting in my studio in preparation for my next solo exhibition. I delivered  the first  selection of paintings to be framed for my show last week. It was wonderful seeing the fantastic reaction to my new collection, as painting after painting appeared from my portfolio.

The kingfisher series is obviously a firm favourite and the above painting is the latest to be added to this new show which will be at THE FRAME GALLERY in Odiham, Hampshire.

The sun is shining here today and the light on the greenery outside my studio window is delightful.  Many branches are still bare due to the cold weather slowing down the budding leaves this Spring. But from every single negative in life there is always a positive. Mine is that I can enjoy the  flash of turquoise more easily from the tiny kingfisher who visits our cottage.

This new painting will be in my solo exhibition "Essence" and already I have fallen in love with it, even though it really needs a few final touches.

Please contact The Frame Gallery directly for full information regarding the Private Preview of this new show. Many of my paintings had disappeared within three days from my last solo opening and  there are some really fabulous new subjects in this new collection!

The Opening Evening is strictly by invitation only due to the large amount of interest already shown in the new collection.  Invitations will be available from the gallery prior to the event but numbers will be limited.

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