Thursday, 11 April 2013

Animal Workshop UK 2013


Today was the last day of my  Spring 2013 Animal Workshop course and it was wonderful. 

 Sometimes as a teaching artist you leave a session and  think about obstacles some of the artists are struggling with. Last night was such an occasion. I always listen to questions arising in workshops and concerns. One of the main hiccups is keeping colour alive and fresh in watercolour. Choosing colours at all can be a nightmare at times for some.

Everyone who knows me  is aware how much I adore colour. I always strive to make each new painting unique. So today I started with a demonstration on how to take an ordinary subject and paint it in colours you wouldn't normally choose. Colours that didn't relate to what you actually saw. I already knew I was going to exaggerate my point by opting for vibrant purples or pinks but as my demonstraton progressed I was fascinated listening to the comments coming from the class behind me, who were watching each new brushstroke. Everyone loved this  "blushing" elephant.  I must admit its a favourite of mine now because that "pink blush" is unexpected. Especially when you see the subject is an elephant.

Maybe tomorrow I will paint a green one!

Artists tip: Whatever you are painting , please don't fall into the trap of always painting exactly what you see. Add excitement, drama and an element of fun into some of your pieces. You may get pleasant surprises and brilliant results that you are proud of.

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