Friday, 5 April 2013

"Dancing Koi" Fish in Watercolour

"Dancing Koi"

I have had an incredible week taking, daily, one day workshops to a large number of artists who have attended my UK seminars. Its' been brilliant. Every single day I have loved meeting everyone. I have felt consistently fantastic enthusiasm around me and room full of positive energy  to create.

The subjects this week have been so varied and I am really looking forward to personal painting time in my studio over the weekend. As I left at the end of todays workshop one artist asked me  if I was going to come home and rest after such a full weeks teaching. Well no, I didn't come home and  rest because I was so energised that I simply had to paint as soon as I got in! The above painting is the result. It still needs detail but tomorrow morning it will gain the final details and I  will happily sleep dreaming about adding them.

It has truly been a fantastic week and I am looking forward to my next sessions which start next Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who came and I look forward to seeing you on future sessions!

Happy painting.


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