Monday, 9 April 2012

Jean Haines Personalised Kolinsky Sable Brushes

Jean Haines Personalised Kolinsky Sable Brushes

As much as I  was against having my own range of products  I will confess I am now really thrilled that I looked into designing my own  watercolour brushes. The feedback from artists who have already bought a set has made it a very worthwhile project.

It was never about having my name on a product as much as finding a brush I could work with, one that would do all I asked of it and more.  I am fussy when it comes to using all watercolour  product ranges and I have a reputation for always using the best. But with quality there usually comes a high price. These brushes are very high quality but with a more reasonable price tag as my main concern is bringing a great brush to the artist who may not otherwise invest in using sable or the best.

My mix of round and a taper works beautifully and I am really enjoying reading messages coming in from everyone who has tried my brushes. Last week I had the pleasure of watching artists use them on my workshops for the first time. They do make such a difference and they are a dream to work with.

This was time well spent  and my research was well worth it.

Due to the high demand for  my brush sets I no longer sell them on my web site  but they are available  from Rosemary &  Co and still at a brilliant price when you consider many  fabulous sables are over £60!

For more information please follow this link

And to everyone who has let me know how much you love them,

Thank you!


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