Sunday, 15 April 2012

It's Here!

My new book
Atmospheric Watercolours
Available from the end of May 2012

 I remember  the moment when the first copy of my previous book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" arrived at our cottage. I was delighted to open the package and eager see how my publication looked. It was a magical memory but this week has definitely topped that!

I held a Watercolour Masterclass for advanced artists this week and everyone attending was brilliant. The atmosphere in the room on each day was electrically energising and inspirational which was the intention. However during the second day a parcel arrived while, we as a group were having lunch.
The timing could not have been better.

I squealed with excitement when I opened the package having no idea what it was going to be or that my copy was arriving this week. I eagerly shared my good news and will forever remember the comments and looks on faces in the room as page after page was turned to reveal subjects,chapters and paintings in my newest book on watercolour. It was so exciting to be able to share such a special occasion with  a talented group of  watercolourists who helped make the moment even more magical.

Thank you!

Of course there is another exciting moment  to look forward to and that is the day it will be released and available to read. And I am looking forward to signing the first copy to the first person who buys a copy. 

There are so many firsts in life but this has to be one of the greatest!

I do hope you enjoy my book when you see it and  a huge thank you to everyone who has already pre ordered a copy.  The numbers of sales are wonderfully high and I may have to re order already for my own web site online shop!

You can  buy my book from, Search Press and various sources online as well as certain book stores. I will be signing copies at a number of events this year!


Mike said...

G'day from Australia, Jean.
Thank you very much for your terrific's the first site I see each morning with a warm cuppa. then it's off to walk my Border Collie, Lacey.
I love your style, am just starting to learn from your excellent DVD "Amazing ways with watercolour". Am looking forward to your book and new DVD. So far, my experiments have yielded mud...have lots to learn. How do I avoid mud in my washes, please Jean?
I am really hoping to catch a workshop when you come to Australia.
You have an amazing style, just love it!
Regards, Mike.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hi Mike,

I loved hearing that you read my blog before walking your dog Lacey. I usually write my blog before I walk my own dog Bailey or I will come home from a walk and add a post while still feeling relaxed from a lovely roam in the countryisde here. I learn so much from nature constantly that being out in fresh air is really important to me.

"Mud" is such a lovely word for dull flat colour. I often set a challenge in new groups of sessions and invite artists to deliberately paint mud. Quite often they can't when asked to and I find it difficult now as well!

You need to think about your pigments as if they were real people. Some will get on in life and others will never get on, no matter how much you try to encourage them. Translucents will interact or move politely out of the way for a stronger bossy opaques. The over powering opaques will fight to be seen so two together often conflict leaving a dull section on your paper. A mixture of qualities in the right quantity allows your paintings to sing well. In the first section of my new DVD I demonstrate colour exercises and these really will help you to learn about how colours can work at their best so I hope you really enjoy it.

I will be sharing news on Australia as soon as I can but for now I wish you the happiest of weeks painting and please give Lacey a hug for me,

G'day Mike from Jean.