Sunday, 15 April 2012

Masterclass Seminar and More!

Landscapes using textural effects.

Masterclass Seminar 2012

What an incredible week and what an amazing group of artists attending my  first annual Watercolour Masterclass. The room was filled with energy and enthusiasm on each day and the variety of subjects and techniques were endless.  Or so it seemed.

The goal was to inspire, giving goals to aspire to throughout the rest of this year leading into the next with ambitions to create brilliant paintings and achievements.  This was not a seminar for the less adventurous artist and I am on a high from the way the week unfolded, including the evening meal where we all had a chance to get to know  each other on a more personal level.

I will confess I can't wait for next years seminar now and my goal will be to make it even more exciting!

Thank you to all the incredible artists who attended , keep those brushes moving and let me know which exhibitions/new art events and societies you will be aiming for throughout 2012/2013!


My Watercolour Programme for 2013 will be shared on my web site in October 2012. 
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Lala Woods said...

Lucky, lucky artists who were able to attend. It sounds like a most inspirational Seminar and the energy must have been fantastic.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

It was fabulous. I created a seminar that I would love to attend as an artist because there is very little out there to genuinely stretch artists who are slightly more established in their art journeys and who wish to achieve far more in their careers.

I am already working on next years programme and I know a group of wonderfully talented artists will be on the seminar making 2013 a fabulous year too!

I am now desperate to paint with all the ideas that arose from last week,it had an inspirational effect on myself as well which is brilliantly exciting!

A success on many levels,

Thank you so much for your reply,