Wednesday 16 October 2013

Texas Workshops 2013 : Cowboys!

Cowboys in a first wash on my easel!

I can't help it. Its' only a week to go until I leave for USA and my watercolour tour there. I start in New York where I will be giving a talk and demonstration. I am  holding two workshops and both have been fully booked for some time. In fact the whole tour is sold out but there are two Art Society demonstraton events that guests are welcome to attend.

Following New York I leave for Texas. That part of my journey must be on my mind as I found myself thinking of  cowboys this morning. Hence the colourful first wash on my easel at the moment. I need to add detail , depth and final touches to bring this piece alive.

From Texas I head to Mexico, my first time there and I am so looking forward to seeing this part of the world, a dream come true in many ways.

But for now I am in my studio working on my next book and I have to say, even as the author, it is getting me so wound up and enthusiastic about working in my favourite medium. I honestly cannot wait for each new morning to race to my studio and work on each new chapter. Its' going to be so hard tearing myself away from this wonderful project to head to America but I am over the moon to be returning. Meeting wonderful friends from last years visit and also  making new ones.

So if you are seeing me in USA while I am there please know  I am , right now, very excited about my trip!

And to my friends in Texas

See y'all soon!


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